By Ajuzieogu Bernard (Abia Writers)

Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam

In Nigeria today, people are killed daily because there is no Security in the Country. People are now living in fear, but who are the people responsible for this Insecurity in Nigeria? The Fulani people who came from Niger, Senegal Gambia and other places outside Nigeria Cleverly took over the government with Northerners' help (Hausa people). Now almost every Position of authority in Nigeria is occupied by a Fulani. That is why Fulani Herdsmen will Come to the South, kill older women and go free. The government won't persecute them.

These Fulani Terrorists claim they are Cattle herders, but they are kidnapping and killing people daily. They kill people at will, even Publicly and go free. The Nigerian Army does not go after them, but unarmed Freedom Fighters are Called Terrorists in the South. The government arrests and kills them ab libitum; nothing will happen. 

These Terrorists who claim they are Northerners have kidnapped more than Seven Hundred School Children, and the Federal Government of Nigeria can never and has never Condemned such Terror activities. Instead, they go and negotiate with them because they are their brothers. The chief facilitator of the bandits, Sheikh Gumi, said they are not criminals; what an insult.

Did you know that in the North, Terrorists are Called Bandits? Government negotiate with them and pay them a tremendous amount of money for their terrorism Operations.  Up North, police don't arrest Criminals, neither do they extort motorists, and there are no Checkpoints. Come to the South, police arrest innocent citizens, extort motorists heavily, and military checkpoints everywhere. 

Northern Youths can kill Innocent Southerners, and nobody will arrest them, but Southern youths get arrested for Chasing away Armed Fulani herdsmen that kill people in the bush. The ESN (Eastern Security Network) is doing an excellent job for Biafrans Chasing these Terrorists away from the forests. Still, the government is sending their Military armed with helicopter gunship to kill people who willingly came out to protect their people against terrorists. 

FULANI herders have occupied forests in almost every Community in Nigeria, especially in the South, kidnapping, killing, raping women and girls that go to the farm. Instead of the government, whose job is to protect citizens' lives and property to go after these killer herdsmen from across the Sahel, they send their military to go after those protecting their ancestral land from invaders. Nigerian government sent their war machine down South while bandits are having a field day ravaging the North.

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