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The evil gang of the Mammonic #Facebook, the Predatory #Britain, and the Terroristic #NGRPresident/#GovNigeria, has been trying, by all means of criminality, to bamboozle the world, with regards to the reality of the death of @MBuhari and the State Terrorism of the impostors that have been operating the criminal gang called Nigga-area Government, into undermining, under rating, or obfuscating the atrocious extermination of the Indigenous people of Nigga-area, for the benefit of, and replacement with, the savages called the nomadic Fulani of Futa Jallon mountains, whom the  Britain has aided greatly to becoming a ubiquitous threat to the whole of West Africa, and Nigga-area in particular.

Facebook, having been heavily induced (i.e., monetarily bribed), has chosen to self-assign itself to the ignoble task of Spokesmanship for the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, called the Nigga-area government, with regards to the fact that the tyrannical dictator, imposed on Nigga-area by the terrorists, #OBAMA and #CAMERON, Muhammadu Buhari, had long been dead.

Naturally, the questions that will be begging for answers in the mind of sane persons, who are not predators like Britain, or scavengers like the Fulani servants in Biafra land called Leaders and Elders, are these:

- Why should Facebook be speaking on behalf of the Nigga-area government, to the point of penalizing those that are telling the world the truth about Buhari's death, if Buhari were alive?

- When did Facebook become the Media and Publicity Secretary, or Special Assistant on Media, or Minister of Information, to the gang of rogues at Aso Rock, called the Nigga-area government?

- What happened to the mouth of all the mask wearing impostors at Aso Rock, as not to let them speak for themselves?

From the above, it can be seen that the mammonic Facebook gave itself away, because in the process of trying to validate an aberration, Facebook betrayed itself.

Now, for the predatory #Britain, it is apparent that Britain has exhausted most of her tricks about sustaining the deflection of the attention of the world, to the accumulated heinous crimes of Britain against the Biafrans, as well as the lame, baseless, and untenable persuasion of the fact that our dear nation, Biafra, cannot be restored.
There is no criminal strategy that Britain has not applied, in the pursuit of this crime of diverting the attention of the world from the reality and imminence of Biafra, the latest of which is the charade, applied in collaboration with the mammonic Facebook, called AFP Fact Check.

The so called AFP Fact Check, which is as porous as it is imbecilic, is a subterfuge scheme by Britain to whittle, if not extinguish the visibility of Biafrans on the net, and by implication, the devastating bombardment of the world with the truth about Britain and Nigga-area's atrocities against mankind, and Biafrans in particular, using a few Nigga-area scavengers, whose only known god is their belly, in the persons of #MayowaTijani and #HenryNwabufo.
However, all these devilish devices of Britain were dead on arrival because the world has long been saturated by Biafrans with indisputable evidence of the British desperation to cover her tracks about their heinous crimes, while attempting to sustain her criminal, parasitic, and sadistic exploitation of Biafra, and Africa in general.

The complicit LAMESTREAM MEDIA, led by the lair-ological and luciferous @BBCWorld, @CNN, and @AlJazeera, with their tributaries in the Nigga-area known as Lagos Ibadan expressway brown envelope gutter media, has been aiding the concealment of the the unconscionable British atrocities in Nigga-area, for the simple reason that these media outfits have been bought over, to aid the propagation of the fraud called Nigga-area, and as well cover the evil perpetrated by the beneficiaries of the inhumanity and graveyard called Nigga-area, chief of which is the parasitic and exploitative Britain.
Few of these atrocious abominations that the beneficiaries of Nigga-area want hidden and sustained are;

* The death of the Muhammadu Buhari, and his replacement with mask wearing impostors, behind whom the criminal gang at Aso Rock hide to perpetrate their crimes.
* The ownership and sponsorship of the most notorious and deadly terror groups in the world, (Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, ISIS in Western Africa (ISWAP), and AL Queda in the Maghreb), by Britain, through the cover of their Fulani proxy, called Nigga-area government.
* The relentless exterminative genocidal exploits of these terror groups against the Indigenous people that are trapped in the British inhumanity and nightmare called Nigga-area.
* The swift and undisguised execution of the British age long desire of the Fulanization and islamization of the British fraudulently concocted contraption and criminal enterprise called Nigga-area, for the ultimate parasitic economic benefit of the predatory and genocidal Britain, using the barbaric and nomadic Fulani as a front.

It is the unbearable, choking,  suffocating, and asphyxiating strangulation, emanating from the relentless bombardment of this evil circle of demonic agents, by the unfazed army of Biafran media volunteers, that have compelled one of the tributaries of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, namely, @punchonline/@MobilePunch, to cry out aloud, with regards to the criminality of the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, called @GovNigeria, in using the terroristic Fulani Herdsmen, to murder indigenous people, as can be seen in one of the attached pictures.

This action of the @MobilePunch exonerates, thereby validating the strident calls being made by the Supreme Leader of the Biafran nation, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, concerning the #SilentSlaughter of Biafrans and Christians in the British toxic cauldron called Nigga-area.

It may not be appropriate to end this piece without mentioning the karma which has caught up with the religious fraudsters called Pastors, through the latest islamization scheme of the predatory Britain (acting under the cover of Nigga-area government), called CAMA, as amended.

These scammers, who call themselves Pastors, especially those from the western part of Nigga-area, (and they are in numerical majority), have CHOSEN to remain mute in the face of extreme violation of human rights in Nigga-area, including the outright genocidal extermination of innocent Biafrans and Christians, by the impostous rogues and usurpers at Aso Rock, (because of the delusion and illusion called Tinubu 2023), the so called latest amendment of CAMA (Companies And Allied Matters Act), has caught them in their own web of complicit silence, as the karma of CAMA has made it very clear that the terrorists in charge of the affairs of the British fraud called Nigga-area, on behalf of the murderous Britain, otherwise called Nigga-area Government, can appoint islamists and terrorists to take over their business centres that they call Churches, without any prior information or notice to them.

This implies that the scam centres that they call Churches are certainly at the verge of going into extinction, as a result of their choice of tacitly supporting evil, in the vicious and venomous advancement of the Fulanization and islamization agenda of the Fulani feudalistic caliphate, sponsored, supported, inspired, motivated, and remunerated by the murderous and sadistic Britain, under the cover of the aberration and toxic cauldron called Nigga-area. Bishop Oyedepo can throw more light on this scheme, which prompted him to lament aloud, swearing that it is "over his dead body will he allow that to happen".

It therefore goes without saying that the evil anyone supports and nurtures, or conceals, tacitly or otherwise, will one day metamorphose into a monster that will ultimately consume the supporter/s of that same evil, just as is about happening to the Fulani crumb pickers that go by various names.


Biafra has come.

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media
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