■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra)

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 25, Mar 2021  

I have overheard some Police officers saying, Police is your friend, but If a Police officer that should be the friend of the people can get killed by the unknown gunmen and those that should be mourning them as their friends are seen throwing parties in celebration of their death instead. What message is it passing to you? To me, that alone summarizes what the masses have been passing through in the hands of the so-called Policemen and other security forces on a daily basis for all these years in the entire Biafraland. 

Does a friend rejoice and celebrate a friend's death? Certainly, the answer is NO! But when that begins to happen then, just know that things have fallen apart; things are no longer the way it supposes to be. 

Before I go any further, I want to ask this very question, who are the unknown gunmen (UGM)? If you ask me, in my little knowledge and understanding, I would say that the unknown gunmen can be described as Saints, or as Spirits hovering all over the entire Eastern Region, which happens to be Biafraland, seeking vengeance over the deaths of those that have been murdered in cold-blood untimely by the Nigerian armed forces and their heartless security agencies. 

Their main aim is to make sure that the blood of the innocents crying for vengeance is fully avenged, and that is what they are doing, even at this very precise moment. The unknown gunmen have now become the joy and the pride of the people, each time people heard that an Army officer or a Police officer has been killed, or that any Police station has been attacked and burnt down, you see them very happy, you see them rejoicing Do you know why? Because for many years now, the Nigerian Army and other Security agencies have turned the entire length and breadth of Biafraland into a graveyard Intimidation, raping, harassment, abductions, killings with impunity have become the other of the day. 

How do you feel when you hear that someone has come to rescue you from something that poses a threat to your life? I guess, relieved and super excited, that's exactly the case with those living in the Eastern region otherwise known as Biafraland, Every blessed day, their lives are under threat, they are living in fear and jeopardy, and for that, they wholeheartedly welcomed the activities of the unknown gunmen without fear and doubts. 

The activities of the unknown gunmen in Biafraland are legal and very much welcomed by the people; the reason being that these same Nigerian Army and other security agencies that the unknown gunmen are killing today are the same people that have been killing the people for so many years now. 

At Aba national high school, they killed us! At Onitsha head bridge, they killed us! At Nkpor, they massacred us! At Igweocha (Port Harcourt) during Donald J. Trump's rally and Obigbo during the #EndSars protest, they massacred us massively! At AfaraUkwu Ibeku Umuahia they killed us! Do you think we have forgotten so soon? NO! We haven't; you must be very, very insane to think so! Nigerian Army, Police, and other Security agencies, do you think we have forgotten all these atrocities you carried out against our people? So you can see that the people have every reason to be happy about the emergence of the unknown gunmen from nowhere because they have had enough, they have been killed enough, they have been abducted enough, they have been raped enough, they have been intimidated enough, and in their ancestral God-given land, they have been harassed enough, so, therefore, the emergence of the unknown gunmen is to us welcome development. 

We don't know who they are because they are simply unknown; if you know them, I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra don't know them. They have become the joy and the pride of the people and will continue to be, in as much as they continue to do their good work, this path that they have chosen to follow is a path that leads to life, no one can take it away from them, and I do hope and pray that God Almighty in his infinite mercy will continue to guide and protect them, give them more strength, and more wisdom to continue to carry out their mission successfully daily. Amen! Unknown gunmen are now the joy and the pride of the people; it's the Lord doing! Remain Blessed Umunnem! 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published By Udeagha Obasi

For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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