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■ 27, MAY 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, once again we welcome you to another live presentation, another address this very evening from this very place Radio Biafra, this very gospel of truth, we have been mandated to preach that is why by the grace of the Most High Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile we are gathered all over the world across the entire 24 time zones on this very planet to listen to this gospel and massage of redemption, massage of our atonement, the massage of libration, a massage of hope, the message that will take us into that very Kingdom in the face of this very earth, that very land of Biafra that Chukwu Okike Abiama has decreed must be inhabited by his children, those he called the children of light.

We have come to do justice to that which has been preordained before us, we have come to preach that even the blind may see, the deaf may hear, those who are suffering from advanced stages of Janjaweedsim may be cured of their stupidity, that Biafra maybe one family under God in heaven, to restore that which has been stolen from us.

I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you because there is no other broadcaster, no other listening platform, no other project of information dissemination that can boost of the range of listenership as we command here on this very platform, this very Radio Biafra.

As I welcome you, I will seriously urge you to welcome those who are around you, all your relatives, your neighbours because before I came on air, somebody said to me my neighbour is Yoruba, and they love what you are doing, but please do take it easy. And I contemplated, and I said I am under divine instruction as I am led by the spirit, so will I preach it.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra the whole world all over, in over one hundred countries and territories all over this very planet earth. I lead this very divine movement. I serve the children of Biafra, and I will always serve you until Biafra come, which I know is imminent. That I can categorically assure you that Biafra is imminent, I will serve till the end of my time.

We shall not know any corruption, iniquity shall never be our portion for Biafra is clean in the spirit. All we are waiting for is for the manifestation of that purity in the lives of men that inhabit this very earth, I speak with every authority, I speak with every command that we have been sent by heaven to propagate this very gospel, and wherever you are, I welcome you.

We must pray, this very week we remember those who have gone before us, those who fought and died for us, those that sacrificed their lives that we may live, those who made it possible for this very brave and unrelenting generation to preach the gospel of restoration. And I will pray in the language of heaven, the language of heaven is the Igbo language of the ancient, and that is how we acknowledge the presence of Elohim in our lives.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We must proceed this very evening very quickly and without any hesitation to preach the gospel that we have been mandated to preach, the very reason that we were created, the very reason why Eze Sir Israel Okwu Kanu and my mother Ugo Eze Meme Okwu Kanu they are no longer with us today is that they have done their job, the same way that most of them that fought for us are no longer with us today them too have done their job, is now left for we who are in the land of the living to fulfil this very promise to accomplish this very purpose for which we are born.

We are going to preach, and I will start this very evening by dissecting the character of an Igbo person and the reason why we are in the mess we are in today before I came on the air I saw a very bitter side that the head bridge in Onitsha was being fenced off by the Anambra State Governor. You are fencing off Anambra from your relatives in Ahaba (Asaba), in Anioma In Aniocha as is used to be called, you are fencing off your people from Enugu, you are fencing off your people from Imo.

We got to where we are today due to complacency, due to the greed of an Igbo man, due to our selfishness, due to our crippling and debilitating individualism. We are where we are today because of the lack of foresightedness because of our wickedness.

That very gate, that very barrier should be built in Igbanke,  that very barrier should be built at the entrance into Biafraland, In Idoma, in Igede, it should be built-in Ogoja not for Anambra state to fence itself in.

As I told you you listen to the Janjaweed, they have given you a new identity. Before we had Anambra and Enugu, there was only one Anambra what could have happened then? There is a need for all the Governor's to coordinate their effort and treat the entire Biafraland as one unit, not all this subunit been created for us by the Janjaweed from the Sahel.

There is something that those who are close to Obiano must advise him, that it is preferable for us to see all the governors working together and securing the entire borders of Biafraland because if we stop them in the lower Benue they can not come in into Anambra if we stop them in Igbanke Oshomole can not allow them to pass through Beni and come into Biafraland.

