Unknown Gunmen The Last Hope Of   Common-Man

■  Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
Twitter: @umuchiukwu
22 April 2021 

For he that refuses to allow innocent defenseless civilians to rest, for he that chooses to terrorize dehumanized, torture, intimidate, extort and extra-judicially kill innocent defenseless civilians, should be prepared and ready for radical evangelism of unknown gunmen, their resistance against murderous  Nigeria security agents unleashed on innocent defenseless civilians is indeed a fantabulous duty, for indeed they are balancing the equation of injustice melted on innocent defenseless civilians in  Nigeria.

The tragedy rocking Nigeria murderous security formation by unknown gunmen will continue unabated until justice is served to those dehumanized, humiliated tortured, and extra-judicially killed by Nigeria security agents, they must pay in their coin, never will unknown gunmen be kind to them for millions of innocent defenseless civilians they have extra-judicially killed.

As was quoted by Thomas Jefferson: When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty, the injustice melted against innocent defenseless civilians in Nigeria by security agents and her government has birthed the resistance of unknown gunmen against her security agents, it's a justifiable duty, it's a resistance of terrorism, murderers and janjaweed in security uniforms unleashed on innocent defenseless civilians.

It's very pathetic that Nigeria security agents have turned themselves into weapons of mass destruction against innocent civilians, this is defenseless civilians they are meant to protect, they now brutalize, intimidate and extra-judicially kill them without any provocation, yet deny their victims Justice, I equally appalled unknown gunmen for serving them with justice, it's vice versa, no right-thinking human being will condemn the attacks of unknown gunmen on security formations in Nigeria because her security agents have murdered Justice, the time for them to feel the pains and agony they have inflicted on civilians is now.

Having realized the massive jubilation across the federation of Nigeria by victims of Nigeria security brutality and nor victims on each occasion unknown gunmen attack security formation, it's now dawn on humanity that unknown gunmen are the last hope of common man in getting Justice in Nigeria because they respond accordingly once civilians are denied Justice, they are indeed an angel of vengeance send to redeem defenseless civilians in Nigeria.

In conclusion, I wish to use this medium to assure unknown gunmen that we the defenseless civilians in Nigeria are totally in support of their attacks on security formations, we also urge them to please blow up every security formations in Nigeria, because we don't need any Nigeria security, they are terrorists and killers, we are good to go with unknown gunmen securing our lives and properties, may Chukwu Okike Obama in his infinity mercy continue to strengthen you people that you may continuously deliver Justice to all iseee iseeeeee iseeeeeeeee

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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