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■ 09, MAY 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are living, wherever you are domiciled all great men and women of conscience those who wish to be liberated, those who enjoy seeing other people been released we welcome you to a live presentation of our global address this very evening.

The forces of darkness are checking those in Aso Rock they are vibrating with fear and trepidation, they thought this very broadcast will not come. Still, Elohim gave instructions that I must seat behind this microphone and preach the gospel of heaven.

They try all they could to frustrate, they did all within their powers to try to turn back the hands of time, but Elohim mandated that his gospel must be preached. That all men and women may bear us witness.

We must preach this gospel this very evening it's a live presentation, we are live, and we are direct. The entirety of humanity is bearing us witness, earlier this evening we came on air the forces of darkness and of iniquity attempted to prevail, we did all we could to bring you this very gospel, but they were very adamant. And upon reflection Elohim said that he has cleared the path for us that on this very day the 6th day of May in the Year of that only he made 2020 that we must enlighten humanity and that is exactly what we are doing.

I will destroy the zoo. This gospel must be preached this very evening. I say Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, and by the special grace of the highest Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile, I will serve the people of Biafra until the end of time so help me God.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

Darkness can try all it can to frustrate our effort. Still, we can assure them that we are relentless, that we are resolute, we are determined and strangulation of the damnable zoological republic is inevitable. That is why we preach this very gospel.

We start this very evening by reminding the whole world what we have reduced the zoo too, so that those who may doubt our tenacity, those that doubt our determination may be able to have a rethink because we are resolute, I said we are not going to retreat not one inch, the only thing we know to do is to go forward, and that is precisely what we are doing this very evening.

When we started a lot of them gave us all sorts of name, a lot of them taught we are joking, they thought we will not last this long they wonder how this very generation will accomplish something that the great OJUKWU did not, and we say to them that Elohim is with us.

This is what we have done to the zoo, and I want you to listen to, 🗣️ Google which country is called a zoo? Nigeria, according to the nation, the zoo called Nigeria. Google answered.

Did you hear that? That is what we have done to the Zoological republic. We called Nigeria a zoo and today all over the world they are a laughing stock, everybody is laughing at them, people have seen them not just because we call them a zoo but because they behave like a Wildebeest and that is why Google acknowledged it.

We called Nigeria a zoo, and now Nigeria is seen as a zoo all over the world, when we came, they labelled us all manner of names, but today they are confused. They no longer know what to call us, they thought we are like Bendel, we are like Niger Delta, we are like South-South we said to them no, we are Biafrans and you people are zoo animals and today the whole world over they know Nigeria as a zoo. That is potency, that is formidability, that is consistency, that is how we roll, that is the way we operate.

Anything we set ourselves to do by the grace of heaven we accomplish it, Nigeria is indeed a zoo.

These people called us all sorts of names, of course, I am a proud miscreant. I said it all the time. There was no name under the sun abominable they did not tag us, but today the world knows them as the zoo.

Why is it a zoo? We are going to explain line by line. This gospel they didn't want you to hear tonight you will listen to it, we start from home.

After killing 5 million people some people have the guts in our land to give chieftaincy title to Gowon, some people have the guts in our land to make reference to a mass murderer, to make reference to a killer that killed their own people.  Some of these Chiefs were not born during the period but in desperation to attract attention.

For their own personal gain and advertisement, they now believe anything goes, if Rochas Okorocha can go to the North and mess up himself and come back a Billionaire if all of them that are now serving Janjaweed in the North can go there and mess up themselves and come back as Billionaires the likes of Emeka Ofor, therefore, we can do anything to tarnish the image of the dead, that we also become Billionaires tomorrow that is what Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth leader Isiguzoro’s did and is a severe order on him.

Wherever you see him, we will tell him how angry we are towards Gowon. All those that participated in the atrocious genocidal massacre of the innocent, over 200 million children dead, over 3 million adults dead and somebody feels that because they need to make money that they can insult the memory of the dead, it can't happen not in our time and from today onwards anybody regardless of who you are. You claim you are a Biafra and you will insult Biafra or the memory of the dead over 5 Million we will come after you I am announcing it so that the world may hear.