That is called foresightedness to be able to anticipate, to have a reasonable sense of judgement. But they don't see very far all they are bothered about is to loot, all they are bothered about is to serve their Janjaweed masters in the North, and the resultant effect is a very worst way of thinking and a badly executed policy. And those barriers must come down those barriers should be removed at the borders of Biafraland to allow people to binge, to travel, to interact seamlessly in Biafraland very very critical and very crucial.

The truth is that Igbo people do not plan or think ahead only when it is marriage, when they want to contest for political office or when they are expecting a container from abroad, I am saying this because I can see the effort that Professor Ejiofor is making of WIC, in America to try to get our people to reason properly. He is fighting a battle, and it appears to be a losing battle very sadly because we never ever plan ahead as people, and this is the consequence.

This is same people that said if you plan ahead, you will avoid every pitfall, the warning kept coming that a disaster is about to unfold in our land every prophet said it if you have a tangible grass of history you should be able to know that what is happening now will inevitably come to pass, we foretold what is going on now, we anticipated it, we announced it the hearing of the whole world the entirety of humanity can bear us witness. Prophecy after prophecy, prediction after prediction what did we do? Nothing.

We are more interested in individual Survivalism that is that thing within us, lack of cooperation because those who are piloting the affairs of Biafra are not my relatives, they are not my father, they are not my uncle's, they are not my children I have a business in Abuja, I have a business in Kaduna, I live in the USA, I live in Europe, I live in Asia, I live in Lagos it doesn't concern me, it doesn't bother me, that level of destructive individualism this are why we are in the mess we are in today more than any other people.

We must try as much as possible to remove this bad behaviour from our system is terrible, that is the brain of Igbo man selfishness to the point of destruction, not just their own personal destruction but the destruction of everybody.

Have we not rushed back to the North immediately after the war when people was struggling for what to eat, there was no coordination, there was no plan, those we remember this week what they fought for we fluted away more or less. We destroyed everything that they accomplished due to selfishness and individualism of an Igbo man.

The same thing that made it impossible after the war for some elders to raise up and go into Ibibio land, go into Ijaw land ask brothers and sisters to reconcile knowing fully well the plan of the Fulani it was incumbent upon them immediately after the war should I say in 1976, as soon as Ohanaeze was set up it was incumbent upon them, I expected them to go into the hinterland,  into the coastal region of Biafraland and say we got something wrong how do we fix it? They never did it until I started that very effort in 1990.

Till today has not been done, I kept quiet to see if they will do it, but they have not because of selfishness and individualism. Of course, Igbos are very good people the same way that others are too. But sometimes there is a way you conduct yourself and the way you behave that gives us the wrong vibe massage and that is we are going to correct.

Unless it is marriage unless it is politics or business we never ever plan ahead. And that is why we now have Janjaweed terrorist from the Sahel across the entire Sahel supported by a terrorist group who have been recruited into the zoo Army into our land.

We are not a people that learn from history either we never learn from history, the killing of Biafrans started since 1945 they have been killing us every blessed year till now. I want people to count back how many years? Since 1945 they have been killing us till now because they kill us and we do nothing, everywhere you go to they have been killing us in Delta, in Cross River, in Akwa Ibom everywhere there is death.

And because we kept quiet over many years they now realize okay we have divided them well enough, we have confused them well enough, we have raised the North saboteurs and traitors within them now let's go and occupy their land that is why they have come.

The truth is that the only thing that has been shielding us for centuries is the mercy of Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile in heaven God almighty, if it is down to the effort of an Igbo man by now we will be a conquered people because of our selfishness, our greed and our petty jealousy this is the fact of life that nobody can escape from, it is the truth.

They don't care in America they don't just care, but tomorrow now if they catch any of them and deport them you will see them they will be crying say Americans are wicked, you saw the way the Chinese were treating us some of us complained and said it is evil but imagine the way you treat yourselves, look at the way those in America that can form a resistance have just sat on their hands waiting for everybody to be killed in the village so they can come back and cut a deal with the Fulani to become the Emire to take people's land that is what they are waiting for.

