By Nkechi Onuoha (Abia Writers) 

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

Today, 8th of April, 2021around 8:00 am, men of the Nigeria police force blocked the major roads leading to Central police station, Aba. The streets include Okigwe road roundabout, Eziukwu road and Ama-Ogbonna road that leads to Hospital road. There was only one route to Azikiwe by Asa road, which resulted in heavy traffic, making vehicular movement almost impossible. On arrival at the scene, the Police, instead of attempting to control the traffic, started shooting sporadically, and people began running Helter-skelter to save their dear lives.

According to eye witness reports, without any PROVOCATION, the Police started shooting live bullets indiscriminately. The people within the vicinity and the drivers left their vehicles and took to their heels. These policemen from CPS then vandalized all the vehicles, private, commercial and tricycles (alias Keke) at the scene and took the tricycles to the police station.

This incident brought human and commercial activities around the CPS axis to a halt for some hours. ABA indigenes and residents are peace-loving people who undertake various legitimate business activities to make ends meet. Despite police and army extortion on the roads, human abuses, molestations, intimidations and even killing of innocent people, the people have remained law-abiding.

Police officers have descended so low to the insensitivity level that they now destroy private properties and means of livelihood of the poor masses without any cause. Some of these commercial vehicles, including tricycles they vandalized and took to the police station, are on hire purchase.

The victims of this incident may resort to violence that may result in attacks on the police station if not adequately managed. Some angry ABA youths, among whom are those whose means of livelihood have been destroyed, were sighted burning tyres on the streets of Aba. This anger could further conceive and give birth to unknown gunmen attacks. 

Please Nigeria security agents should allow unarmed civilians to have some peace, especially in Biafraland.

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