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■ 06, MAY 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, once again we welcome you to another fascinating edition of Radio Biafra presentation, a live address coming to you on this very day, the very first day of the week Sunday the 3rd of May this very month of May that we shall remember those that fell in battle that we may be able to survive.

We are live and we are direct the humanity is bearing us witness, this is a live presentation this very I will seriously encourage some to summon the courage to ask some question because we must be able to answer your questions. We do take questions; we are not caged in a crumbling disease Aso Rock we are human beings we believe in democracy, that is why we think that scrutiny is very very important, that is why we subscribe to accountability, and that is why we are not immune to questions from the people who are listening to us especially those we are accountable to.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to some of you. It doesn't matter what Facebook does, it doesn't matter how many people they allow to continue to listen to us this very gospel must be preached, this very massage of redemption the whole world must hear.

Because we have come that darkness may give way to light, we have come to that reason may prevail over ignorance, we have come that those who are previously blind in the spirit may begin to see once again, we have come that the truth may prevail, we have come that the kingdom of heaven may be restored on the face of this very earth as prayed for by Yahweh Yeshua, we have come that the will of almighty God in heaven Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile may be made manifest in our time.

My name is Nnamd Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, I am the director of Radio Biafra, I am the director of Biafra Television and by the very special grace of Elohim that dowels in Heaven, a servant of wonderful people of Biafra.

We can assure you we are doing all we can to make sure we get 100% coverage Biafraland on FM that is, I welcome you I will ask you to welcome other people as well, and as always with us, the whole world is listening.

This evening we have quite a lot to get through. Therefore I will have to dispense with every other protocol and delve straight away into our opening prayers, you will indulge me I will continue to pray in the language of heaven somebody said to me that Igala is a language of heaven and not Igbo language. I couldn't help but laugh, I welcome that very comment. But I respectfully and humbly disagree with you, and I will tell you why later on.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

Having prayed in the language of heaven we must not hesitate any further, we will delve straight away into our presentation this evening because darkness shall fly and light will come in all those who have been planning, plotting, deceiving. All those who live their life in deceit in Nigeria today we shall continue our dismantling of your lies, we continued the destruction of your deception that the captive may be set free.

I am not just fighting for Biafra no not at all, I fight for everybody who is in bondage inside Biafraland, inside the zoo called Nigeria, inside west Africa, inside the whole of Africa. People who do not understand us perhaps they wish to misconstrue what our purpose and our mission are, but we are not in any doubt know where we are heading to it's to set everybody free.

I do not hate anybody God in Heaven is my witness, Chukwu Okike Abiama Elohim, Abbasi, Oluwa, Allah no matter the name you call the almighty In Ishekiri Elohim is called Olise which is the same thing as Olisa, the same thing Chukwu Okike Abiama the greatest of everything great will bear us witness that we want everybody to be free.

The same thing I want for Biafrans is the same thing I wish for those in Oduduwa, the same thing that I want for the Middle Belt, the Gbari people, the Tive people and all the rest of them, the same thing I wish for Hausa the same thing I want for Fulani, God in heaven is my witness.

I don't hate anybody, but I want you to come out from darkness into light, and that light is Biafra, that is why we preach this gospel Uncompromisingly it doesn't matter who you are, once you stand in front of us and you represent yourself as an obstacle we will vaporize you we will decimate you. And tell you that you are worth noting because this is a divine project, a project ordained in heaven that black people may be set free.

You may not see it now, but I ask you as you approach this lecture this evening come with your pen and paper, you will be able to appreciate where we are coming from and where we are going to. You will know that your leaders are lying to you those you foolishly tagged your leaders you will see that they are deceiving you, you will see that they are the ones their children are abroad studying. You are dying in penury, and in poverty, you will understand they are the reason why people are dying in their hundreds in Kano because there are no hospitals, they are the ones that brought in the Chinese, they are the ones that brought in Coronavirus, they are the ones who do not care about you.

We are the ones that actually care about your well-being and your livelihood, only IPOB and nobody else it doesn't matter where you come from we are the ones that care about you because that is the way we're. If you come into Biafraland and anybody is treating you very badly because you are not an indigen, you will find somebody from that same community raise up and ask that man that you are persecuting what did he do to you? That woman that you are persecuting what did she do to you? That is who we are (Egbe bere Ugo bere nke si ibe ya ebena nku gbakwa ya).