I saw what Obiano was doing today, and I felt ashamed of myself, and I said this is not the great race that Lugard talked about not this chaff. I believe that the real Igbo man died in 1970, everything we had ever since is just chaff, counterfeit. Because under Igbo union if we had Igbo union would have seen all of this things before, they would have seen it a long time ago, and they will make plans for it but look at where we are today.

Obiano is now building a fence on the head bridge he doesn't know the history of the head bridge, he doesn't know why some people in Anioma are upset, he doesn't know the reason why Achuzie commanded Biafrans soldiers and was as ruthless as he was the same head bridge, he doesn't know the history of head bridge Onitsha he thinks is something somebody can wake up in the morning and close it off.

Head brigade Onitsha has symbolism because after Murtala Muhammed second Army came into Ahaba (Asaba) head bridge was blown off to slow their advance of the Army.  And the fighters and soldiers we have in Anioma could not cross over the bridge to safety they were all massacred some of this history we have no idea when people are upset sometimes you try and found out why they are angry.

I saw a very distressing video where people our own flesh and blood in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) after the war said that Igbos shouldn't come back to Igweocha, Igweocha is River State for those who don't know Port Harcourt. And I was reflecting and pondering why this man will say this because he is an Igbo man? After all, some people have no idea about their history. 

There is a place in Igweocha called Umu Ada Olu, there is nowhere in the entire Igbo land that a village take after a daughter, this was the descendant of a woman taking from Arochukwu to be sold as a slave and slavery were abolished, and she stayed there, she was the only daughter. All of her siblings were sold as slaves, we sold them that is part of the reason why God is angry with us. If you go to some places in Biafraland, they will tell we don't want anything to do Arochukwu people you don't know the reason why, because of slavery if you don't know let me tell you.

This family was taken everybody was sold remaining one daughter and slavery was abolished, that village became Umu Ada Olu the children of the only surviving daughter, the only place in the entire length and breadth of Igbo land where people are named after a woman, you ask yourself why people are angry and upset with you? Because this same thing that is happening to us today selfishness and individualism.

Who started selling people? The Igbo people started selling their own people before the white man came from Europe.

Our land is under siege how can you be saying to people you should be consulted, who are you (Onye ka ị bụ) to be consulted? Janjaweed is in your father's compound you have no shame, you name your children Ahamefuna (my name shall never be lost), but your names are lost? Because all of you are in America and your children they will marry Latinos, they will marry Mexicans, let me see how you will bring them home am giving you only two more generations you will be wiped away from the face of the earth, your compound is going to be close down.

Elohim is waiting in heaven and watching to see what this generation of selfish Igbo people will do, I concentrate on Igbo in this very segment because if you are the first son of your family the same way that Anambra is the first son of all of us, Anambra is the beginning of everything is their responsibility and duty to raise up.

We had a whole year to plan the war in 1967,  they killed us after the coup in 1966, they massacred everybody who plans the coup? Those planning to keep Nigeria one. The same Idiot you have today. Nzeogwu came to make Nigeria one he was born in the North, they wanted one Nigeria like Azikiwe also born in the North they all wanted one Nigeria.

We had the whole year to plan since 1670, we never planned anything until the war came and we start running around to buy weapons, trying to defend our land then is too late. By the end of it, 5 million people lay died, 5 million died no plan nothing, the same thing that happened then Is happening now again, so is 50 years Igbo a man has learnt nothing, in 50 years they have become even more stupid than they were before.

The enemy has come, and you are still busy yapping and talking rubbish, making stupid videos, and writing garbage now tell me why I shouldn't believe you are the agent of the zoo to distract us, You are in your house your place is burning you want to be consulted? But the white people that built America they did not wait for anybody to consult them they drove the British away, built a civilization now you are enjoying in America. Do you see the difference between a white man and a black person? A white man has shame, honour and integrity we have none I tell you the truth.

