By Ajuzieogu Bernard (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

It's Time for Biafrans, Oduduwa and Arewa to be Free and stay on their own. The Question Nigerians must ask and find the honest answer is; Who are the People that Amalgamated Nigeria, and whose interest were they protecting? After the Independence, Britain made sure Power must Remain in the North. They knew fully well that Fulani Conquered Hausa People. It means Britain ensured that Power remains with the Fulani. Until today, other Nationalities in Nigeria are being Marginalized, Suppressed and Massacred to pave the way for their Fulanization and Islamization Agenda to take over everybody in Nigeria.

Those Fulani Terrorists that claim to be Herders who always kill, Rape and Massacre People in Nigeria today are going around freely. Nobody is arresting or Persecuting them, as Nigerian laws stated. They even Boast that they are the Owners of Nigeria, and Nobody can arrest or Persecute them for Raping and killing people. Fulani is responsible for Terrorism in Nigeria because they are responsible for Boko Haram and other terror groups in Nigeria. They are responsible for Banditry. They are the Herdsmen that Murder Biafran Mothers in their Farmlands.

Biafrans are Defending their Forests against these Terrorist killers through ESN (Eastern Security Network). Biafrans are being chased out of their bushes, Oduduwa people are being chased out of their land by Fulani. The same Fulani has wholly taken over the Arewa people (Hausa). Now go to news headlines in Nigeria, you will see Biafrans are killed, Hausa People killed, or People killed in Yoruba land and the Middle Belt. The people responsible for all these killings in Nigeria are free because they are running the Government.

The World should save lives by giving Biafrans, Oduduwa and others a Referendum to Decide their fate because it is the Only Option remaining to save lives. As long as Nigeria Remains, Fulani will keep creating more terrors, and many people will Continue to Die. 

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