May 05 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

The media outfit known as the BBC World, has been in forefront of distorting and emasculating news, so as to align or justify the heinous atrocities against mankind, especially against Biafrans, a population of people whom the British governments of various era have become synonymous with.

To start recounting the role of the mischievous BBC in inciting and sustaining the pogroms against the Biafrans in the British Gas Chamber called Nigeria, from 1940s to the Biafra genocide of 1967 to 1970, will be like retelling a stale story. Even the ignoble role of ensuring the balkanization, or should I say, the gerrymandering of Biafra land (which the parasitic and exploitative Britain prefers to call Igbo land), and the rooting of the malady of identity crisis amongst Biafrans of various geographical locations, is traceable to the corruption of BBC. A false News Agency rooted in Western Nigeria controlled Media assisting the furtherance of the satanic British strategy of DIVIDE AND RULE.

But our focus in this piece is the conscienceless and systematic destruction designed and ceaselessly executed by the desperate BBC, in collaboration with their drowning principal, the British government, against Biafra and Biafrans.

For many decades after the establishment of the Hausa service of the BBC (which Britain had optimally deployed in inciting the rest of Nigeria against Biafrans), Biafrans requested a corresponding Igbo (or any other Biafra language) service of the BBC. This request fell on the deaf ears of the BBC for many decades. But the moment the suffocating heat of the phenomenal Radio Biafra London began to melt all the lies entrenched at the root of the fabrics of the Biafran nation, which started bringing Biafrans to the consciousness of the damage done through the collaborative evil media under BBC tutelage, and to the inexcusable awareness of their identity and personality, BBC suddenly woke up from sleep and rolled out the BBC IGBO.

What was the Predatory Britain's target in establishing BBC IGBO? To possibly neutralize, distract, or deflect the attention of Biafrans, and the world from the unassailable truth being thundered from the hallowed Chambers of Radio Biafra, as anchored by the Messenger of Heaven himself, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Of course, the hollow and vacuous staff of the BBC IGBO went about their assignment, according to the brief from their Masters, the British Government, with gusto and overconfidence. But, they appeared not to have reckoned with the fact that they were coming to confront Biafrans, who do not have any difficulty differentiating between a wink and a frown.

It may not be necessary to state that because of the fact that the primary assignment of BBC IGBO was to counter the rise of the popularity of the Enigmatic Radio Biafra, the Biafran Nationalism and the Biafran restoration quest.

The BBC IGBO went about digging up all the most ardent and fanatical British/Fulani slaves amongst Biafrans and present them as representing the views and voice of Biafrans in general. As they saw that this archaic, or should I say antiquated approach yielded no fruit (in fact, it was dead on arrival), they applied so many other infantile, if not imbecilic techniques, which all proved abortive, as Biafrans were able to dissect and discard them outrightly.

The subjective and subtle, (though very sinister) disposition of the evil BBC IGBO was put in clear demonstration by the mischievous and vacuous Reporter of the BBC IGBO, who not only displayed her lunacy and cowardice, but equally her imbecility, as she went asking for confirmation about the rumoured death of the Supreme Leader of the Biafran Nation, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The mental imbalance of the so-called BBC IGBO Reporter can be ascertained on the basis of the fact that the so-called information she was "investigating" emanated from a well-known PSYCHIATRIC PATIENT, whose antecedents are as hidden as the sunshine.

To highlight the compromised BBC IGBO, we noted how they moved with the speed of lightning to Afaraukwu, the home of the indefatigable Supreme Leader of Biafrans, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to confirm the news of his death as bandied by the ALZHEIMER PATIENT, Ms Kemi Omololu. With this level of devotion and efficiency at work as a Media outfit; we ask these few questions to BBC as a whole.

Ø  How many times have you moved with this speed to investigate THE NEWS CASTING PRESIDENT?
Ø  How many times have you investigated the HOLE IN BUHARI'S NECK?
Ø  How many times have you questioned THE MANY EYEBROWS OF THE MASK WEARING PRESIDENT?
Ø  How many times have you enquired about the PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CASTING FROM THE HOTEL BASEMENT IN CUBA?
Ø  How many times have you verified the non-talking MANNEQUIN placed at Aso Rock, for the purpose deceiving the gullible?
Ø  Have you probed the whereabouts of VP Osinbajo?
Ø  Have you dug into the reason why the Almajiris called Garba Shehu and Bashir Ahmad should be making policy statements on behalf of the Government of Nigeria?
Ø  Have you ascertained why the Fulani Almajiri Janjaweed terrorists are having difficulty in replacing their Nigerian President, who is camouflaged as the Chief of staff, since the death of Abba Kyari?

A careful look at the above high points will not only show how the BBC as a whole has woefully disappointed its owners in its criminal subtility against Biafrans, but equally, how its mischievous and suppressive arm, the BBC IGBO, has not only smeared itself in the mire of failure, but in that of irrelevance and oblivion.



Written by:
Mazi Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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