Gowon is listed as of the all-time mass murderers go and Google it, Gowon I think is N0 3 or 4 of worst mass murderers on earth. The idiot is going around telling you he is doing a prayer service, telling you he is doing prayer and fasting for one Nigeria and God will punish him. As God is punishing his people, that is why they are suffering under the burden and yoke of Alamagiri Fulani Janjaweedsim, that's why they are suffering.

This is the nonsense Ohanaeze brought, this is the culture of lies and self-condemnation in search of money, this is what Ohanaeze ndi atụrụ, Ohanaeze ewu na nama this was the nonsense they brought. You can do anything and get away with it, you can rubbish your people, you can sell them anyhow you like, and nobody will complain.

That was why I posted the video on my wall so that when these idiots in Ohanaeze both old and young, when those fools when those idiots that claim they are educated but they are so hopeless when they open their mouth and say that Gowon is respectable you know how foolish they are, that was why I posted it. This is the month we remember those that died that we may live that was why I posted it.

What concerns them is Presidency, not the survival of their people, not how are we going to survive? How do we stop the Janjaweed from blowing up our businesses all over the places? How do we stop the terrorist who is camped in Mbaise asking us to pay them 8 million, how do we get back Umunneochi? How do we get looks Nta that is gone?  All that concerns them is how they can appear amenable to the people that killed their fathers starved them, how they can form Alliance.

Now you understand our anger, don't you? That was why I said Ohanaeze both old and Young can never meet in Public, any day they dare us, and they meet in Public anything they see they will take it. They are banned, they are proscribed, they can issue as many stupid irrelevant press statement as possible, in so far as we are concerned Ohanaeze is dead.

This is the idiots you trained, the idiots you trained are going to the North begging somebody that killed there parents, somebody that starved their relatives to come and help them to look for a presidential candidate may the fire of God consume you, all of you will rut in hell both Ohanaeze old and Ohanaeze Young. Any day Okechukwu isiguzoro is cut then he will know how upset we are he will know how to mourn.

Over 5 Million people were massacred there was no panel of enquiry anywhere, Gowon has never apologized no one has done anything at all to assuage the spirit of the dead, every Blessed day what we hear is let's make Nigeria one. May God punishes all of you, and one Nigeria (Chineke pko unu oku) God will punish you and punish your children.

You people are evil, all of you in Ohanaeze both old and Young you are evil. Gowon and Awolowo that some people still refer as nationalist. I don't want to say Yoruba I am not against Yoruba people, from today onwards I will only go after individuals that have done something wrong, I will not use general characterization on a race let's argument be understood I am not against Yoruba. Those of them that did us wrong within Yoruba land, within Fulani, within Tive, within our own land itself Biafraland be you Igbo, be you Ibibio, be you Efic just pray we don't remember you that's all I can say.

You are in your house, and you heard there is this stranger anywhere he goes into people will die to listen carefully to the analogy. The stranger was on his own this angel of death, you went and paid him money and said oh please come oh, come into my family and see how many people you can kill that was what they did. Because I told you as soon as the Chinese come in you are going to die I told you that live on air. I said if you invite the Chinese, you are going to die.

As soon as the Chinese came in with their news software which we know to bamboozle people about Jubril and Buhari I have the software the one they brought in, of course, we have it, they will be shocked how we got it, but we have everything. How they make you believe that Jubril is Buhari we have everything.

As soon as the Chinese came in with their vaccine, people started dying in Kano. Nobody in the whole country of they claims 200 million people nobody had ever stood up one day in any of their so-called mainstream media Channels, to actually say to themselves we were not dying like this oh, it was only when the Chinese came nobody is asking that question, every country in the world is trying to trace the origin of the cause of their high mortality rate people are asking questions, here you have people who studied in Harvard, in Cambridge, in Oxford they went to MIT. Your common sense can not tell you that people were not dying until the Chinese came, your common sense can not tell you that.

And that is why somebody said that Africa will be colonized again this time by more evil and more brutal forces and is happening before our very own eyes, and you know the funniest thing? Everywhere in the world people vote for senators and House of Reps to go and represent them. Still, this one you people have ignorantly voted in people not only do they hate you but have destroyed your future and that of your unborn children and mow they are feed up of you and have gone to China to bring death.

They are not satisfied with the number of people who are dying they are not happy, they are now bringing in vaccine the same vaccine that is untried and untested, have you ask who's vaccine are they bringing in? The vaccine from the same people that predicted the virus, the same people that told that they want your population reduced, the same people that want you dead, the Same fixer that came and uses people in the North for an experiment that is why people are walking like a goat with two hands and two legs.

