By Ajuzieogu Bernard (Abia Writers)
Edited by: Nwabunwanne David
Come to think of it, the deadly Virus Called COVID 19 has killed & reduced the population of the world. It is still killing in large number. Here in Nigeria, people are even falling like in the north because of this same Virus.

The World Health Organizations said social distancing, no gatherings, and to stop social activities. Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State of Nigeria gave the same order with his Executive Order #6. Still, the Prodest Hotel’s owner, the PDP Eleme youth leader that has been working against Wike decided to throw up a party at his motel. People were going for parties and clubs, and the governor sent the state Taskforce to stop them. The owner of the motel fought them along with his thugs. That was why Governor Nyesom Wike demolished his motel for violation of the Rivers state Executive Order 6 and for fighting the state government task force on COVID 19.

El Rufai, the heartless Islamic terror, terrorized and frustrated thousands of Biafran businessmen by demolishing their hotels, bars, restaurants and homes in Abuja? We did not hear from some of the duplicitous voices we hear today then. They never uttered a word, because they are afraid of the murderous tendencies of their Fulani masters who are still demolishing Igbo businesses in Abuja till date.

El Rufai went on to become the governor of Kaduna State. In 2018, he demolished more than three hundred houses, which included residential homes, hotels, restaurants and bars. He openly admitted to paying his fellow killer Fulani terrorists that decimated the non-Fulani tribes of Southern Kaduna. Today the same people condemning Gov. Nyesom Wike are honouring him as the next president of Nigeria. Now FCT Minister Bello Mohammed has started from where his predecessor El Rufai stopped. He has begun demolishing many buildings in Abuja belonging to Biafrans that are more expensive than the one destroyed in Igweocha by Wike.

Did you know they would have brought infection and death to thousands of people, through Coronavirus infected Almajiri? The motel could also hurt us by providing accommodation to Fulani killers coming in large numbers into our towns and villages from the north.
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