By Chiemerie Michael (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

Aba, Abia state is one of the busiest cities one can boast of its calmness and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria. Though they're behind in terms of infrastructural development, they remain calm and non-violent. The rotten livelihood in Aba due to incompetent government and unchanged situations have made its residents engage in all manner of arduous labour in other to survive. Bad roads, a primary weapon used in worsening motorists and pedestals movement (road users), couldn't change the fact that ABA is a peaceful place. 

Abia's present government has made its citizens hopeless and unimportant in government matters, thereby denying them dividends of democracy. Regardless of all these, the state government is still not letting up. The government collaborates with Nigerian security agents to make the lives of ABA people 5times harder with constant harassment, molestation, extortion, bullying, and abduction. 

In the early hours of 8th April 2021, around Amaogbonna by the Central police station (CPS), SARS officers disrupted the peace and tranquillity around the street mentioned above, Eziukwu market, Jubliee, Asa road, No.1 and Ngwa road. These police officers went ahead to cause chaos among motorists by damaging the cars parked in these areas, forcing drivers to run for safety. The officers did not spare vehicles under repairs, shooting sporadically with live ammunition, thereby endangering lives and properties. One of the victims our correspondent questioned narrated his ordeal. He explained how the rampaging SARS officers took his brand new tricycle (Keke), which is on hire purchase, to an unknown place after breaking its glasses, leaving him hopeless. 

Without provocation from the people, the Nigerian police took it upon themselves this time to make the lives of the Aba people more difficult without considering the unspeakable hardship, lousy governance, starvation and maltreatment they have been going through daily. They frustrate these men's lives who have no other means of livelihood apart from their cars, buses, and tricycles without giving it a second thought. 

This incident might trigger retaliation from the people, which may bring loss of lives and government properties and probably, the attention of Unknown Gunmen. We want to make it known as we always do, that the Nigeria joint forces are causing the problems seen in Aba, Abia state and southeast as a whole. Any misconduct seen in ABA  by the people from this day onwards, the state government and its collaborators should be blamed for there can't be fire without smoke.

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