You learn nothing your brain doesn't tell you anything, you wake up in the morning, and you say to your useless yourself am a Nigerian and the day start, at the end of the day again you say am a Nigerian that is how useless your lives are. And meanwhile, those that you struggled for, those that you snatched ballot boxes for, those that you got PVC for they are there sending you Kobo Kobo Afu Afu.

This are the idiots that some fools are telling us to go and get your PVC you must vote for them, have you seen what they are doing? A senator came out and said that Nigeria population is too much can you believe such nonsense? And I want to ask that senator and is Ben Bruce I want to ask him why don't you start by committing suicide? All of your family to reduce the population?

Osibanjo said the same thing before Covid19 cut him only God knows where they are hiding him now, he said the same thing I think that the population is our problem. If it's a problem, then divide the dime zoo into four, into five, into six if you feel that the population is too much.

What do they know? Bill Gates gave them money so they can pass the law quickly immediately sharp let's vaccinate and am asking them, the stupid people in the zoo can not ask, but where is this vaccine coming from? Bill Gates, you are an American and the Chinese engineers that they brought in you are from China. In your country in China, are they vaccinating people? The answer is no, please Mr Gates with all due respect. In your country in the USA, are they vaccinating people? No.

Where then are you getting the vaccine from you want to inject Nigerians? Common simple question the so-called intellectual that went to Harvard that went to Cambridge they can not ask, do you see the mess the people in the zoo are in? Do you see how they have turned the brain of people upside down? To the extent where for people to reason is almost impossible.

For an average Nigerian to seat down and reason to ask questions how many people were dying before the Chinese came? Today how many people are dying? And above all who brought them in? Who took them from the airport? Who asks them to come? None of these questions is being asked, is all about 2023 who is going to be president? And you want to tell me Nnamdi Kanu to belong to the same country with such idiots you must be dreaming.

Bill Gates offered the house of Reps 10 million bribes for speedy passage of conpursly vaccine, even the idiots passing the bill they don't know where they made the vaccine they have no idea, but because is from a white man. Oh, why don't you take the vaccine? They took bribe all the money they have stolen is not enough.

Now listen very carefully to this, who invited the Chinese? All of you are looking sheepishly, ask anybody question anytime, any day who actually requested the Chinese that brought in this Yellow vaccine that spread Coronavirus in Kano? It was the Chinese that spread Coronavirus in Kano don't you know that? Because here we speak that truth that all of you are afraid of speaking. That truth you are afraid of speaking, I will say it live on air to the hearing of the whole world. That thing that will happen tomorrow let it happen today.

How many recorded death was there before the Chinese came? What is the death tool now that Chinese are they? And how come there is no other African country invited the Chinese? And no other African country is dying at the rate at people are dying in the North in the zoo?  Because I care about ordinary people I don't care about the criminals, forget all the lies they tell you oh they hate you Nnamdi Kanu hate every Fulani is a lie, and they know is a lie.

I hate those who are evil, I hate those who are wicked, now listen very carefully to this. This is something that some people don't know. All these years of existence of the zoo called Nigeria are only now that they have gone to Kano infected the people because, of course, they have very low hygiene level, infected them. Is only now that somebody in his infinite wisdom Ganduje has now decided with Alamagiri's in the North to say let's us share this Covid19 to everywhere.

Everywhere they are in Delta, they are in Abia, they are in Enugu, they are in Ebonyi already, they are in Imo, they are in Anambra. So as they are sharing their palliatives in the North, sharing their money the only thing they can give you are diseased Alamagiri to come and kill you, and you are in One Nigeria.

The only thing they can export from the North is Coronavirus been carried by Alamagiri they want all of you dead. This are your leaders tell me how politicians will wake up one morning and charter Buses and carry Hausa Alamagiri with Coronavirus disease and send to Abia State, I was even surprised when I heard that Okezie Ipkeazu stand to say no that they can not come in. That's when I got a confirmation there is no Buhari or Jubril either, the person you see there is just wearing a mask.

For Okezie Ipkeazu to actually come out and say no for the first time as a Governor to say no to the North that means Aso Rock is empty now, don't you know if Aso Rock is not empty do you think that Wike will be doing what he is doing?

