By Ubah Ogechukwu (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

The Nigerian Security Forces have bitten more than they can chew. The rate at which they kill innocent citizens is alarming. They are meant to protect citizens’ lives and properties, but they are now involved in destroying them. They directly engage in kidnapping, robbery, abduction, rape and murder. The kidnapping of school children in Nigeria is so common that one may wonders if there is any security in the country.


The trending news now is the discovery by the IPOB intelligence unit of over 500 young men and young ladies abducted from Obigbo in Rivers state since October 2020 and sent to military barracks in northern Nigeria. The young men were sent to death camps where they are tortured daily, while the ladies were turned into sex slaves by Nigerian Security men. To make a bad situation worse, the Nigerian army tried to kill the IPOB lawyer handling these victims of Nigerian security agents’ case. The assassination attempt on IPOB lawyer barrister Richard Okoroafor is a thing to be worried about. They want to assassinate him because he tries to rescue the illegally detained people in Nigerian army barracks.


Nigerian Army/Police arrest and detain people without investigation. Once there is an uproar, security agents will not come until the trouble makers left. When the Nigerian Army or police arrive at the scene, they will arrest anybody they see there, they don’t investigate before the arrest. There are many criminals in their rank; sometimes, criminals are arrested with police/army uniforms and their guns; what a country? 


How many will I mention? Is it the multiple roadblocks on Nigerian roads, especially in the EASTERN part of the country, where security agents extort money from motorists. They have killed many innocent citizens at these checkpoints because of N50. In the first place, the army/police are not supposed to be on the road, but the authorities decided to look the other way because of the monetary gains. Military and police aid bandits and terrorists in disclosing the destinations of victims. That is why there are so many unlawful/illegal killings everywhere in the country. They are partakers of the ransom paid by victims because they help in many successful kidnappings. 


These atrocities committed against the people they are supposed to protect made the people turn against them. Security agents are at the receiving end now; the people are paying them back in their own coin. Many checkpoints are attacked, and officers killed. Police stations are also attacked and burnt. They are now feeling the anger of the people. Checkpoints have disappeared, there is calm on our roads, people now travel in peace without police harassment, extortions and killings on the road.


In Nigeria, they have the army, police, civil defence, vigilante, guards etc., but still, the level of insecurity is alarming. That is why IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu floated a security network called “E S N” (EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK) to safeguard the region.

Since the birth of (ESN), the region has experienced peace, especially in the bushes where Fulani herdsmen have been causing mayhem. Women can now go to the farm without being raped or killed, as was the case before. If Nigeria still wants to exist as a country, its security needs serious reform; otherwise, citizens will continue suffering at the hands of bandits and terrorists.  

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