November 16 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

I'm sure this headline looks strange in the view of many, but by the time you are done reading all the paragraphs perhaps the whole passage of the article line by line you will need not be told that the helpless people entrapped in all the states of the British Contraption called Nigeria are dying on daily basis as a result of SECURITY VOTE.

I'm sure some of you don't really know what Security Vote means or stands for on the day to day running of the Government in Nigeria states, though you may have been hearing it or read about it, but for clarification purposes we shall try to examine the meaning of the term 'Security Vote'.

From the general perspective, 'Security vote in Nigeria is a monthly allowance that is allocated to the 36 states within the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the sole purpose of funding security services within such states. The monthly fund runs into billions of naira and vary based on the level of security required by the individual state'.

Needless going further with explanations because the clarity is already achieved from the above explanation.

As earlier stated on the definition, every state in Nigeria receives whopping amounts of fund in millions, sometimes in billions from the Federal Government monthly for this purpose depending on the security state of each individual state.

The objective of this special fund is to utilize it for the protection of lives and property of the citizens of the states, but the governors divert the money for their selfish aggrandizement and subject the masses to maiming and decimation; they use the same security agents that their primary responsibilities include protection of the citizens to achieve their devilish goals.

The more trouble and fracas in a state the more fund they receive on this regard, this fund is quite different from the monthly allocations which the states receive to use and run the Government.

Many governors create problems in peaceful regions and states in order to receive huge Security Vote funds from the Federal Government and embezzle it, they make billions of naira from this fund before four years of their tenures elapse, this is one of the source of the Nigeria governors richness, many politicians clamour to be state governor in Nigeria by hook or crook because of this fund.

Many of them hire the Nigeria army and police to kill their own people as the Igbo governors are doing currently in Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia and Ebonyi states respectively following the nationwide #ENDSARS Protest which has long ended.

As at the time and date of this publication, Ebonyi state was still on curfew imposed by the state governor Engr David Umahi, between 8pm to 8am, the criminals and brutal police and the soldiers at strategic places and highways within the state has converted it as an opportunity to extort from the poor citizens and road users who go out in search of food for their family. They collect from the public treasurer extort from the people then kill and maim them mercilessly.

The Nigeria army and police foolishly dance to the tune of the corrupt politicians which their goals are nothing but to achieve their political selfish interests by all means to the detriment of the poor helpless masses that they rule and indebted to in terms of security of their lives and property.

Many of them including your own governors prefer money to your lives and that's why they pay no or less attention to your plights, it doesn't matter to them how many lives and property being killed and destroyed, they benefit from your suffering and the killings that's why they do not want it stopped and anyone who fight against the evil by any means turns their arch enemy overnight, none of them will tell you this and what they derive from what the people view as brouhaha because there is an Igbo adage which says: 'Ala Adiro Nma Bu Uru Ndi Nze'. (Trouble benefits the mighty).

This is one among the bitter truth that the politicians who are in the list of getting share of the security vote fund never want to hear from either a journalist or an opposition fellow, but the masses must be educated on what is happening in the society where they reside no matter what will be the cost or result.

One among the numerous questions demanding for answers are what could the people do in a situation like this? To keep quiet and continue being killed? Maimed and humiliated?

Agitation through peaceful protests and civil disobedience against this illegality and brutality which the Nigeria politicians use as a tools to make  lives of the citizens meaningless remains one of the best solution options available for selection, this will bring forth revolution which is equally among the best bad governance termination option, the Nigeria politicians especially the governors are evil and they're determined in such a way that nothing will ever make them to repent since the evil they projected against the people  benefits them richly. Indeed, there is no better time for the afflicted people especially the youths to raise up and take action than now, delay is really dangerous and more deadly.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media


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