A country founded upon fairness and justice from time immemorial, live and let live there is no other country on this earth that has such a natural motto no other nation, In the ancient land of Biafra there is an unwritten rule and unlettered code that code is live and let live, treat somebody else as yourself to be treated that is the meaning of Egbe bere Ugo bere nke si ibe ya ebena nku gbakwa ya. If you want something good for yourself and for your children so do other people have the same right to aspire to the same thing that you want for your children and your family, that is why we do what we do, that is the essence of work that IPOB is doing, that is the very mission that Chukwu Okike Abiama has commissioned us for, that is why Biafra will come in our time that man may know that there black people in Africa capable of civilization.

I don't spare anybody be you, Igbo leader, even this evening Isiama Afaraukwu leaders where I come from upon the death of my father are beginning to misbehave, I will expose them live on air one village. The how can I spare you you misbehave? How do you think I am going to spare you? They have not given birth to you if you misbehave, if you are an obstacle to the progress of the people you will be decimated entirely and totally, you will be destroyed.

People cover evil and iniquity we are not in that businesses at all here, we are here to let the truth prevail and let the light of God shine upon the lives of men and when I said men I mean women as well.

We must proceed, what we are now witnessing in the zoo is what I call a movement away from an animal kingdom to an animated domain. The zoo called Nigeria is an animal kingdom that is where you have wildebeest that can not reason, the only thing that differentiated you from a rabbit, from cockroach the only difference between you and nama 🐄 (cow) is the ability to reason, and here we make sure that after listening to radio Biafra you will be able to boost and say now I can reason.

If you are on that plane, If you are that groove of reasoning, you will understand that everything I say about you, about your ethnicity, about your tribe is nothing personal is trying to get those who are evil to change that your lives may be better. That you will stop complaining, that every day you will be lamenting, you must do something about it, you must cease your lamentation move from lamentation to actual action don't be like a zoo Scientists always theorizing, always pontificating, always hypnotizing never ever put in into practice all that they have learnt. Here we learn, and we put it into practice.

If you follow the method of IPOB, you will see that all of you will be free in a matter of weeks, not years I said in a matter of weeks, that is how far we have come, and all of you knows the battles we have fought the criminals and the obstacles in the way, those that the Fulani cabals installed as Governors, as political leaders, those in Ohanaeze, those in PANDEF  we manage to overcome them by speaking the truth not that we do not respect elders that is a  fallacy, that is pure nonsense we do.

But not when you are old, and you are foolish, you are old, and you are a paedophile, and you want us to respect you? You must be mad you are old, and you are going to Abuja selling your people, and you are asking for the respect you are insane, you are an old man, and you see there is no road no passable road in your land, no airport is working, your markets are burnt everywhere Alamagiri will come in with their cattle Miyetti Allah terrorist will come in go to villages decimate and kill and you keep quiet. You want us to respect you Are you not insane?

How can we respect Ohanaeze when Fulani terrorist is in our land killing us and raping our mothers you have not said anything, how do you expect us to appreciate a Governor when you are there, and this Janjaweed Miyetti Allah will come in to invite you to Abuja they render you useless, they go to Supreme Court they appoint your Governor. You want us to respect you, you must be insane you are a mad person as Hope Uzodimma is.

You go, and you pull your boxer short down and your fellow men will useless you in the North, they use the supreme Court to make you Governor, and you think we are going to respect you? Are you not insane? Are you not mad? You are a Governor you are there, and your land has been taken away, you are being harassed every blessed day you can not stand up like a man and defend your people, and you want respect? You are a mad person.

If the Yoruba's will understand this they will be free, the same thing applies to even the Alamagiri the Janjaweed in the North if they can understand it they will liberate Kano, they will liberate Zaria, they will liberate Kaduna from the shackles of Fulani primitivity. Nigeria is an animal kingdom now is an animated kingdom, they have reduced the serious act of Governor because Governors is an act, to Govern people is an act Nmbakwe did it, Michael Opkara did it, even Awolowo did it, Tafala Balewa did it in the North is an act.

