Written by: Solomon Elughaiwe (Abia writers)
Edited by: Nwabunwanne David
It is bigotry or outright prejudice for any person or race in Nigeria to declare Governor Wike's action to an error. Protecting the lives of Rivers state people that voted him into power is not show of strength either. Such an assumption will be undermining the lives of millions of people living in River state over the few people and group that never wanted Governor Wike to succeed.

Any attempt to walk in the pathway of euphemism over the pandemic that has destroyed the world population more than 2nd World War is wickedness and very extreme. Akin to the saying that another person's corpse is like firewood, which is so bad. Governor Wike was elected by the people of River state to protect them, and not just a group of few individuals that work to undermine the laws and the Governor's responsibilities. Nobody can compare Wike's action with the actions of Governor El Rufai of Kaduna state. El Rufai wickedly destroyed Biafrans' houses and the Hotels, even targeted other tribes in Kaduna state to expand his Islamic and personal agenda. Senator Hunkuyi said that the Governor is acting with an unprecedentedly low level of pettiness.

Governor Wike gave clear notice and warning to the owners of those demolished hotels. They wholeheartedly swore never to obey the laws of the state and the Governor himself.  It is atrocious of such people who prefer personal gain to the collective interest and wishes of the masses. But the action of Governor El Rufai of Kaduna state is ultra vires; he never gave notice, but took them in the night.

"We were all shocked when we saw them around 1:30 am on Thursday asking us to vacate our houses. We have never witnessed something like this in our lives. They plan to demolish about 300 houses, and nobody came to tell us why we should leave our houses because no notice to that effect," an affected Kaduna resident said. Other residents interviewed, also expressed their dismay over the government's action, insisting they got government approval before building their houses.

Governor Nyesom Wike said on AIT interview that the two Hotels in Rivers state contravened the total lockdown order he issued. Governor Wike who explained why he decided to demolish the hotels in an interview on AIT, said officials of the Rivers state government were maimed at the hotels while enforcing the lockdown order.
He insisted that he couldn't be a happy man if people lose their jobs and means of livelihood. He pointed out that people should not put others at risk because they do not want to obey laws.

The Rivers State Governor disclosed that most patients of Coronavirus recorded in the state stayed in hotels before being diagnosed with the disease. He averred that it is left for the court to determine if he is right or wrong. Wike also confirmed that a PDP youth leader led the attack on the task force officials, which resulted in the demolition of one of the hotels.

Many have taken it upon themselves to be above the law. They rather die than give way and allow others to succeed, especially in Nigeria. Governor Wike had never rested for once since he became Governor of River state because of federal influence and rotten eggs in the land upon numerous projects recorded to his credit. The laws are for everybody and not just for particular folks. Let us thread with caution for this is democracy: government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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