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"When a child is crying, and pointing towards a particular direction, diligent attention must be paid, because if the child's father is not there, the mother will, with a definite certainty, be there".

The desperation with which Mohammed Abubakar Nurudeen Nwodo (Nnia Nwodo) pursued the installation of Ambassador George Obiozor as his (Nwodo's) replacement/successor as Ohanaeze PG, at a time, came to a very dizzying point, to the effect that even non-stakeholders were wondering why the overwhelming interest, and the resultant high stakes bargain.

Well, this was the anxiety, or should I say apprehension, in which many people were engrossed, before the mandate letter from Fulani to Nwodo, COMMANDING him to ensure the installation of Obiozor as his successor, was dug up by the enigmatic IPOB.

It was the appearance of this commandment letter by the Fulani Miyetti Allah in the public domain, that began to give many people an idea of what was beating the drum to which Nwodo was dancing in bewildering synchronization. The long and short of the whole story is that eventually, according to the INSTRUCTION of Miyetti Allah, George Obiozor was installed as the replacement/successor of Mohammed Abubakar Nwodo.

Did Obiozor come to organize, build, galvanize, unite, or solidify Ndigbo into a potent force, as to make them relevant and competitive in the affairs of Nigeria? Definitely not. Rather, Obiozor was sent by Miyetti Allah, to wear the Igbo cloak (as he appears to be wearing), as an Igbo man, dwelling in the midst of the Igbo people, but being a typical, fanatical, unrepentant, and uncompromising Fulani Miyetti Allah representative. No wonder he is described as Fulani's hand of Esau, but definitely, Igbo scavengers voice of Jacob.

To prove that George Obiozor is on a mission on behalf of his Fulani masters and kinsmen, and to convince his masters that he is more than determined and capable, to accomplish their mission of destabilizing Biafrans, Obiozor, on assumption of office, has made IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, his target of attack.

When a hollow headed scavenger, who calls himself an intellectual and a diplomat, like Obiozor, descends to the petty level of picking the crumbs from the table of the Fulani, so as to remain relevant, then you know that he is not speaking for himself, but for those that sent him.

Is it not very clear that Obiozor is pursuing a premeditated and well laid out agenda, when on assumption of office, his first task is to team up with the luciferous and lair-ological BBC IGBO, (whose determination to fabricate, distort, corrupt, and twist the news about IPOB, Biafra, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is legendarý), to begin outrightly to execute their assignment of attacking, maligning, denigrating, and desecrating Biafrans and their freedom project?

No wonder George Obiozor could go to the evil BBC, to start the disgraceful, reprehensible, nauseating, and humiliating act of imbecilic vituperations about the Supreme Leader of the Biafran nation, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Even if Obiozor didn't have legitimacy issues with his imposition by Miyetti Allah as the Ohanaeze PG, (but he is illegitimate, as it was not the whole Igbo nation that participated in the so-called election that threw him up), should attacking IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu be his priority or primary headache?

  • What concern has Obiozor shown in the destruction of the businesses of Biafrans in the North, with particular reference to Kano?
  • What concern has the moron, Obiozor, expressed for the incessant massacre of Biafrans in Biafra land and beyond, by the feudal government of Nigeria, using their foot soldiers who go by the names of Fulani Herdsmen, Bandits, and Misguided Brothers?
  • What has Obiozor said or done about the economic strangulation of Biafra land and Biafrans?
  • Has Obiozor shown any interest or expressed any disgust about the invasion and occupation of Biafra land, especially our forests and bushes, by Sahel barbarians and savages, as an incubation ground for their vicious, callous, and brutal terror attacks?
  • Has Obiozor shown any concern about infrastructural deficiency and systematic moribunding of the industries in Biafra land?

Is Obiozor not ashamed of himself that while the elders from other regions are rising up in vehement, stout, and uncompromising defense of their youths, considering the pivotal role the Youths play in serving as a bulwark or buffer to their whole land, Obiozor and his gang of sophisticated empty barrels are priding themselves in destroying their own shield by making the degradation, desecration, and denial of their own Youths an enjoyable pastime, or even a primary occupation?

Even as the Fulani feudalistic caliphate (called federal government of Nigeria), can no longer conceal its determination to exterminate the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria, through a well outlined program of terroristic genocidal expansionism, using the Fulani foreign jihadists imported from all over west Africa, what awareness has Obiozor shown that he is aware of this subtle agenda, not to talk of the plans to counter it?

In all, it is very clear that Obiozor is not only haunted by the fact that his emergence as Ohanaeze PG is an illegal, though well planned and orchestrated project of Miyetti Allah, but also by the fact that it was less than half of Igbo states that participated in the sham (called election), that brought him out.

With this knowledge at the back of our mind, it can be seen, even by the blind, that Obiozor never came to serve the interest of Ndị Igbo, which he claims he represents, but primarily and entirely the interest of Fulani Miyetti Allah, which chose and installed him as Ohanaeze PG.

Is anybody still in doubt about why Obiozor, having been craftly manipulated into the office of Ohanaeze PG, as a Fulani mole, is more engrossed with ensuring the protection of Fulani interest than that of the Igbo that he claims to represent? Is it a wonder that Obiozor has proved that he is indeed the hand of Esau, but the voice of Jacob?

But we must assure Obiozor, BBC, Miyetti Allah, the feudal terroristic caliphate (federal government) of Nigeria, the parasitic and exploitative Britain, and the scavengers and crumb pickers of Biafra land called political leaders, that irrespective of whatever they do, or are required to do, with whatever promises they are made, or whatever form they are made to operate, including whatever unprintable names they describe IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and Biafrans with, NOTHING ON EARTH CAN STOP THE RESTORATION OF OUR DEAR NATION, BIAFRA. The little rehearsal being conducted by #ESN, should be instructive enough to all “ndị Sabo ntị ike”.




Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
(Twitter @biafra4ever)
For: Biafra State Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Biafra State Media

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