How many weeks ago did I tell you you will no longer hear from Buratai do you remember that? Do you remember when I told you that he is running to Nigel republic? I told you you will no longer hear from him has he not disappeared? Everything I tell you is the truth absolute truth the very gospel from heaven itself.

Those that claim they are Nigeria I am asking why won't they experiment with you? You are an animal in a zoo, and when Scientists look for somebody to or something to experiment with they go to the cage and bring out one rabbit 🐇 or Guinea pig and experiment with and that is what they are doing in Kano, you can go to any part of Kano and pick out one Alamagiri and experiment with because you have no conscience.

Village people answering elites conspiring to kill you and now you are dying, you will see what will happen in coming days only if they go to Madagascar and bring something or use the one that professor Morris Iwu actually invented, that is the only thing that will save them or else they are going down all of them.

Nigeria you shame is shaming me you have no shame as a Nigerian, you people are dying in your country disease people been spread all over the place, and all you can do is to seat down somewhere and shout one Nigeria.

Today once again as I told them before they are experimenting with you because you have no head of state, you have no politicians who actually love you. There is no politician in Nigeria that loves you of course apart from Enyinnaya Abaribe the rest do not.

I told you before life on air, and some of you laughed at your own ignorance and not me, today as I have always known events have proven once again that am right that Buhari is dead buried in Saudi Arabia, they contracted Jubril Al-Sudani he himself is missing, and do you know the funniest thing? The funniest thing is that Femi Adesina himself confirmed it.

Go and watch that very interview you will see that Femi Adesina himself actually confirmed it as I said and allow me to repeat, they are Photoshoping their way to jail and that jail includes Aisha Buhari, that jail includes Mamman Daura, that jail includes Ismaila Isa Funtua, that jail includes Lawal Daura, that jail includes Femi Adesina, that jail includes John Momoh the owner of Channels TV he will go to prison, all of you that knew about the death of Buhari concealed it concocted this largest of fraud of century all of are going to prison.

You can not hide it is like pregnancy you can not hide pregnancy, the same thing is now happening in the zoo Aisha Buhari will go to prison, do you know why she will go to prison? They were part of people that thought you can use a photoshop to run a country, you can use deep-fake video, is called a deep-fake video that is what is called, deep-fake live video and run a country.

Do you know there is a software they brought from China, you take a picture, and you ask the app to take selfies from that single picture you took it will take a selfie of you without you touching the phone camera and then do you know the funniest thing? It will take your face and place it on that of Keanu Reeves are you aware of that? And Keanu Reeves will be talking with your face on his face are you aware of that? Is called deep-fake we have the software to prove to you how useless the zoo is, to prove to you what they have been doing to you to deceive all of you.

They think we are all stupid and I say to them  We are learned, I was studying in British library I was the last person to leave the library that the attendant came and turned off the light, so we are learned. If we choose not to speak English is out of design.

And to prove my point I actually went and do some research you know what I found? I posted on my Facebook page, and I actually Twitted you will see somebody an impostor, Donald Trump has an Impostor Kim  Jung-Un has an Impostor are you aware of that? I posted it on my page, but the only thing is that this Impostor this Donald Trump Impostor is not running the USA. You know the funniest thing about Nigeria? Is that the president is gone, the impostor is also gone there is nobody in Aso Rock running the country no single soul, no single person because it has never happened anywhere in the world.

There is a secretary to a government like Boss Mustafa is running the country, an ordinary political appointee running a Government it's an abomination, all of you should burn your PVC cards because you are useless, you don't know anything you have no brain.

When you tell them the truth they will say oh you are insulting the whole race, how can anyone insult the whole race? I insult Igbo leaders, not the ordinary people. If you hear me telling you the truth about the Fulani Janjaweed, so you think I hate an ordinary Fulani? You even think I hate the Alamagiri no, they have done nothing wrong.

Femi Adesina actually came out to admit that all the fake live broadcast videos were indeed recorded, and do you know why he accepted it? Because of our relentless pursuit of the truth that people say abandon it, every time is Jubril, every time is recorded have you all seen Femi Adesina finally came out in the open and admitted, look at his face you will see how painful it was for him to admit that Aso Rock is actually empty, he said admittedly that all the broadcast were recorded.

