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■ 22, MAY 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, we welcome you to another explosive edition of Radio Biafra presentation. Hosted by my humble self every Sunday and every Wednesday without fail until the collapse of the damnable zoological republic.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. I welcome each and every one of you.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and by the very special grace of the most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile a servant of the wonderful people of Biafra.

We must pray this very evening because we have a lot to get through.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

Here we speak the truth it doesn't matter how bitter it is it must be spoken, because Chukwu Okike Abiama has to give us a message to go and give to the living and that is why everything we say comes to pass. Every prophecy, every prediction everything we proclaim must come to pass because our position has been exalted beyond that of the average understanding of zoo citizens, if you are not in the spirit you will not understand what we are doing you have to be in the spirit to appreciate it.

If you go into your home, into your tiny room, you ponder, and you reflect upon what you are about to hear this very evening you will know it's the truth. And hopefully, you will repent because we are here to do justice that Biafra may come in every honesty. That when we proclaim that we are whiter than white and whiter than snow that man may validate it, and Heaven will authenticate it.

I start this very evening by delving straight into the problem, why are Fulani Janjaweed from across the entire Sahel in Biafraland? Why have they come not just in Biafraland they are in Benin, they are in Yoruba land do you know why they have come? Are you aware?

Some of you are doing videos, some people are in America doing video, making a voice note, some in South Africa doing voice note doing video lamenting precisely the same thing they said we are doing before is what they are now doing, everybody is now lamenting because they don't have the vision, they were not able to see what Elohim revealed to IPOB they can not see it.

What they are saying today is what we started saying in 2012, it is no different. Elohim finds something special in IPOB. The light, truthfulness and uprightness and Elohim said this very gift I will give to you, this very mantle I will provide to you I will tell you things before they happen. I know they will not listen, I know my children the Biafrans will not listen, but I will give it to you so that when it happens, they will make a reference and say behold we heard about this years ago, but we did nothing.

That is why we are where we are today, are some of you seeing the videos we are seeing? Have you seen what is happening in Benin City? Have you seen what is happening in Benin am asking you? Have you seen what is happening in Edo state? Are you people actually aware of what is going on? The people have come everywhere as we told you.

Do you know why they are battling Wike in Igweocha? Do you know why they are fighting Nyesom Wike? Are you aware of what is going on in Igweocha? Some of you do not know you have no clue you have no idea, But this evening we shall endeavour to tell you what is happening.

It is because the largest population you have in Biafraland is the Igbo people, as a matter of fact, everybody is Igbo any way, I will prove that later everybody is I can confirm that quite comfortably.

When the white man came to Calabar, when the white man was coming in the 19th century in 18100, when they were coming, they recognized that we are Biafrans even in Calabar. I want you to understand something this very evening a white man came and knew that this was Biafra.

If you come together is a threat to them in the North some of you don't know this, maybe out of stupidity or out of ignorance I have no idea. Still, you must understand that every saying of the ancient Igwebuike (there is strength in numbers), that once you are United, nobody can defeat you all these things are still relevant till this very day. And because we ignore them, that is why the Janjaweed managed to divide, and now they are coming for the final kill.

They are doing it because instead, the zoo instead of them to give a true account of what is happening in Aso and the zoo will collapse they better go to war. That is why El Rufai, Mamman Daura, Aisha Buhari that is why they have convinced the Janjaweed caliphate in the North that war is better for them than allowing IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu to expose the fraud inside Aso Rock, what am giving you now is the gospel you may not understand it, you may not appreciate it, but in the end one day you will say oh, of course, you are right, because they have no reason to go to war.

This war they are planning now was meant to have been carried out in 2023, that was when they want to strike not now. We have now forced them to move early, and that is where their downfall will come from, they have now marched their Army down unprepared.

Some of you are busy doing video recording, they have come oh there is emergency everywhere oh, and we keep asking you this evening as we had asked you in the past when you heard this gospel in the beginning what did you think? When we told you that Elohim prepared this very time in Heaven a long time ago that the only way we can be free as a people is by seeking our freedom which is Biafra what did you say?  Some of you idiots were saying the war has been fought before why do you want to fight again? Because you no nothing.

Israel is fighting war till tomorrow because they are hated, they are despised.

I want you to listen to me very carefully when somebody wants to destroy you, I said this thing on Sunday. Ask yourself this question why is it in the North they have retained all their traditional names, Katsina, Borno, Maiduguri, Bauchi, Nasarawa, Zamfara ask yourself why did they now come to Biafraland and call you Cross River that has no meaning which is River Cross, River State that nobody knows the River they are referring to are you listening? Delta State that has no meaning.

