■Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 26, Mar 2021 

Biafra: Unknown Gunmen, The Preacher And Demonstrator Of Equal Rights And Justice 

Karma is a bitch, since they have turned themselves into terrorists and monsters since they have turned our mothers to motherless, wives to widows and father into fatherless they now shall be fatherless, motherless and widows, they shall die by the same gun the used in pillaging our blood, mind you that the preachers of justice and equal rights known as unknown gunmen are not Nigerians, they are people seeking for justice of oppressed civilians dehumanized by Nigeria security operatives. Ibeh Gift Amarachi said, and I quote; Unknown Gun Men can be defined as Heartbroken Men whose only Brothers were killed, Mothers Raped in their presence, Fathers beheaded, Sister's organs harvested, Nephews made Orphans, Children shot by Nigeria Security agents, that decided to revenge and brutally seek justice from a murderous establishment, whose Government enjoys the Blood flow of her citizens.

Having noted this, it is right to say that Their work astonishes every responsible individual, their gospel refines their strength and justice for ordinary civilians like me, who has now become an endangered species in the hands of Nigeria murderous security operatives, am not here to justify their killings of security personnel, but one thing we must note is that Nigeria security operatives have committed numerous impunity against ordinary civilians, the uproar of unknown gunmen in Nigeria is as a result of the Massacre, torture, and Intimidation of ordinary civilians, we live in a country where those who should be protecting our lives and properties are the one's terrorizing and making life unbearable for us. 

The history of Nigeria will never be complete without mentioning crime against humanity committed by here security agents, we must call a spade a spade, except you nor your family members have never been the victim of security brutality in Nigeria, that is only when you will feel sorry for them when unknown gunmen preach to them, is either they repent from brutalizing, harassing and killing civilians or them perish by the redemption song of unknown gunmen. For decades a lot of people have been killed by constant torture emanating from Nigeria security operatives; this is people's father's, son's, daughters, and wives, without the perpetrators of those crimes being brought to book. 

The security operatives in Nigeria have committed homicide against her citizens; 99.9% of Nigerians living in Nigeria today are all victims of Nigeria's murderous security brutality; these uniform men and women have no conscience nor regard for civilians. After witnessing the Massacre and torture of civilians in Nigeria, more especially in the Eastern part of Nigeria, I don't think any rightful human being will ever feel sorry for Nigeria security operatives, they deserve more than what they have seen so far, for there is an adage that said, when justice is denied then resistance becomes a duty, for injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, unknown gunmen have chosen to redress the status of police and military brutality in The zoo called Nigeria that justice must be served. 

Those of you one Nigeria campaigners condemning the activities of unknown gunmen must note that Nigeria security operatives are not trained to battle Boko harm nor bandits, but they are trained to harass, intimidate, Massacre, and extort innocent citizens, those murderous don't deserve to live, they should also die by the same gun, for nobody has the monopoly to take life away from someone. We must learn to applaud unknown gunmen for their redemption gospel been preached across to Nigeria murderous security operatives; I don't know them, but my prayers are with them because they are the god of justice. They are the real preaches and demonstrator of equal rights and justice, have witnessed their activities for some time now. 

I think unknown gunmen are simply here to stop the molestation and killing of civilians by security operatives, which simply implies "if you kill civilians, we will kill you". 

Before you condemn the activities of unknown gunmen, I want you to ponder on the Massacre of civilians in Obigbo Rivers state,#EndSARS Protesters, IPOB massacre, and extortion of motorists by Nigeria security operatives, and then you will realize that unknown gunman are angels of vengeance, they are here to bring justice to those who have been inflicted with pains, agony, and trauma, they are the gods of justice, the redeemer of equal rights and justice, the preachers of genuine repentance, as long as Nigeria security operatives continue to terrorize innocent civilians, we must not feel sorry for them, each time they pay their coins in the hands of unknown gunmen. 

In conclusion, I will personally ask Nigerians who are victims of police or army brutality to always remember unknown gunmen in their prayers, that they will continue to deliver justice to the oppressed civilians of Nigeria. #Saintuknowngunmen #AngelOfVengeance #ThePreacherOfJustice

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka 

Published By Udeagha Obasi

For Umuchiukwu Writers 

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