If somebody is in Aso Rock, why will you need to record and play it and claim it's live? Because we were very very particular about their Photoshoping, they photoshop we point it out, at last, they have agreed that they have been deceiving all of you.

It doesn't matter what the Chinese do I have their software, the software that the Chinese use to manipulate you we have it, it's called deep-fake software you can put anybody face anywhere you like if you don't know that is what they are doing.

Femi Adesina agreed that all the broadcast are pre-recorded, he agreed because of our relentless, we are resolute, we are determined, we are indefatigable, we are unstoppable who is going to stop us? Who will stop IPOB am asking you?  That person is not yet born.

We are insane about Biafra, we are fanatical to the point of destruction for Biafra, and nothing can stop Biafra from coming, the zoo will collapse completely and totally and be destroyed, and Biafra will come to watch see what is going to happen in the zoo. They think we are joking you don't know who we are.

Because of us they keep making mistakes every day that is why I said to this great family of IPOB we must remain on this issue, this Jubril issue can never die because that is where we are holding the zoo, and that is what makes the zoo ungovernable, nobody will go there.

They are looking for a recruit to replace Buhari they have all said no that is why the idiot that's there waving can not talk, that is why the Chinese are doing everything they can, of course, they can't kill me they know that very well, we are unreachable don't you know that? Do you know what they are planning? We have all their plans only if you can get rid of Nnamdi Kanu then we can play this trick until 2023 and give it to another person from the North, not Tinubu, of course, Tinubu is wasting his time he is a nobody he is another thieve.

Am waiting for them again to Ask for Patient Jonathan account then I will go into Tinubu and all of them I will bury them alive. I will go after them one after the other with their Account balance, and I will let the whole world know how much they are worth, that petty criminal a former drug dealer in Chicago just like Abiola was a thieve with ITT, criminal a confirmed Criminal in America that is the idiot some of you are saying is going to be president in 2023.

You allow them to treat you like a tissue paper that is why he can come out on national Radio and be talking rubbish, he should be going to prison they are all going to jail. Do you know why? Boris Johnson can not defend them, Trump can not defend this type of attitude Boris Johnson is a good man, Boris Johnson is one of the few leaders of the world that has a conscience he can't support this rubbish that was why they ran to China.
 They brought this Jubril matter to Boris Johnson. He told them to get away from London, and they ran to China.

Can you imagine? A Nigerian called and said you are treating us like a tissue paper he said ok if you see yourself as a tissue paper no problem, zoo unbelievable Femi Adesina Mr fudger a season criminal and master of photoshop legendary zoological republic.

During their crossfire program, Femi Adesina however assured that Buhari will continue to do what is best for Nigerians, maybe from the grave in Saudi Arabia maybe.

Because Nigeria is not one has never been one, and can never be one that is why there is no uprising. If you have Biafra there will be upraising, if Oduduwa was free, there would be upraising by now, if Ariwa was free there would be upraising If the middle belt was free people will raise up to demand a live address.

Now the Chinese are working on their software you are waiting for a live address which you know will never come, what does that tell you about what is happening inside Aso Rock? Now that Femi Adesina is saying that the programs were recorded so how come NTA and Channels TV were flashing the live icon on the left-hand side of the TV?

John Momoh collected his own money and put in the pocket, I call you zoo people animal you know what they call you? Tissue paper a used tissue paper. An animal that at least is breathing and eaten or a tissue paper you flushed down the toilet which one is better? So you now see that I love you, at least I call you animal they call you tissue paper that is why they can lie to you.

The beast with the hole in the neck is hidden in Cuba presumed dead, am telling you right now that he is no longer coming back, Jubril can not come back he is in Cuba the one they have in Aso Rock wearing the face of Buhari high pad reality mask is in a deep mess, he can not run to anywhere they don't want him to go. He is locked up inside Aso Rock surrounded by Covid19 diseased.

Aisha Buhari what did I tell you about Buratai? I told you to live on air he is missing, is he not? Have you heard from him you know he loves his microphone? Have you seen him again? Has he given any live interview? He said he is going to Maiduguri to scatter them, mad, he is on the run. He had run off and what will happen to him will be an example to others you don't mess Biafra.

You see this IPOB? We will not forgive we will not forget I am telling you the truth, we will hunt them down one after the other wherever they are we will hunt them down, they will say I told them so.

