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When you thought it has ended is actually then it starts, the traditional ruler of Ishiagu Ndiaguazu Umuoghara autonomous Community in Ezza North LGA, of Ebonyi state, HRH Ezeogo Nweke Igbo and his cabinets as well as other chiefs and traditional rulers in Ezza North and Umuoghara Community and other parts of Ezza North has joined Ebonyi state government in their dark efforts to frustrate and truncate IPOB family members activities in the jurisdiction and Ebonyi state entirely.

The traditional ruler while addressing some members of the community in his residence at Umuoghara tagged IPOB activities act of treason, therefore should not be allowed to operate or run their peaceful activities in the community where he rules.

Report has it that the traditional ruler his cabinets and cohorts brought the Nigeria police and the army alongside Neighbourhood Watch thugs and Community Vigilante, to be patrolling nooks and crannies of the Communities in Ezza North frequently in search of IPOB family members to abduct and incarcerate.

IPOB has not committed any crime against the Nigeria law and international law, but her family members are being haunted and persecuted by the evil selfish politicians in Nigeria and the Eastern region where Biafrans are predominant, the politicians use the army, police and other security operatives that ought to protect the people to kill and maim them.

The world and the international Communities have kept mute over the plights of the Biafran people for long, especially the IPOB family members who equally face suppression and subjugation by the politicians who're Fulani stooge in their own land.

The list of the oppressors and their willing tools oppressing innocent IPOB family members at various places in Ebonyi state and beyond are endless, but below listed individuals are those to be taken cognizant of at Ezza North as regards to the above information, these are men aiding the killings and suppression of innocent people in Ezza North:

  • Ezeogo Nweke Igbo: +2348022997776
  • Ezeogo Anthony Njoku: +2348030997475
  • John Nweze: +2348069042001
  • Edeh Aloh: +2347035198112

Others including:

  • Sunday Nwuzor
  • Eze Njoku.
  • Igboke Innocent
  • Nomeh Okoha, Chairman Okposi Town union
  • Sunday Nwafor, Vigilante chairman Okposi community
  • Nwakpa Chibueze (Fantar)
  • Emeka Nwobasi (OBJ)

Many cannot learn from the past mistakes of the saboteurs and amend their ways not until history will repeat itself, for the love of money these people and grown up elders that ought to protect their people and children support their killers, the reward for treachery is not always good.

Repent and fight for your people's right and protection now or get ready to face the consequences of your actions, the people are not happy with you for sponsoring the killings and maiming of   the innocent citizens because of your selfish ambitions. The People's Revolutionary Army are coming and you know what that means.

Nnamdi Kanu IPOB supreme leader said "I'm coming back and I'll come with hell". The time is fast approaching, all man shall receive the reward of every work done; good or bad.

Ebonyi Media team and the intelligent unit are following and watching meticulously to keep the world updated as your evil unfolds.  


Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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