■Author:  Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 29, Mar 2021 

 Nigeria is an entity structured by a British thug Frederick Lugard; he structured the zoo Nigeria to enable thuggery to reign supreme. A country where the security operatives kill innocent civilians with impunity at will, a country where the executive intimidates the legislature and completely disrespects the judiciary, disregards, and disobeys the rule of law. 

An honest person has a slim chance of succeeding in Nigeria; you can not run a legitimate business in Nigeria and come out clean of bribery and corruption, including occupying any government sensitive position or appointment for long without getting wallowing in corruption and when you try to maintain transparency and corruption-free administration they will come after you, they will either assassinate you, or they cook up allegations against you to force you to resign and allow them to put a corrupt person in the position who will be willing to do their bidding. 

The clamour for Nigeria's disintegration by any group or persons is justifiable because corruption, evil, and injustice have taken over Nigeria, and no one will be honest to say I love Nigeria the same way you won't want to say, you love evil, except you're evil yourself. Thuggery in Nigeria's governing system is what made it to be backward and worse corrupt, even though Nigeria has been independent since 1960. Nigeria has more than enough resources to build its country just like the Western world; rather, those in government positions prefer thuggery, stealing, corrupt practices, and injustice more than moving the country forward. 

The so-called president of Nigeria, late Mohammadu Buhari, didn't come to power in the right way because he didn't have a certificate to confirm he is qualified to be a presidential candidate contesting for the country's number one position; he used thuggery and terror to become president Yet, he is still president even though he is responsible for the killing of unarmed and peaceful protesters of IPOB members, Shiites Muslim and END SARS. 

Every foundation laid with evil must surely give birth to evil; there are no two ways about it, Nigeria was structured for evil practices, and nothing can save it from its worsening condition than total disintegration, as we, the Biafran people, clamour on a daily basis. 

If Nigerians can not boast of anything about their country after sixty-one years of Independence, it simply means that Nigeria is as good as dead because nobody will like to be in a country that is far backward evil and corrupt for many years without any movement of making it better, as we have observed for more than sixty years now that Nigeria can not work, its high time those running Nigeria, and imposing it on others because of their profits in the country allow Biafrans, Ooduas and others asking for separation to go In as much as marriage is not by force, unity is not by force too. 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum  

Published By Udeagha Obasi

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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