I was in America how many months ago I was there in the US, I was in Biltmore the town hall meeting in Biltmore the hall was packed full of all of you isn't it? I travelled from Washington, DC. I think we drove for nearly two hours all thereabout to go to Biltmore so that I can preach to you what did I tell you? I need you to contribute $1 Dollar each somebody asks why? I said because we need to prepare, did you do it? You didn't do it ordinary $1 Dollar you couldn't pay. Been a typical Igbo man full of selfishness, greed and envy.

Love for your mother, your father and your children, your siblings comes. Naturally, the greatest love in life is the love you have for your nation; that is why people die under a flag. The love you have for your nation, for your people is the greatest love ever. Not for your life, not for your child,  the greatest love is the love you have for your nation and your willingness to sacrifice anything to keep your nation progressive not like the zoo, we can't do it we are intellectuals oh.

All of you were there Maurice Iwu developed a drug for Covid19 I have been watching all of them, they never said anything he was ignored, Janjaweed went all the way to Madagascar to go and bring drug nobody complained only IPOB, only Nnamdi Kanu complained.

You never learn every blessed day Fulani Janjaweed is telling you we are against you, we hate you every day they show it in their words, in their action now they have brought war to us and some idiots in America they want us to buy Palm wine and kola nut hold a meeting and break it and do ndu Mmiri ndu Azu, rubbish they pray every day.

Elohim will give us Biafra, what we will do to some of you in America, America will be wondering are you sure you are from that place? Because you people are evil, you people are wicked very, very wicked.

They are selling our land do you know there is a Fulani native doctor in Ogbunike? I have his name, I have his video Fulani native doctor that the dead Ogbunike Igwe they conceived and give our land, land of Biafra to Fulani.

Hope Uzodimma is giving our land to Fulani Alamagiri.

For us, it is always what I will gain? What is my gain to save the people you are asking what am I going to gain? Typical Igbo man, in 2009 I said to those in the North one day they will kill you, you see all those houses you are building in the North it is gone because once they take over Biafra land, they will cut off your escape root. You are finished Fulani despises you to the bone, doing so because Nzeogwu killed  Ahmadu Bello their Sardauana, the firstborn of their people a direct defender to Usman dan Fodio you think they will forgive you? You are mad, you are insane because you don't know the history. You wonder why Fulani hate you as much as they do is because Nzeogwu killed the Sardauana of Sokoto Ahmadu Bello, shot the Idiot dead.

This week we remember those who sacrificed their lives that we may live, there will be no movement on the 30th May until at least 12 noon, there will be a candlelight procession, there will be fasting and prayers, we are going to read from Psalm 1 to Psalm 150, prayer and fasting for 4 days starting from 27, 28, 29 and ending that very fasting and prayer exactly 12midday on 30th.

Once we defeat them on the ground the next thing, you will see Alamagiri do Britain will give them aircraft to come and start bombing us you don't know that? That we need a missile that can bring down aircraft you don't know that? You don't know that is what they are going to do? Do you know that when they come to my house on the 14th September Nigerian Army came with two jet bombers, two attack helicopters to attack my home? A civilian I have no nothing not even catapult, what they want to do is let my men kill any of them they would have bombed my village exactly what Obasanjo did to Odi that is exactly what they wanted to do in my village, so you don't know that?

Some of you don't know they have started the killing, a bomb exploded and killed people in Owerri are you listening? They are testing things out because their boy is in Imo, Hope Uzodimma is there to protect them. You people don't know what is going on.

You people don't know what is happening in Kaduna, in Kaduna there is a wholesale slaughter. Kaduna Christians are massacred and decimated as we speak, are you aware of that? No ooO you are doing one Nigeria you are fighting for APC, and one Nigeria, Christians in Southern Kaduna are finished.

