■Author:  Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 23, Mar 2021 

Biafra Is Coming By Fire By Thunder

The story on how the recent Biafra agitation started, it's a journey to the midway, and its current phase will convince even a blind man that Biafra has crossed the rubicon. These agitators who are poised on restoring Biafra have crossed the land of no return. In this current stage, it is impossible to quit because the consequences of quitting are a hundred folds worse than what the people have experienced in the time past. 

This is the very reason they staked their own lives to continue projecting Biafra till it is fully restored. However, I happen to be one amongst those that Nigeria's corrupt system almost rendered useless because Nigeria is a country that would throw your destiny to the dogs and further, will keep monitoring events to make sure that every talent perished. 

As a victim of this very ugly incident, no one has the right to judge me for my grudge against Nigeria because it contributed negatively to my daily activities and has left me the way you have seen me. Notwithstanding, with the potentials deposited in me by God's grace, I remain consistent and incorruptible. 

The foundation of Nigeria was laid on deceitful soil; this very seed has germinated long ago and has formed a huge tree with numerous branches; each branch was prosperous but unfortunately bearing deceitful fruits; this is the reason behind the deceitful nature of all the sectors of Nigeria. 

The very lie that was told in the days of my childhood that "Children were the future of tomorrow" is a case study this particular lie is not just deceitful, but also horrible to the hearing of any reasonable Nigerian, The Nigerian system will never allow the then children to become leaders, they would rather be rendered useless, and tagged lazy. 

For this reason, We are not backing down in this quest to restore Biafra, and we are ready to destroy anything that may come on our way to hinder the restoration of Biafra. Biafra to us is not just for the freedom of the Biafrans; it is also the only hope to save humanity on the face of the Earth because Biafra is God's kingdom on Earth. We say this without fear or favour, Biafra will be restored by fire by Thunder; it doesn't matter how strong our enemies seem to be; they will all perish. Because Biafra is God's divine project, and if you are against it, you are against God, your creator. 

We can't abandon the quest for Biafra restoration in exchange for material things, and no man born of a woman can hinder Biafra restoration from coming; I'm fully convinced that Biafra restoration is very near. To us, Biafra is the hope of the universe, and if Biafra doesn't come, it simply means God doesn't exist if God does exist, which means Biafra is coming by fire by Thunder. 

Gone are the days when innocent protesters were being shot and killed by the security personnel, and I'll add by saying that negotiations may not even be an option at this stage. The spirits of those who were slaughtered, maimed for only seeking freedom are hovering in the land. 

They need justice! They need fairness! They also need vengeance! For their sake, we ain't looking back! 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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