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Genocide expresses the killing and utter murder of a specific tribal descent. Biafrans had undergoing this trauma within the terrified British Fulani caliphate government since 1966 till date. British Fulani hegemonic government of Nigeria had at sundry unleashed genocide against the Biafrans descent till date.

However, it's not ironic to state that the Obigbo 2020 GENOCIDE is an exaction of the British Fulani purported genocide against Biafrans.

The likes connote that governor Nyesom Wike, the incumbent slave & chief servant of the British Fulani Enclave had cautiously enfranchised the Obigbo Genocide - by use of tagging IPOB in "River State" terrorist.

And by such obtained the Federal Might (Boko Haram 'Nigerian Army’) in disguise to kill, maim, brutalize, rape, abduct, murder male citizens & burn down buildings of the Obi-Igbo residents.
At which, Gov. Wike claimed he's a Niger Delta indigene, i.e. Descendants of the BLACK RIVER (Ridiculous).

As evident to the Obigbo Genocide, the special anti-robbery squad (SARS) been inaugurated by the inspector general of police (IGP) in the zoological Republic of Nigeria had facilitated the Genocide through their brutal killings, torture, maiming, massacre, shooting on site of alleged criminals, basically youths/Christians in Nigeria (no cases of Moslems killed, etc).

So far, paramount evidences proved that little or no Hausa Fulani had at any time been killed or cautiously tortured by SARS operatives.

Nigeria government had been listed as 3rd - 1st most corrupt nation of the world with reputable evidences despite the Yoruba-British led media misinform & mispresented Nigeria as giant of Africa, which had outrightly shell off Nigeria's terrific/ atrocious governance.

Nigerian government is fully ENDOWED with CORRUPTION, ROBBERY, LOOTING, GENOCIDE, HEGEMONY, MURDER, ETC, ranging from the president/ presidency (panel of presidents), Senate, Governors, ministers, L.G.A Chairmen/women in quote.

Unfortunately, from the induction of SARS for past 5yrs till date, no cases of robbery by pen , looting, fire arm pertaining to Fulani Herdsmen, Bandits, had been arrested or mentioned and apprehended by this SARS operatives, rather the SARS had been used by hoodlums/looters in governance to dehumanizing, intimidating, torture, killing, detain/imprison extra judiciously any citizen who opposes, exposes, cries out against their evil practices in governance.

To cut-a-few are injustice meted to innocent citizens at the Nigerian courts of law; whereby for their wanton interest to maim, brutalize and torture citizens, some cases of SARS/Police brutality were arraigned at the magistrate court, on the knowing that Magistrates Court lack the jurisdiction for those criminal cases labelled against their captives; the motives behind such is to usurp opportunity to torture them more and wreck more havoc against them, mainly on anyone's failure to pay their charges amount, or otherwise to appease their Master in the act. E.g. The women killed recently in Anambra at the Bishop's house which led to his death, the arrest, detention and remanding of innocent women in Owerri in 2019, killing of Corp member in Enugu by SARS, lots more.

The Nigerian judiciary fostered with injustice by some fraudulent lawyers and judges had spelt a great doom for some innocent citizens who could not find a fate in the courts any longer, as the politicians and armed forces had highjacked the judiciary.

Consequent upon the plight of Nigeria's citizens, the youths, though unorganized and unaccustomed, took a drastic decision to protest upon their misery all across Nigeria.

As the leisure of ethnic/religious/economic diversity, Nigerian youths over the century never had the form of legalized organization/Quorum until nowadays, when the brutality of SARS/ARMY/HERDSMEN/BANDITS/ISWA/BOKO HARAM/POLICE rose to the brim.

With several evidences thereabouts, it became so imperative for barely 75% of Nigeria's youths to engage in an AGGRESSIVE NATIONAL YOUTH'S PROTEST. With the protest escalated through to over 25/36 States of Nigeria including Abuja, the capital territory within two (2) weeks of inception.

The youths had protested severely at Aso Rock Villa - National Assembly etc.

The youths equally protested at Lekki Peninsular, Lagos with remarkable turn out of protesters until they were interrupted by army gunshots.

The youths had about fifteen agendas which were seen on inscriptions conveyed along their protests thus:


2. PMB-President Muhammadu Buhari should address the country or resign

3. Youths must be in governance henceforth

4. Unemployment must be tackled by presidency as he promised during his campaign that made youths vote him.

5. Restructure Nigeria or End Nigeria now

6. Cut down legislative salaries & allowances

7. Rebuild Nigerian roads & waterways

8. Provide good education etc.


No fewer than 3 senators such as Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe, Sen. Dino Melaye & Sen. Shehu Sani had simultaneously beckoned the Nigerian presidency to address the youths, to no avail, their pleas were turned down.