The reason why they took away our traditional names is that they don't want you to discover who you, and if you don't know who you are there is no way you can even recognize an enemy when is coming that is what is happening now. Now, do you see their trick? That is what they do.

Do you know who started this very thing? When     Hadrian the Roman Emperor entered the Holy Land of Israel and took it the Roman Army took it, you know what Hadrian did? A European that was where all of them learn this very trick, including Britain everybody. Let me tell you what they do the Europeans if they want to mess you up if they're going to mess up your life what they do is this, They take your place, and they give you a name that is meaningless that was what Hadrian did in Israel. Hadrian took Israel when they took Israel and conquered Israel and Jerusalem fell you know what they did? He wiped away the name Israel, if not the holy Bible Israel would have been lost forever and ever.

Do you know why they did it? They never wanted them to come back again complete obliteration from the face of the earth. So that when you are running back to that place you claim you come from, now they have come back to Israel saying but this island of Israel? They are saying no it's called Palestine which is actually the corrupt version of Philippine. Do you know who did that? Is a European
Hadrian Emperor of Rome,  because this is the Children of the most high they have persecutor from everywhere, from every angle there is an enemy, the same thing that is happening to us today Biafrans.

The Jews were hated the same way Igbos are hated today for absolutely no reason, so What is happening to us now has happened to other people it has happened to Israel, it is a perfect example they renamed it go and look at history textbook, go and look at your map it was renamed Palestine, Palestine has no meaning in the Arabic language. It's a corrupt version of Philippine.

The same way the Jews of old was lousy and stupid is how we the Igbo people are even lousier now than ever before, how many times have I been to the US? How many times have I begged them telling them that the Fulanis are coming? And they will kill us, I said to them when I went to Baltimore I remember not to long ago, I said to them very soon you will have no homes to go to. Some of them said we are in America nah. When we say these things people don't understand, they don't reason very well because if your reason very well Elohim will tell you to listen to what Nnamdi Kanu is saying.

I am not saying that the Arabs in Israel should be driven away; God forbid that is not what I am saying. Still, they are Arabs, they are not Palestine; there is nothing called Palestine absolutely nothing, Palestine doesn't have a claim in Israel is in Quran, the land God gave it to Israel.

Precisely what is happening to you now in your village in Akokwa, in Urualla they have come and if you ask them where are you going to? They will say we are going to South East what does South East mean? Is it South East of the moon? Or South-East of the Sun? Understand their trick. Oh, we are in Cross River because you have no name, you have no identity but do you want this whole nonsense to stop tomorrow morning raise up and say that your name is Biafra even though you are in the zoo, all of in the East which is Biafra raise up and say we are Biafrans believe you me those Dangote trucks they will turn around and go back to the North, try it and see.

Have ever wondered why Wike is in trouble and nobody is helping him? Because he is a Rivers man. Why can't you people learn this? But in the North they are all North all Arewa, some of you, can't reason, can you? You can not comprehend what is going on.

It an order if you see Fulani in your village point them to the houses of those living in America tell them to go and occupy it, they think they have sensed I want to prove to you that that your village sense won't get you anywhere.

Has it ever occurred to you that they no longer report the number of people dying in Kano? People were dying in their numbers, commissioners dying, government ministers were dying all of a sudden they no more report of death from Kano you should have a role is this is a country you want to belong to? A country where almost everybody is a lier, and a deceiver People have lied so much they even lie to their own self.

The Fulanis are coming into our land because of the Igbo people, your so-called political council, political elites those idiots that said oh we are learned to forget that rubbish the fault is with them. If you want to know why Wike is struggling now in Igweocha to contain this wave of Alamagiri relentless, they are everywhere. He is fighting a losing battle am sorry to say this you know I tell you the truth a losing battle they will take it.

You have to kneel down and beg IPOB in public when we were proscribed some of you were clapping where are we today asking you? If IPOB were not proscribed by the Governor's do you think these guys will have the guts to come to our land, of course, no they can not.

Nyesom Wike is fighting alone now they are threatening him to impose martial law or whatever nonsense they call it. But am asking you I thought you said you have leaders and elders? How many elders have spoken and said we stand beside Wike? I said it before they killed Ken Saro-Wiwa had OJUKWU stood up and said you can not kill him he wouldn't have been killed, but you are doing I am the Ogoni nation, and he was dead.