That's how you can build industries, you can build schools and hospitals, that is how you can build roads, that is how you can provide for your people is an act. But in the zoo our collective stupidity myself included, our hopelessness have allowed the idiots to be in power when we preach and say no election you didn't quite understand where we are coming from. One minute they will say is being bought over by the PDP the next one oh APC is paying him.

When you see people working very hard to achieve something their village idiocy will begin to manifest, you are living in animal kingdom now you have moved from the ridiculous to the pathetic that is how I will put it.

If you looked at the video, they released of Aisha and Jubril clapping with half of the face missing you will weep for yourself, do you know why they are doing that? Do you know why they are releasing all those useless videos and photoshop's? Is because they know you are stupid. They know as a Nigerian that you are foolish that is why somebody can go inside their bedroom conduct rubbish, and they give it to you, and you swallow it, is because they know you are hopeless you will drink it, people say am insulting you no, am just telling you the fact if you seat down and think about it you will know I am trying to save you.

To all those that worship Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty) I want to publish one single picture there is no time for debate I want to print only one single image this evening, I anybody to look at that very picture, anybody that has a fear of God all those that said they are Imams, all those that said they are the children of God, those who shout Hallelujah every blessed week I want you to go to my Facebook page looks at this very Photograph I beg of you and tell me if that is Buhari with Aisha during APC campaign last year.

This is the man you voted for, I want you to place your hand on your heart with the fear of God in you, the fear of Allah for the Janjaweed who may not understand, I want you to tell the whole world this very evening, this very morning afternoon or midnight depending on where you are. Tell me if this thing you are looking at, tell me if this boy is Buhari? In all honesty before God and man. Every Journalist in the zoo those that work for channels, those working for Facebook I am asking you, that useless tramp whatever her name is that rubbish useless Yoruba girl that use to work for Sahara reporter I want you to look at this picture tell me with the fear of God in you that this is Buhari.

They brought him out with Aisha all of you were blind you couldn't see, we can't even tell the dead Buhari from this little boy from Sudan, and you are telling me you went to University, you are telling me you are educated, you are telling me you are learned, you are telling me you are polished, you want me to call you intellectuals, you want me to call you a leader, you want me to refer to you as an elder when in actual fact you are a bundle of stupidity and hopelessness.

I want anybody in the zoo, I want anybody even a child to tell me that this boy smiling and laughing with Aisha Buhari, this boy smiling with Aisha are you telling me that this is Buhari? He was in a campaign APC campaign public appearance last year. Is that Buhari to you? If he is not Buhari, then where is the original Buhari? Where is he? This is a simple question I expect intelligent people to ask.

 In Islamic law and code, anywhere if they claim they are practising Sharia in the North by now, Aisha will be stoned to death for adultery and harlotry, by now Aisha Buhari the so-called wife of Muhammadu Buhari will be stoned in public to death.

I want any man of God inside Nigeria if you are an army officer, police officer I want you to look at this picture of a so-called Buhari in an APC campaign in 2019, and with all your conscience and your heart tell me that this is Buhari. If as we all know that this is not Buhari, then where is the Original one? A simple common question.

Instead of people to search for the truth because in where we come from they say eziokwu bụ ndụ (that truth is life)  that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, People prefer to dowel in ignorance and stupidity simple question, who is this man what is he doing with Aisha? And why is this man seating beside Aisha claiming to be Aisha husband when he is not? Does Islam permit that?

All the idiots who are stoning people to death cutting off their hands in the North doing Sharia I am asking you once again, this level of adultery that Aisha is committing in Islam what her punishment is? Because all of are hypocrites, the zoo is full of hypocrites very very sad indeed.

Now listen carefully so you want Nnamdi Kanu as educated as I am, as learned as I am you want me to stay in a country where should something happen to the president you go to another country you recruit somebody you bring him in after extensive plastic surgery sometime with ordinary make-up to look like Buhari, to look like my head of state you want me to belong to such a country I will be carrying your flag saying oh I am a proud Nigerian when am looking at the face of a little boy from Sudan sitting beside Aisha you have paid him $250 million dollars and he get Aisha for free.