Go into our town's and villages and see what is happening, our land is gone what you are now seeing in our land is round mud house of Fulani in our land. We lost 5million people those in America it doesn't touch their heart, it doesn't touch their spirit they are not moved, they want all of us dead. This island has been giving by our people somebody will come as a land agent Myeti Allah will approach him, he will go to the Igwe the Eze of the village or the PG anybody saying I want to be PG is because they want to sell land to Myeti Allah.

Have you wondered where that 100 billion they gave to Myeti Allah what they are using it on? Not just to buy weapons, they are using it to buy land in Biafraland now you know. That is why some traditional rulers are busy giving our land away to Myeti Allah they are selling our land to our own killers.

Let us warn everybody, any traditional rulers m, Eze  Igwe whatever you call yourselves if you are found giving land to Fulani, if you are found anywhere we are everywhere investigating. Any land we go to and see Fulani we ask them who put you here once they said is the Igwe, they show us the receipt or the Eze of the land you are finished. 

They are taking money and selling us, all of you writing nonsense write more now because if Uwazuruike had been constant, we wouldn't have been where we are today, we would have been long gone. Inconsistency I don't know what you people are doing with petty money that can't change your life. What is this madness about owning a mansion and driving a car, what is that madness all about is asking you? Why are you people so foolish? And because of that, you betray your nation, you betray your people unbelievable, people are selling land to Fulani because they are all compromised.

Where we are today I told you they are coming, have they not Come?

In a country where there is no president, there is no vice president that is anarchy, chaos and lawlessness. But do you know what they are doing? They are busy lobbying Interpol to try and stop me do you know that? They will be shocked how we know I got this information to from Interpol headquarter.

If I tell them what I know,  am waiting for Covid19 to finish, the day I will do the mother of all exposes about how Buhari dead, let me tell you something Buhari had his kidney removed on the second floor of that hospital. I don't want to give them the name. The second floor he had his kidney removed when the day comes, I will educate the world.

The zoo has no president, no vice some of them have seen the 45 years old boy that Aisha is now parading everywhere. You can see it that he is wearing a mask everybody can see it, am asking you when Buhari was alive did Buhari take any pictures with his wife? Upon until the year 2016, I challenge anybody apart from his swearing-in. Show me Aisha Buhari with the dead Buhari show me the picture you people you don't see reason, you have no brain, no thinking faculty you don't reason black people, now they are doing a fake family show me the picture of the old dead Buhari.

When they did the first broadcast, I told you that Abba Kyari was in Havana in Cuba and I told you that Abba Kyari was brain dead they put him on a life-supporting machine any day they switch off the life-supporting machine he is dead I told you to live on air before they announced his death. I told you also, you people you don't reason I told Alamagiri that thing in Aso can never speak that is what I told you I said it live on air he will never speak, they said why? I said I know that thing there is not even Jubril, Jubril is in Havana. As Abba Kyari was leaving the only thing that was in his mind is give me Jubril they gave him Jubril he took to Cuba, didn't I tell you? I said it live on this God-given platform that that thing there can never speak has he spoken? Forget all the photoshop pictures has he spoken?

They said he will speak, and I go to my Facebook page, and I said j am waiting they quickly cancelled it, so you have forgotten? Because if IPOB Aisha is now taking pictures with Buhari do you see how we roll?

I told the zoo that Elohim will break you into pieces for the sake of IPOB, I said for the sake of IPOB God will destroy Nigeria do you know why? Because we hold the key, I call it the key of David. There is a way you ask God for something he will do that for you, David has the secret and so do i. Elohim said you will pay a very huge price. I said I will pay anything, he said I will give you Biafra in front of your eyes. I will destroy Nigeria for our sake. Because God in heaven knows that our hearts are clear, nobody loves our people more than the way we do. We do what we do because we love our people.

I don't want to be president of anything, I don't want any contract I need nothing from anybody I need absolutely nothing, let Biafra come then I retire. I didn't want anything, I don't want your mansion, I don't want to need your cars I need nothing from you but to do the will of God that all but here they don't understand it.