When I was arrested in 2015, thWorldld doesn't know this,  the first people to protest were Bayesal women, the second to protest were Akwa Ibom women, the third to protest people walk all the way from Agbo and Igbanke to Enugu for four days to go and protest, on their way back they blocked head bridge of River Niger are you listening? Do they kill me? The answer is no, do you know why they couldn't kill me? Because everywhere there was a protest in Biafraland not just Igbo everywhere there was a protest, so they knew there will be a problem if they kill this man ooO. Now you understand that once you are United, an enemy can not come in.

Army and Fulani are working together, can't you understand these things? Can't you reason? Can't you think? Stupidity is a disease, look at them in the North Borno is a separate Empire very powerful, Hausas very very powerful before the Fulanis came and took over everybody. Three of them they come out and march as one they won't allow you to divide them, but they will come out and say you are Ibibio you are not Igbo ooO, you are South-South South-South and the idiots writing this they don't ask themselves What is the meaning of Ibibio? Because every name in Biafraland has a meaning that is how we know we are one people, it has a traceable meaning. We have names that you can trace Calabar and Kalabari is the same thing it was a white man that corrupted the meaning.

What is the meaning of Ibibio? Ibibio means Igbo Nta (Igbo Junior) that is the meaning. Ibibio simply means little Igbo, and when the white man came they combined the Ibibio and the Igbos together as one people, but when Britain brought in their classic divide and rule and thought the Fulani Janjaweed they perfected it, they know if you are together with your, Ijaw brothers, with your Ibibio brothers, with your Igbanke brothers, with your Igbo brothers they know they can not come in. Do you think they are stupid they know they can never come in once we are together?

The Igbo man is the problem because we prefer to follow outsiders. If I were to be God forbid a Janjaweed from the North or maybe a Yoruba person, or maybe somebody from Ghana, hey you will see how they will be flooding by now is in our nature that is how we are, we exhibit the worst of who we are against each other now you understand don't you?

When I was about to come out from the prison I got information that the zoo Government want to go into negotiating privately one on one with me, it was Nnia Nwodo, Ike Ekweremadu that stopped it from happening, how can you go to him? We are here you have to come to us, or else don't go to him, or else we banned them, or else we proscribe them, or else they will be known as terrorists. It was the Igbo Governor's that called IPOB a terrorist group before the Fulanis took it, and it was the Fulanis that asked them to say it, now the Army's of darkness are coming they can't do anything.

In their own place, they are sure of who they are, in your own place you are from Cross River, you are from Rivers, you are from Delta meaningless names are you not ashamed? Every ten years another name before it was Middle West, then Bendel, then Delta, then South-South, then Niger Delta only you one human being, you are in your father's compound your village how many names are you going to bear? Because Fulani they know what they are doing, they are making you become confused so that when they come there will no be any organized resistance and that is what happened. They have gotten to Igweocha, they are now in Bayesal, they are in Akwa Ibom, they are in Cross River, But had we been United we will stop them at Otukpo.

The whole of America can come together, and the zoo will be shocked, only America can fund a war for 50 years, no war and they are killing us, they say they don't fight the war, but they are killing us, can't you see are you blind? Are you stupid?

They are in our border they have come in, and the people you see in our land this are ISIS, not Boko Haram, that is the mistake some of you are making it is not. Boko Haram was recruited into the Army; they are the reserved you know every Army has a reserve. The main one that will come that is Boko Haram, and they are going to come into our land, they are now going to kill with authority because they are wearing Nigerian Army uniform, some of you are blind you can not see.

What you are seeing is ISIS foot soldiers from the Sahel from Mali. They are chasing them away from some of those places if you are not aware go and ask, do you know IPOB our Embrach is inside Nigel giving us the information? Inside Chad they drove them away from Nigel, Chad said they don't want them they are killing them in their bushes. What they now did is El Rufai now decided let's allow them to come in, let's use them and go and conquer the East and that is what they are doing. And once they have conquered the East they now turn to the left and now enter into Yoruba land and swallow Yoruba alive, they will eat Yoruba raw because they will put on no resistance of course.

The plan of the North against us is massive. Do you know why they put Hope Uzodimma in office in Owerri? Do you know why? From Number fourth to number one, do you know why they removed Ihedioha and put Hope Uzodimma? They want to determine the next Ohanaeze president General from Imo state, they want to total control. Because it is within the power of Governors to at least make a recommendation to the other Governor's of the South East so-called don't you know that? Nobody knows this, but we do. Their target is not the 4199 Hope Uzodimma their target is the next Ohanaeze president General because they know that Nwodo was rubbish, they knew we discovered that Nwodo was a traitor, they know that people have now opened their eyes we will not allow another traitor to occupy that seat.