You want me to look at this boy and be carrying green, white green saying am a proud Nigerian, do you see why all those hypocrites from Yoruba land that little girl that use to work for Sahara reporter, do you see why I hate such people with a passion? When people see the truth, they can not speak it, I do not miss with them. (Ndi Okwu asi) liers I do not miss with them that is why I destroy them live on air, I don't believe in conjecture live on air I will destroy you the world will hear it.

There is another picture that they themselves published, the more you ask me to leave this topic the more I remain on it the zoo must know this, they are running they are hiding. Obasanjo knows this, Atiku Abubakar is aware, Bokala Saraki the former senate president is aware, Sanusi the Emire of Kano is aware all of them they are aware that this little boy is not Buhari they know, those working for Facebook they know everybody has collected their own share, you know in Nigeria is sharing they have shared their own money.

This is the scammers, this is the fraudster's, this is the 419 people, this is the Yahoo Yahoo do you now see how the likes of Sarakaki, how the likes of Atiku Abubakar, Sanusi even Obasanjo are Yahoo Yahoo boys? Do you see their own Yahoo Yahoo they are doing? They know the man is not Buhari, but they are doing their own Yahoo Yahoo, they go to Abuja when Abba Kyari was alive they get money from him. If you don't want me to talk oh give me some money, they give them money are they not doing Yahoo Yahoo? Are they not the fraudsters? Are they not the scammers? But that is who you call your leaders.

You can not speak the truth, and meanwhile, channels have collected their own share, because I saw somewhere they said that Channels were reporting now from London, we are in Abuja, we are in Lagos and am thinking channels where did you get the money from? I know if CNN is expanding I can understand they run adverts, every publishing house In the world, every media house in the world get advert revenues that is how they make money, even newspapers those that publish online.

I have watched channels TV from morning till night I can not count up to 3 adverts, so I started researching them that was when I realize that jumo the former information minister is busy doing cash and carry. Let me protect your Government so that you can give me some money, that is how they manage to open office all over the place.

Go to Channels and watch from morning till night is there any advert? Then where do they get their money from? Go to CNN, go to NBC, go to ABC, go to FOX news don't you see adverts? Go to the sky, don't you see the advert? BBC does not do advert because the license payer In England in the UK as a whole pay what is called a license fee that is where BBC get their money from. They don't run any advert, but BBC get their money from the license fee player, now nobody pays any license fee in the zoo called Nigeria ask yourself where do channels get their money's from to run the operation? They get it from corruption by covering up evil now you understand, don't you? That's where you get your news from, and you are telling me that you will be able to think normally as a human being I don't think so.

There is another picture I want to be published of a Buhari when he was alive In 2015 and the one In 2020 with a hole in the neck, are you telling me as a Nigerian that you are so blind you can not see the hole in the neck. Can't you see that lovely hole? I don't know what Jubril does with the hole, can't you see it there? Am asking you the man with the hole in his neck who is he? Where is he from? Obasanjo, who is this man? Atiku who is this man with the hole in the neck? Senate president Lawal who is this man with a hole on his neck? All professors in the zoo am asking you who this man with a hole in the neck is? Is this Buhari to you? If he is not Buhari, where is the real one?

The zoo is gone, I said to Chukwu Okike Abiama you will destroy Nigeria, you will make Nigeria worse than Somalia that they may know you sent me. Eventually, they will confess with their mouth they will say indeed Chukwu Okike Abiama the God of Abraham, the God of the universe sent Nnamdi Kanu to preach, that's why everything I said come to pass.

The people causing all these damages to Nigeria are the Yoruba. I am been honest with you go and do your research, not all Yoruba people God forbid I am not saying that. The people that Facebook hired to make sure that fraud against 200 hundred million continue they are Yoruba people,  Obasanjo that knows is Yoruba, Tinubu that is pumping up this dead regime is Yoruba, are you telling me that Yoruba's will ever be free from Fulani bondage I very much doubt it.

Let me tell other people what they don't know you are the one holding yourselves prisoners in the zoo you are the cause of the problem, what's the population of Sabon Gari in Kano? The population of the people living in Sabon Gari in Kano is greater than all the police officers, all the army officers with AK-47, all the Janjaweed Fulani politicians only they are holding us, hostage, isn't it funny? How many are they? Holding all of us hostage that when Sowore came and call for the revolution, you even misunderstood that, black people.