If I want to sell this movement I would have sold it in DSS custody, in Kuje they came and I said no when I come out they came, and I said no is it now that am going to betray you? You know it is not possible, my father and my mother they are in heaven watching and you think I will abandon Biafra? When my mother and my father are in heaven watching, please give me a break.

Where is Buratai? I told you that Buratai s gone where is Buratai today? You are playing with me, you don't know me. I told you that Buratai was running to Nigel he is gone did he attend his mother burial? He is the chief of Army staff you see how Elohim is destroying the zoo, Abba Kyari is from Borno they killed somebody I don't know if it's Osibanjo they put him in the ground in Abuja is that his hometown? You see, Elohim is wonderful.

Elohim is fighting this battle, but there is a lesson that he wants to teach Igbo people that I don't want to be part of, we are begging him, please. God is so angry with Igbo that he wants to teach them a lesson with Fulani; that is how Elohim works; he will always use your enemy to punish you. I am asking him to have mercy we will clean Biafraland once you give us Biafra we will clean everything.

Your Aso Rock is empty, no Buhari, no Osibanjo, no Buratai. Your Aso Rock is empty the day we open it up to the whole world is the day the zoo comes down, let me see the Government of the world that will support such high crime Aisha will go to prison.

You don't know who we are we never let go, IPOB is not like any other thing you have seen before, in your craziest dream you have not seen anything like IPOB before. Our madness is on a different level as I told you before if you want us to go into the gutter before you come in being there waiting for you already.

All the Saboteurs can never come back to Biafraland forever and ever.

Anybody who calls him or herself a Niger Delta, once they open their mouth and say Niger Delta, they are traitors, these are hardcore traitors. As long as you call yourselves a Niger Delta I don't regard you as a human being you are an idiot, the more you remove yourself from Biafra, the more Fulani will deal with you.

Oil and gas is the mainstay of lazy people, is the mainstay of the economy lazy people we are not lazy. Elohim built Radio Biafra and Biafra Television from nothing, so we are creative. We know what to do, not oil and gas that is for the economy of people who can not reason well.

The original name of Beni is Igodomigodo, not Beni, Igodomigodo that is the real name.

They said oh Nnamdi Kanu is a mad man, that means you don't even know where we get our strength from, If I am not a mad man I am not agitator, is an agitator normal? When you are fighting for freedom, are you normal?

Peter Enahoro We are not interested in any restructuring, if what Fulani are doing to you is not enough to tell you that you should go to your own way, that means you are even worst than I have thought, they said I insult people why won't I insult you? You are a black man, and you are stupid, and you want me to tell you that you are brilliant, you want me to say oh he is nice ooO I don't do that nonsense I have no time for idiots.

How can you be talking about restructuring in a country where the president is dead, no vice a woman who was not elected brought her lover into the Villa are you people insane? Are you mad? What are you restructuring? Some of you can not speak because you are compromised allow us to speak because we are not compromised.

Why should we beg anybody to be part of Biafra when we know that after six months you will be begging for a visa to come in, why must I beg you for what? People that resisted the whole world for three years Russia, Britain, Egypt, Yugoslavia name it. You think we will beg you to come and join Biafra you are insane.

Biafraland can never be another zoo-like Nigeria never, everybody will be on their own, you run your land, you make your laws in your local language how you deem fit.
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Osibanjo the picture released if him, as I said when they shine your floor for you are gone, look at Osibanjo, Osibanjo is now whiter than Michael Jackson only heaven knows where they put him. And I still believe that it must have been him in that grave for Abba Kyari I think is Osibanjo who is there.

Aso Rock is empty,  where is your president asking them? Where are the people making it possible for the Janjaweed to invade our land, where are they? Are you people telling me that Nigerians are blind you can not see the coffin they used to bury Abba Kyari there was blood inside it are you all blind? Are all of you blind in Nigeria? What is Fulani giving to you people?