When prophet Iginla told them to go and negotiate now, Nnia Nwodo and Ohanaeze, Ike Ekweremadu, some Governors from Igbo land they told Abba Kyari to go and kill him instead, don't bother wasting time go and kill him, they had a meeting at Nike lake hotel presided over by Nnia Nwodo and Ike Ekweremadu they brought money in their Ghana must go sharing traditional rulers, sharing the clergy. When these people came to my house, this Janjaweed Army and killed 28 of my men traumatize my father and my mother that eventually led to their death.

They planned to kill me Ohanaeze Nnia Nwodo planned to kill me, and because of these men my father and my mother are dead, because of the 28 of my men are dead for no reason no crime, we are not at war with anybody, and you want us to forgive them 😂🤣 God have mercy.

Buratai could not attend the mother Funeral he didn't, you know what you wish other people it has a very funny way of coming back to you. Buratai mother was buried this morning, are you aware of that? Buratai, he was nowhere to be found.

Ohanaeze is banned completely banned maybe as we are moving into next Year that name will no longer exist, they are completely banned they can be writing their useless, stupid press statement.

If Nigerians have a brain if they see anybody that is senator if course apart from Enyinnaya Abaribe they should be stoned in Abuja, stone all of them they are criminals.

The day the zoo will bowl is the day they will open Aso Rock and, Femi Adesina he will be so burdened that one day he will open up Aso Rock and say nobody is there, and the world will say that even he is among the Prophets I don't call myself prophet other people's do because they see what Elohim is doing with us.

They never built industries for you remember that when you graduate from school, you start driving Keke na Pepe, if you are lucky or if you graduate you become Palm tapper it depends or you start selling groundnut and pure water a graduate, oh, you put on your suit and tie and you will be selling groundnut.

No industries were built no job created for you, But one thing they want to share within abundance is Coronavirus, how are they doing it isn't ironic that the North has ruined zoo they own Nigeria don't they? They have now decided to export death, they won't allow you to export stockfish you can no longer bring in things anymore. The only flourishing in Nigeria is an industry of fraud, of lies of deception that even the media those that claimed they are Journalist have also joined in the fraud.

They are moving to the south and reducing the population as they do so infecting people with Coronavirus, they are exporting it 100 Alamagiri's from Nasarawa was sent into Taraba to infect do you see what they are doing? The Chinese will go to Kano and infect them.

Are you surprised that they are using Alamagiri kids? Life doesn't mean anything to them you can kill as many as Alamagiri as possible as long as Ganduje gets his money, and tomorrow now you will hear Channels saying His Excellency Ganduje Channels they have collected their own share.

Do you see Malami defending his own people? It Should be a lesson to those idiots Ohanaeze ndi atụrụ na Ndi oshi PANDEF. Do you see how they defend their own? Do you see it? Nnai Nwodo have you seen it? Ike Ekweremadu have you seen it? Have you seen how Janjaweed defend their own? Idiots, have you seen?

You efulefu do you see how the North is fighting and defending their own? Can you see your stupidity steering you in your face? And in Imo state, the state of Mbakwe may God rest his soul forever and ever he is a great man. I rank him as number 3 in our all-time great.  OJUKWU is number one, second is Philip Efiong, the number is Sam Mbakwe.

When I wished that we have people coming up from the west to support this very agenda of libration, this very agenda of hope. A man that I happen to respect very much Professor Banji Akintoye I sadly read in the vanguard newspaper that the Yoruba's are no longer demanding for a break up of Nigeria that they were merely agitating for freedom.

We must not forget our 30th of May, the 30th of May is very, very important. We are going to have 3 days of fasting and prayer, starting from 27th to end midnight of the 29th very very important, we are going to read and pray all the Psalm in the holy book From psalm number 1 to 150 if you read 10 Psalms prayer and fasting for 3 days and then conclude it with a prayer on the midnight of the 29th, and then this year we are going to have a candlelight vigil procession in the middle of the night, ushering in  30th of May, we have sat-at-home so much, but I will also encourage people to sit-at-home that very day please for us to honour those that fought that we may live.

I thank all of for listening to this very evening. As always and without hesitation I proclaim very proudly that Biafra is our religion, here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile is our God, I thank you very much for listening from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 
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