Whereas few ignorant governors who had undertaken to please their Fulani Slave Master's bid, collaborated with policemen/SARS/Army in their capacity to perfect same BRUTALITY against innocent Protestant youths, despite brutality was the major cause for the protest.

Cf: Imo State: #Stop the killings in IMO
Students of IMO were engaged in live protest on Monday Oct 13, 2020 for barely 8hrs, at bank road/junction, Owerri the state capital, amid heavy police, SARS, Army presence, and no gunshots whatsoever was discharged within the time frame and afterwards.

Beside other States of the federation where the youths hosted their protests, the TRAGEDY was unleashed upon innocent citizens protesting in Obigbo, as Gov. Nyesom Wike commanded the Police, SARS, Army to shoot at site any youth found along the road in protest.

As the basic rule of command and control, unleashed from Abuja under Gov. Wike's orders, the forces which included the Army, Navy, SARS, Police, Air force, Civil Defense, OSPAC were all incorporated into the corrupt acts of BRUTALITY against innocent unarmed youths protesting at Obigbo, and those who weren't protesting, thereby led to numerous damages upon the Obigbo community/residents.

Numerous damages caused by Gov. Wike Nyesom in Obigbo and neighbourhood communities could not by any means be evaluated for a reprisal been acquainted with the wholesome fact that Wike is a pet upon the peoples' mind until his bid to run for Nigerian Vice President in 2023, that Wike turned into Nigerian Hitler - late Muhammadu Buhari could not do. Thus, any atrocities committed against humanity in Obigbo at #EndSARS protest are all attributed to Wike Nyesom, they are:

1. Over 1,200 youths killed within Oct 21 through Nov. 30th 2020. Thus; over 250 dead bodies were reported floating at Mmiri Nwanyi River Bank, over 70 dead bodies floated at Owaza River Banks, over 60 dead bodies floated at Obeama River Bank, all at sundry while the Army arrested anyone that snap/video the scenes. Etc - army sources reported.

2. Over 500 people injured with bullets, machetes/ weapons

3. Over 200 youths abducted, some sold out for rituals etc.

4. Over 20 buildings burnt down/demolished

5. Over 2000 residents flew out of the communities

6. Constant rapping & maiming of women/ladies

7. House to house abduction and killing of youths, IPOB members is ongoing till date. E.g. The abduction of Chief Enwereuka, the Obigbo palace secretary who had been flown to Abuja a day after his abduction by the Nigerian military etc.

Notwithstanding, the Obigbo Genocide was perfected by the efforts of the traditional rulers of Obigbo H.R.H Mike Nwaji & H.R.H Jeremiah Worenwu of Iriebe (de facto @ tagged IPOB in September 2020). Both in collaboration with the Hitler Wike did the Obigbo Genocide by deploying all forces within the federation to unleash the mayhem at Obigbo.

Although the angry Protestant youths reacted over the killing of their first-three (3) deaths at the Obigbo express junction on Wednesday 21st Oct 2020, and many wounded by bullets from police/SARS that early hours of 21st Oct.

In reprisal, the youths burnt down the Obigbo police station. Thereafter, the killings escalated such that Army and the forces killed numerous citizens at will with passion.

Within 24th through 26th Oct, security meetings were held in Obigbo at various status, and the HRH Mike Nwaji encouraged landlords to call back residents to Obigbo stressing that peace had been restored, at which many residents heeded to his call. Many of which that returned to their homes in Obigbo were halt dead, some abducted and maimed by the army, OSPAC, ETC.

At this juncture, operation shoot at site any IPOB members commenced.

The unlearned, infiltrated OSPAC of Mike Nwaji assumed the responsibilities of the military, were well armed, clothed in Nigeria army uniforms to match their fellow terrorist boko haram Nigerian army in order to dehumanizing innocent citizens across Obigbo whom Gov. Wike had tagged "terrorist" so as to fulfil his bid with his Fulani Slave Masters.

Forthwith, there were sporadic shootings in Obigbo, which many victims were engulfed, e.g. Aneke Sandy, Nke Okwudiri, Theresa David & lots more.

House to house abduction became order of the mayhem till date. e.g.
1. Emmanuel's Compound at Komkom was raided on 7/11/20 and over twenty (20) boys abducted.

2. The army laid ambush against an IPOB Volunteer - Egwu Oko about 4.00am, as he escaped, they burnt down his landlord’s (Mazi Felix Ukachi) house.

The burning of buildings became abrupt. e.g.

1. Dr. Uche Emelem house at Ohafia quarters, and patient (Nduka Idika) was whisked away.

2. Demolition of churches/Shrines/synagogues was implemented. e.g. The community of Yahweh at No. 11 Timber road, Okpulo & Ikwerre Ngwa branch & The Ambassador of Amadioha and lots more was demolished with impunity.