Whose blood is in that coffin? If it's not Osibanjo, then bring Osibanjo out let us see. If you are telling me that they did not shoot Osibanjo in the head and bury him, then bring out Osibanjo to address the world and speak Yoruba, allow him to go to his village let's see. Osibanjo is dead am telling you the truth Where is Osibanjo why is Boss Mustafa doing his job?

Aisha is still young before 3 years she will get pregnant again, and in Islam, they can not do abortion, so let me see what she is going to do. She will get pregnant soon maybe they will say is the holy ghost that got her pregnant. That small boy will impregnate you and your eyes will clear.

People are busy doing Yahoo Yahoo asking 80 years old women to marry them that they are in love with them, but this young boy came from nowhere, he gets money, pretend to be the president and sleeping with the wife of the president of the country, and the country thinks he is the president, he is having fun this is proper Yahoo Yahoo, proper 419 this is it and all of the claims you are very smart in the zoo.

If I were to be Yoruba person by now oh my goodness, you would pay a ticket to come and see me. Because I am not from them, that is why they do what they do.

Nigeria is a drama one massive drama, zoological republic.

Yoruba was never one people before, it was due to war and conquest that made them one.

Which family in Ijaw land that doesn't have Arochukwu blood name it?

I want to tell the Alamagiri's tonight listening saying Nnamdi Kanu you are in London, Alamagiri your papa Usman Dan Fodio went into exile he ran to the Nigel Republic, he led his followers like Prophet Muhammed and ran into exile.

Fulani has been on Jihad since 18 something,  do you know who foretold their coming? The creature that foretold their coming was the vulture. It was a vulture that foretold the coming of Fulani, the prophecy of the coming of the Fulani was carried by a vulture that is to tell you that they always come with death.

Ikwere is Igbo they are considered as part of the largest Igbo ethnic group, they speak Ikwere which is an Igbo dialect, which they sometimes considered as a separate Language which of course is not. It was the Saboteurs in Ikwere land that wanted to separate Ikwere is a natural thing even Oyibo they know this.

Fulani will come now they have taken our oil, taken the gas and now coming to take our land because of your treachery, because of you stupid Niger Delta rubbish, south-south nonsense. You gave Fulani the green light to come, imagine if we were one together, we will go and stop them at Benue isn't it? Is that not common sense? I don't like educating idiots because it is wasted.


Special announcement:

People are now around all over the place, claiming that they want to raise funds for us that is not the way we operate, but I want to make something very very clear, please. Those of you with a very wonderful idea I want to you to start implementing them, but they must be cleared with DOS first. I have appointed three emissaries to speak to people that want to talk to us in terms of providing any assistance to drive away from the enemy from our land.

One is in the UK, and two is in the US, the one in the UK is called rabbi he is my emissary I have given him a task an assignment, and he has to do it. So if he is speaking to you saying he comes from me, please regard that as valid his name is rabbi, there two mothers we have in the USA very formidable and very strong, one is USA women leader Mrs Okafor if she is talking to you about providing support for what we are doing she is legitimate, she is one of us I sent her she is my emissary. There is also our sister a lady madam Oyibo she is also my emissary, if she is talking to you about what we are doing you must listen to her. Those are the three people in the whole world to do anything concerning support of what we are doing.

Our people must not be distracted,  because anytime you defeat them, they will go and open another one, so stop paying attention to idiots with fake accounts.

Focus on destroying the zoo, I don't want that Aisha boyfriend to escape. That boy is our key I don't want him to escape, we must make sure we focus our firepower on Aso Rock and those occupying our lands and the idiots calling themselves Niger Delta, PANDEF must be dissolved tonight immediately after this broadcast joins with Ohanaeze. Look for a decent name to call yourselves, there is nothing like PANDEF that is rubbish we are all Igbo people all of us.

As always we have preached the gospel of heaven, Elohim has been kind to us, and we pray to Elohim to open the hearts and minds and the ears of our people in the USA, let them remember where they come from and their obligation to the living.

I maintain that Biafra is our religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God, from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 
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