Our intelligence services are the best in the whole World,  that is why they killed Osibanjo shot the man in the head and buried him instead of Abba Kyari, telling you he is presiding over a meeting on economic recovery for how many months now?

I am an elder my first son is capable of getting married and impregnating a woman and having a child, I can be a grandfather if I decide to be. All this nonsensical garbage about elder is rubbish, Some people foolishly accused me of insulting our elders, and I said to them I am also insulting myself because I too I am elder,  am over 50 so am I, not an elder? Is it because I look like a young bobo? Am also an elder, but we can not allow impunity is impossible we can not allow it. These people you are seeing they are not elders anything they are traitors that have grown old, they have betrayed all of us.

We are a very formidable force, we may not have money, but we are very formidable force I tell you.

Things are happening in Benin anybody that comes to you and said you see that IPOB  this Biafra thing leave them ooO, that person is your enemy, that particular person is your number one enemy Benin is gone because you have an Oba who is more interested in keeping his throne than fighting for the people Benin City is completely gone. they are using Dangote trucks to move weapons to the South, Fulani Janjaweed is everywhere in the streets of Benin just click on the two links below to watch the video




Tinubu promise them Yoruba land they will take it, today is 20th May 2020, write it down on a piece of paper they will take Yoruba land all of it, then you will know what you have done to yourselves.

If you have friends and relatives who are not on social media then you are not helping this fight for freedom anybody who can read and write should be online defending and making the argument for Biafra, because the forces that want to divide us are too many, people that want us to die they are plenty am telling you, everybody wants to drag us down so we need everybody, every man, woman, every child that we can get to fight this very battle of the heart and minds.

That was how they defeated us we lost the war because the World could not hear our story because we didn't allow mankind to witness the level of atrocity been meted on our people, we won't allow that nonsense to happen again. But those of you in America is a very big disgrace very big massive disgrace am telling you. You people are horrible, very selfish and horrible you must change your ways.

Aba was named by Ibibio, some of you don't know that the name Aba is from Ibibio not an Igbo name from Ibibio. If you stand in front of me to debate there is something called Niger Delta if you go back home your wife will not cook for you again because your wife will know that she married an idiot, you are there Alamagiri will come from the North and give you a name today you are Niger Delta, tomorrow you are South South-South are you not ashamed? Are you not ashamed of your stupidity? Idiots how many of you can go to the North and give them a name like that? Because you are foolish, you want to be a pipeline security guard shame on all of you.

Lugard wrote in his papers to the British parliament, He said across that very River the great Igbo race, the only people referred to as great in the whole of Africa. Is in the official document of the zoo Government.

Let us see what doctor HENERY KISSINGER have to say he was the one who convinced Nixon that Biafra was worth supporting, let me tell you what HENERY KISSINGER said, he said Igbos are wandering Jews of West Africa this was what he told the president of the United States of America in 1969, and that man was Richard Nixon. KISSINGER told Richard Nixon Igbos are wandering Jews of West Africa-gifted, aggressive, westernized, and listen carefully at best envied and resented but mostly despised by their neighbours in the federation". A white man in 1969, told you that Fulani hates you, that Yoruba hate you he was talking to the president of the USA they hate you they will never love you.


Somebody asked who is in charge of the zoo Government now?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu answered:

Nobody is in charge Aisha Buhari is having fun with her boyfriend, they just brought in Ibrahim Gambari. Nobody is in charge you can do whatever you like if you can steal money now and burn down the place that is better because there is no Government in charge, the zoo doesn't have a Government what they are trying to do is to bring their Army down to our land start a war, start a fight so that the World will be talking about the fight rather than what is going on in Aso Rock because they think that is the best way to stop IPOB.

Somebody asked If now the zoo start their killings against us shall our people retaliate?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu answered:

You will know when the time comes, of course, you will, do you expect us to fold our hands and be watching them? And reciting the Bible so if they kill your daughter you will go and bring your son for them to kill as well? Because Jesus said so if they slap you, you turn the other side that is madness. Of course, they know what we can do. We are waiting for them to start. So that Yoruba will write the history correctly, if we do anything now, Yoruba will say oh that we attacked innocent Nigerians, Channels TV and Yoruba newspapers IPOB attacked innocent Nigerians. They have the right and freedom of movement they were attacked; that is what they will tell their consultants abroad. So we are waiting for them to start, once they start then thWorldld will know who we are.

Somebody asked why is the Governor's not supporting us?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu answered:

Because the Governors was put in office by Janjaweed they can not go against their masters, that is why they can never support us, and you know that very well.

I thank all of you for listening to this evening, I maintain as I have always done and will always do, that Biafra is our religion here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God, from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

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