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One would ask why the headline 'Chasing The Shadow' now that humanity and the world are busy with the things after them and the ones they're after, to some individuals it might appear as a distraction but many will still see sense and meaning in it and grab something helpful from the headline and the whole passage after reading it thoroughly, if one apply the lessons therein to their day to day living  activities it will go a long way to rectifying errors made as a result of diverted attention by the means of chasing the shadow instead of chasing the reality and main target.

Inevitably every sojourner must encounter detractors and distractions on the way to his or her destination be it in the career pursuit or struggle for freedom, sometimes the package it comes with perhaps may look similar to what you're pursuing but the content is completely different from the package you're looking for.

Every age and generations have what challenges them and the things they go after, this generation of the 21st century is not an exception, so many challenges ranging from agitation to sustain science and technologies invented by their progenitors and founding fathers and quest to make modifications of things existing as well as the struggle for freedom of the oppressed people. These and many more are the things facing the generation of this 21st century.

In the case of Africa, the colonial masters deliberately made much mistakes to their own favour and detriment of the black people generally, the so-called giant of Africa which is regarded as Nigeria is a British contraption put together to help the British economy grow rapidly and maintain a great level in the global economy rating index, this has ironically kept the source of their greatness in perpetual penury, corruption and backwardness.

The people of Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa were the main Indigenous people brought together against their will and without permission in this evil contraption called Nigeria, funny enough the British while physically leaving the seat of Nigeria power house during the 1960 paper based independence, they handed over the Indigenous owners of the land to the foreigners, the Fulani headers in the Northern Nigeria now the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists, whom the British use as the willing tools to remote the entire contraption.

These tricks of the British were discovered by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the supreme leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), hence he commenced the struggle to free Biafra from the contraption Nigeria, knowing fully well that the freedom of Biafra will set free the rest of other Indigenous people trapped down in the damnable British made dungeon known as Nigeria including the entire Africa and black race.

MASSOB and Some other groups likewise individuals which existed before the emerging of IPOB that stands on the forefront of the agitation to free Biafra from Nigeria and restore the Kingdom of God on earth really performed creditably in their own capacities, not until their attention was diverted and they began to CHASE THE SHADOW, then things fall apart and the group's activities turned to history, only few born hardcores who were called pursue Biafra with their whole genuine hearts and never deviated rather they kept looking on the ball in the pitch and the game goes on.

The enemies both within and outside who see that their means of livelihood and estate which is their source of great economy put together by their great grandfathers is about to be taken away from them, continued to work vehemently round-the-clock to ensure they frustrate and ruin your agitations and efforts towards achieving your freedom.

Unfortunately, some gullible among the fighters yielded weakly to this enemy's cheap deceiving tricks, because they often come with enticing glittery materials capable of diverting attention, they'll lose focus and start pursuing glittery things which doesn't stand the test of time instead of the main thing initially in focus, this will lead them astray and makes them feel more relevant, more righteous, more knowledgeable and even more hardworking than their fellow comrades.

When the matter gets to this stage blackmailing a hardworking fellow comrade will start, plotting the downfall and dismissal of a hardworking comrade will follow, backbiting and gossiping against a comrade with divergent view will start, at this point all that matters to these bunch of misguided fellows will be to search for gossip to emphasize on and yap in the media and in the gathering of the bandwagons.

Sincerely speaking, the IPOB family members are already having these set of misguided persons and individuals amidst them, unfortunately they've done many harms not more than good because all their efforts to truncate the genuine efforts to restore Biafra makes the peaceful organization more determined and stronger in their peaceful agitation to restore Biafra and this has continuously served as energy booster to genuine IPOB family members across the globe.

Many of these individuals were recruited by the oppressors who wants to perpetually keep you down to your current situation of suffering, the touts and power hungry individuals cum money mongers  disguise as freedom fighters with the sole aim of causing havoc and setbacks towards the struggle to achieve your freedom, these are people who value occupying positions, more important than the work needed to be done to get freedom, these set of people place their belly and pockets first before the unanimous interests of all and can easily compromise the set standard with numerous reasons they'll backup their treacherous actions to make it justified.

Kudos and accolades goes to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was sent by God almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama for this divine project, the holy book says strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter, if he being the ark bearer and the supreme leader of IPOB allowed himself to be fooled and deceived by the enemy's tricks, perhaps the rest would have turned to  history before now, but for the fact that he built the foundation of IPOB on a solid rock with clear-cut purpose of the his calling, he cannot be distracted and as long as the leader is stable, irrespective of how many that remain formidable, desired results which is mainly freedom in the end must be achieved.

It is high time all discovers and accept the simple but hard truth that no one will ever stop Biafra from being restored, hence should exit from majoring on the minor and stop CHASING THE SHADOW and face the reality in good condition, retrace your steps and right the wrong for your own good.

Do not forget that every work has reward either good or bad work, so be mindful of your mischievous activities and petty smartness, because fast moving legs is equally being monitored by fast watching eyes.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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