April 29 2021 | The Biafra Telegraph

Without being told all should know that things are no longer the same in Biafra land as it is used to be, there has been series of unrest and disturbing situations in our peaceful society, caused by the Nigeria government and her security operatives since the emerging of IPOB following the formation of Eastern Security Network ESN by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the only genuine global group of people agitating for the freedom of Biafra as a sovereign state in Africa as well as safeguarding the oppressed Biafrans in their land.

Many Biafrans and Family Members of IPOB has been murdered in the cold blood by the Nigeria security operatives both their police and the army collectively, many shots during peaceful protest, many secretly abducted and murdered secretly and their bodies discarded like dead birds in the poultry.

Many Biafrans and IPOB family members who volunteered to defend their land against Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists invasion have been ambushed in their various homes and residences, mercilessly murdered in cold blood by the Nigeria Army and police without provocation or break of law and order, like the case of late great Ikonso, who was recently killed by the murderous Nigeria combined security team in his home at Imo state at the middle of the night while he was deep in sleep.

Many of our people and comrades who're dedicated to the fight for our freedom and liberation has fallen in the hands of the enemies as a result of sabotage and the ill altitudes of some ignorant persons in Biafra land, which releases vital information to the enemies of the people.  Some of our misfortunes and predicament we suffer as a people occurs as a result of the sensitive information unknowingly or knowingly given to our enemies by the same persons being oppressed.

Some of our children that lacks proper guidelines and education on the state of things facing us in our land has ignorantly  given some important information to our enemies that led to the abduction and killing of our people in Biafra land severally, stories has been told of our people who were being pursued by the Nigeria Army and police reaching where they ran in for safety, the children living there pointed them out to the Nigeria Police and the army after them and they were arrested, many victims of this atrocities never returned alive to tell their stories.

Many of our children fall to this tricks of the enemies because they lack knowledge of what they ought to do as little children, hence the urgent need for every parent in Biafra land to properly educate and guide their children and wards to stop giving information to the Nigeria Police and the army about anybody or anything to avoid repetition of this ugly situation that subject innocent people being arrested and suffer what they have no knowledge,  there is a big need for all our children to be adequately sensitized  and get equipped with the necessary information and orientations which they need to have in this difficult period we are into as a people under subjugation and siege of the Nigeria Army and police with the help of the politicians handling Nigeria as their private estate.

It is high time we apply the method of catch them young for the benefits of all and sundry and our beloved nation Biafra.

Information and good education are good, because any Biafran with good education and information about Biafra history and the ordeal Biafrans passed through, during before and after the civil war in 1967-1970   and the current agitation for freedom by IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi and what has been done for freedom to be achieved, will hardly undermine and sabotage the efforts being made to restore Biafra, despite what might be used to lure and entice them.

The reasons behind lots of mistakes made by our people in the side of the struggle to restore Biafra is as a result of ignorance and lack of knowledge, for this reason the almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama in the holy book of the scripture laments, "my people perish because they lack knowledge". There is an urgent need for our people especially the young ones to be guided properly on what they ought to do in minding their businesses anywhere they found themselves in this present state of higi haga that our nation is facing currently.

Failure to adhere to these serious directives and apply it by those concerned might lead one or a family into problem, because the death of every comrade in the hands of the Nigeria security operatives either the army or police force, must be avenged and the perpetrators and the sponsors irrespective of the roles played by individuals in the plot shall not be forsaken and no one among them will go unpunished at the appropriate time.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media


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  1. Our parents have got vita role to play and it must be now.