How many soldiers do you have in Lagos? How many bullets do they have? How many are they going to kill? Don't they have parents? Don't they have brothers and sisters? Now you are beginning to understand, it if we want to make a change for the better today we can get this night if we want to.

But you have not acted now because of Yoruba media Channels TV (Ekwensu) Satan, evil upon evil. Yoruba media has twisted our brain upside down.

Has anyone seen the interview Concocted by channels for Yemi Osibanjo? A doctored Vedo I don't know why people are this evil channels TV, but any way perhaps In a funny sort of ways is a good thing there is no electricity in the zoo otherwise channels tv would have ruined everybody by now, all of you will be a walking zombie, CNN is bad, but Channels is in the gutter, the lowest of the low. I feel sorry for you all idiots that watch channels TV. I feel sorry for you.

Look at the interview with Osibanjo is like something they did in poultry the right side of the picture is dark, look at the interview do you know we have gone, and we have found the original tape where they cut and paste I was looking at the man interviewing Osibanjo the man was reading from a Nokia touch phone, you are interviewing a whole vice president of the country Nokia touch that was what he was using.

Osibanjo look at him even his cap photoshop upon photoshop, video editing upon video editing and that leads me to believe that this night am saying it maybe tomorrow they will give credit to somebody else you know Yoruba media how they behave, Osibanjo is in trouble write down on a piece of paper Osibanjo is in a very serious mess in Aso Rock, I can not vow for you if he is alive or dead I can not tell you if he is normal or sick, but Osibanjo is in a one Almighty mess inside Aso Rock.

Look at the video clip you know they love copying? They saw Boris Johnson how he was clapping for workers in England you know this people copy, Yoruba that is one thing have against them always copying never original creat your own try to be original for once.

If you watch the travesty the nonsense that Channels TV did no wonder Chinese have come to recolonize Africa, this is the worst form of black journalism the very form worst of it. How can a whole media house you expect to hold official elected to an account they are now conniving with those officials to deceive you?

Look at that video of Osibanjo from Channels yesterday and tell me if that thing is live, they couldn't even paste live properly on their logo, you can see somebody standing at the back filming that rubbish. They send it to Channels and Channels said it's live. Can you see how people are lying?

And in other to stop us do you know what they are doing? They have seen the success they have registered with Channels TV. All those money you contributed towards Covid19 you know what they are doing with it? They did not buy rice or garri for people to eat, they are using it to bribe the media so that when Nnamdi Kanu speaks the media will not write about it.

They are bribing them to keep Nigeria as a one something that a white man created, black people are dying and killing themselves to preserve it. Tell me in what another way could you possibly tell the world that you are inferior. If not by trying to preserve what a white man created? They are trying to bribe the media, those that have tried us they have seen the consequences.

Good people of Kano must have self-preservation of mind. First I am not your enemy, IPOB is not your enemy, Biafra is not your enemy your greatest enemies are the Abdullahi Umar Ganduje's of this world. Nigeria has no Government this Janjaweed Fulani in the government have destroyed your lives forever and ever.

And that is the price you pay for stupidity, that is the price you pay for ignorance, that is the price you have paid for not being intelligent, that is the price you pay for not listening to Radio Biafra, that is the price you pay for fighting IPOB now you are dying, you are dying in your hundreds in the North, and it will go everywhere am sorry to say this.

Alamagiri is testing positive in Kano every blessed day, and Osibanjo they claimed is saying that Nigeria population is the problem. So that means to solve the problem, you need to reduce the population? Is happening in Kano, people are going to pay for decades of betrayal, decades of stupidity and as I said as you are holding the Fulani Janjaweed responsible also hold the Yoruba media that are backing them up too they are the part of the problem.

Yoruba go and form Oduduwa, and I will support you forget all this your nonsense with your one Nigeria am tired of it, There are two things holding the zoo together one is photoshop, and the other one is Fulani dominated military that's all. The first which is photoshop the God Almighty has used IPOB to destroy, the rest is for everybody to get together and know what to do about it.

