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In other developed countries, if you want to apply for work, they won't look at your appearance, dressing, hairstyle, they will only look at your Capability and Capacity but in Nigeria it is not like that. Even when you have all the qualifications they will still ask you for your experience when you only came out from the University and they know that you don't have an experience yet. I want to be reassured that when BIAFRA comes, those people in this situation and those without degrees will have a place or what is their hope when BIAFRA comes, will there be an opportunity for them to develop?

We are trying to build a country that will not have its kind in Africa. Joblessness will be a thing of the past and it will be a level playing field. There are work that those without degree will also do.

We are going to develop the 4 critical areas called Craft. 
1. Woodwork.
2. Stonework.
3. Glasswork
4. Metalwork

They are very essential. We are going to build houses with Stones, Rocks, and those who are going to undertake this very critical and essential work in terms of the overall architectural presentation of BIAFRA. Most of them may not have degrees but they will be meaningfully employed. 

We are going to have Plumbers, people who are going to work on our drainage system. They may not have degrees and didn't go to the University but they are going to be well paid. Some of them may receive more pay than those who are graduates because that is the way it is. Everything will be driven by demand and supply. Nobody will be left behind, that I can assure you. 

The Political Economic phase of what we are going to accomplish in BIAFRA Land will be so compelling that the rest of Africa will be forced to copy it from us. Nobody will be unemployed as it used to be in the Nigeria. 

In our land many years ago before the white man came there was no unemployment. Everybody had something they were doing. That's why we never had any beggar and we are going to return to that. Everybody will be meaningfully employed based on merit. Nobody is going to get comparative advantage of the other because of their status, Position or who they know. 

Everything will be a level playing field. That I can assure you. The same way I will not encourage the building of any cabal within IPOB is same way BIAFRA Land is going to be. There will be No old boys Networks, everything is supposed to work the way it should be which is if you merit it, you occupy it.

As Captured by: 
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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