■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 20, DEC 2020 

Biafra: Igbo Political elites Are Fantastically Useless 

The current political elite's of ndi Igbo possess a threat to Igbo extraction, and they are the problems of ndi Igbo, they remain the most useless and clueless individual's we have in Igbo-land, more especially ohanaeze ndi-Igbo ably led by crook traitor Nnia Nwodo, we must emphasize to humanity that Ndi-Igbo has no leader since the current elites have failed woefully to defend the collective interest of Ndi-Igbo, they remain useless and irrelevant. 

Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo has become so creed, wicked, irresponsible and useless that I just don't know what the common Igbo man stand to gain in the present political dispensation spearheaded by crook Nnia Nwodo. 

Ndi-Igbo most note that the current elite's of Igbo extraction are monumental and horrendous waste to Ndi-Igbo, this traitor's and Fulani slave's parading themselves as the political elite's in Ala-Igbo are merely representing their pockets and not the people, it's not as if they have the interest of Ndi-Igbo at heart, on several occasions we have had the debate on irrelevant issues that have to do with Ndi-Igbo, even bonafide Alamijiri on the street can do better than them, what substantial benefits have we even gain from the so-called Igbo political elite's, if not operation python dance, there is absolutely nothing meaningful that our political elites have achieved.

The reason why there will be no restructuring in Nigeria and development of Ala-Igbo by the federal government, the reason why Ndi-Igbo will continue to be used as sacrificial lamb's in Nigger-aria is simply that those that are supposed to push for the collective interest of Ndi-Igbo are useless and traitor's, the so-called Igbo elite's are feeding fat from the misery of Ndi-Igbo, that is why they can never ever challenge there Fulani master's, there is no doubt that Nigger-aria government in collaboration with her janjaweed murderous military have murdered lots of Igbo youth's physically, but you see these current political Igbo elite's, they are the real murderers. Igbo political elites are made-up of old useless cargoes, and I detest every one of them, God will exceedingly punish them for the pains, agony and hardship they have inflected on Ndi-Igbo, they can't speak in the face of injustice melted against there people, these primitive slaves has refused to condemn the Massacre of Ndi-Igbo in Obigbo River's State by one Fulani Stooge puppet parading himself as governor.

Igbo political elite's remain's an embodiment of tears and sorrow to Ndi-Igbo, they are our problems, these old bonafide useless cargos have caged the future of Ndi-Igbo, and until we resist these old fool's, Ala-Igbo will never see progress, we must channel the next phase of#EndSARs protest to Igbo political elite's because they have killed us more than SARs itself, revolution remain's the only tools for the redemption of Ala-Igbo, the blood's of Igbo political elite's must be used to cleanse our land in the next phase of#EndSARs Protest. Enough is Enough. #WeMove 

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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