3. Abduction of worshippers at different church denomination. e.g.
Nomso Udoh, Kufre Sandy, etc were abducted from worship centres.

Thus, the army commenced hospital search for youths/IPOB victims for final execution. At such victims under treatment were discharged abruptly & untreated, which led to deaths of many, like the case of Samuel Godwin Umahi, etc.

Furthermore, the army invaded some destitute homes at Mbano camp, Ohafia quarters, Iriebe, Ehi road and whisked away any patient they met to unknown destination.

Motorcyclists were halted down the roads arrested, taking them to unknown destinations.


The "soldiers" shooting sporadically around the following axis:

  • One-man country

  • Komkom railway line residents

  • Ohafia quarters & Abiriba quarters, at which residents ran into the bush and the Army shot sporadically into the bush, thereafter many victims wounded & dead were recovered from the bush point when the residents had resorted to their homes afterwards.

On Friday 23rd Oct. 2020, an 18 seaters' bus loaded with passengers fleeing Obigbo to Etche had its tyre rolled off and approximately all passengers were reported dead, except a little baby.

In another case a woman who escaped to Port Harcourt had an accident in the city that almost lost one of her legs.

Some Obigbo residents fleeing to Eleme were turned back to Obigbo by the Army, in turn some of them were later arrested same day.

Certain areas of Obigbo were besieged for this while, they include:
Market Road
People's Street
Timber Road
Round About
Main market
Old Aba/Ph Road
School Road
Umusoya Road
Mbano Camp

Thus far, these areas had been deserted, and any youth/man/boy moving or residing in any of these areas does that at his own risk.

Following the illegal and unabated proscription of IPOB by Gov. Nyesom Wike, a joint team of Oyilga Security Planning & Advisory Committee (OSPAC) and the Nigerian Boko haram army parades around Obigbo with Lists, photos, etc of suspected IPOB members. In their disguise for searching them out, they harass residents, break homes, abduct innocent youths, maim or arrests innocent citizens.

We were reliably informed by a soldier that one of their captives by name Ebube Sunday had given them lots is names of IPOB members, while the OSPAC points out at will anybody they feel should be IPOB or their enemies.

Another soldier had told us that they were ordered before leaving the Kaduna Barracks to kill any man in Obigbo.

Also, another officer of the Army lamented "we have killed enough boys that we're fade up, if not the command"

Another soldier also narrated how they executed uncountable boys via
1. Tied many youths alive in dozens with cables, carried the lump inside Hilux jeep to Imo River, push/roll the lump until it sank into the River.

Some they tied their faces with pads, and with aircraft took them abroad for ritual services.

Whereas many were shot dead at nights and thrown into the Rivers.

The OSPAC which firmly represented their Master/Employer - Eze Nwaji were at sundry noted judiciously performing their job as follows:

1. Disguise themselves by wearing face mask and army uniforms, moves with army in the same vans around Obigbo, pointing out suspected IPOB members for outright execution by the army.

Going round harassing and brutalizing innocent citizens on bid to capture those who looted at Obigbo police station, and never arrested any Hausa Fulani that looted at Computer Villa by Eleme junction, Timber or at Iriebe market

Above all, the OSPAC had reiterated to the former SARS/Police BRUTALITY by arresting & extorting innocent citizens under duress that they would be handed over to the army for execution, at such many be forced to bail themselves within neighbourhood of N20,000.00, even as survivors of the genocide are clamouring for hunger.

Prior to the tagging of IPOB by Wike Nyesom and his unleashing of Genocide against Biafrans in Obigbo, his subordinate Mr Aliko Dangote provided about thirty (30) trailer trucks between Wednesday Oct 27th through Thursday 28th 2020 for the evacuation of Fulani's in Obigbo, Etche & Iriebe.

Thus, the Fulani's were evacuated from several streets and Camps with the efforts of the army to unknown destination (supposedly Biafra land). No sooner than two (2) days, such was accomplished, that Wike Nyesom proscribed IPOB and gave his executive order to kill all Igbo Biafrans in Obigbo.

Besides hate, we all can agree with me that none of those Kaduna Soldiers would know or identify any persons/groups without assistance from the insider, thus the following persons among others had been used by the devil to sabotage our people and sold them out for utter Genocide. They are:

1. Chima Amechi
2. Ebere Amechi
3. Ebube Sunday
4. Kelechi Azu
5. Mola (OSPAC)
6. Hon. Aba na Aba
7. Ice Water
9. Egberu Bonkery
10. All members of OSPAC etc.

Reported by:
Mazi Bright O. Ihesiaba
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Obiageli Vivian Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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