Am also telling the people serving in zoo army or police to remember where you come from, remember your people those who are police Commissioners, those who are police DPO, those who are Army officers remember the people in your village when they are giving you order promising you money to lead and attack your own people you should tell them no. Or you tell us before they come so that we can deal with them as we have been doing in secret.

Look at the Governor's I had a meeting with them in government house in Enugu they said they want to come and join us and I said no they can't join us they said, but the Igbo leadership want to come and join us I said no I know them very well let them not join me, not knowing that they brought that time Lawal Daura the DSS Boss came with a white bag stocked with Euros to bribe me to stop Biafra agitation, he came with those they called Igbo leaders to give me money, I told them this is what am giving to you to go and give to Abuja, this what I want they couldn't do it.

Next time they said he is stubborn he wants to put us into trouble let's go and kill him, and meanwhile the Fulani those who are killing in the name of Fulani they have been rewarded with federal character commission secretaryship.

IPOB that is peaceful agitating for the betterment of their people and trying to stop terrorist from coming in, our own so-called leaders betrayed us and said go and kill them, but no Fulani man has ever said go and kill Myeti Allah. And you are telling me that those people in the south are intellectuals? Intellectuals catch fire 🔥.

Yoruba go and fight for Oduduwa that is the only living grace you have, all this nonsense about one Nigeria is rag go and fight for Oduduwa and be men, stand up like men and fight for your freedom, stop deceiving yourselves.

The Fulani had never fought any war before the Biafran war was fought by the British, the British Labour Party I must say. Not the Conservative Party, so we shouldn't be condemning the whole of Britain, as a matter of fact, to be honest with you. It was the Labour Party that did it.

Those that helped the zoo in the war against Biafrans is plentiful, Czech Republic, Egypt, Russia everybody helps them. Because Awolowo went and told them these people are very clever ooO, you see these Igbo people they are very smart ooO if you leave them they will become another Japan and you don't want that do you? They went and tell white people to kill fellow black people because those people they are brilliant, they are called Biafrans the Igbo ethics group amongst them they are so creative and innovative that if you leave them this thing that Japan is doing they will do it in Africa ooO? And you know we are here to serve you you are our masters,m you are white why are black that is how they got them, that's how they crushed Biafra.

That's why when you go to the UN and mention Biafra they start panicking, we don't want a black race to emerge that will give the world impression that black people are reasonable that all. Our only crime is that we are blessed by God in heaven (Chukwu Okike Abiama) that is the only crime.

That is why I said that Biafra is the last miracle on this earth, that is why is very very good for them to gang up against us people don't know what we pass through in our diplomatic effort to get Biafra to recognize.

The zoo called Nigeria is irredeemable.

There is something happening in Imo state, and I want to warn Hope Uzodimma it can not happen, around ezinihitte mbaise, the meeting of cattle owners and stakeholders they summoned a meeting and said the villagers must pay them, they are talking rubbish nobody is going to pay them anything those who are present we are not paying anything, not one dime.

Hope Uzodimma gave them the authority to be doing this, the same nonsense that you people did with Rochas Okorocha I warned you to do not corporate with Hope Uzodimma look at the consequences now, we are paying them nothing we are not paying them 8 million they are mad, and they should go to hell, go to Hope Uzodimma to pay you he brought you there.

There are some people who have gone and conceived with some criminals in my village to buy or should I say take over our ancestry land opposite Golden Guinue Bruce limited in Umuahia,  the land belongs to our ancestors, it doesn't belong to any family is for our children and our children unborn, it doesn't belong to any individual but belongs to the children of the Land and is not for sell, there are some criminals who are making moves if you have given anybody money to buy the land belonging to Isiama Afaraukwu opposite golden GUINUE go and take your money back, go and take it back before that thing you put up there will be destroyed.

May God Lord have mercy upon our soul I have to be honest with you Africa is in a mess, the quality of people been produced in Africa both by birth and buy educated is a disgrace to the humanity, we are actually a minus to mankind is so painful. After collecting #500, #1,000 and snatching ballot box now, Covid19 has come you have realized how poor we are both physically and spiritually.

And on that note, we bring today proceeding to an end, and as always without any hesitation, we proudly proclaim that Biafra indeed is our religion here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile is our God. I thank you very much for listening and from me from here it's a good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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