UK Granting IPOB Asylum, Shows Federal Government Terrorist Tag Holds No Water 

■  Author : Nwaiwu Chukwuebuka
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 21 April 2021

United Kingdom has expressed its willingness to grant Asylum to the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and other persecuted groups in Nigeria, this is coming as the push for secession in Nigeria increases every day due to the rate of insecurity, injustice, and a ploy to Islamize and Fulanize the whole country by incompetent Nigeria late president Mohammedu Buhari currently impersonated by Yusuf Muhammed.

The UK Government is found to be complicit especially in the issues relating to Nigeria they single-handedly created against the will of the people.
Although, granting Asylum to IPOB and others is a welcome development but too little, too late, it may be another trick by Britain to divert the attention of certain voices calling for the break up of Nigeria which is now worse than hell, and also this move by the UK is a confirmation that Nigeria government is not honest by tagging IPOB a peaceful movement a terrorist group, while members of the deadly Boko Haram terrorist group are being released and rehabilitated into the society for no tangible reason just because Federal Government is Sympathetic to terrorists. The recent news about the Minister of Communication, Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami on his support for terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Al Shabab is a case study.

Nigeria as a country wasn't meant to last because it was a mere geographical expression created by the British to last only for 100 years, then it expired in 2014, after its expiration, Britain has continued to push for Nigeria's oneness because of their selfish interest whereas they left the European Union through a Referendum.

Britain is complicit and their actions in Nigeria can not only be termed evil, but a gross violation of the human rights of the people living in that contraption called Nigeria.
I believe in democracy and democracy is the collective decision of the masses, so if Britain is genuine they should instruct Nigeria to allow Biafra and other groups seeking to opt-out via a Referenda to do so.
Britain must hands off from supporting evil in their bid to keep Nigeria one and continue siphoning funds from our natural resources, which has been long overdue.

This current UK stand vindicates that IPOB terrorist tag holds no water, it is an evil plan of the Nigerian government to silence dissent voices seeking freedom and justice for their people. I call upon the UK government to influence Nigeria's government to reverse the terrorist tag on IPOB so that people will decide whether to continue as Nigerians or form their own country as international law recommended.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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