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■ 20, MAY 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are this very evening, this very day we welcome you to another live presentation on this very glorious platform it's a live presentation because today 17th day of May in the year of our most high Elohim 2020.

Regardless of where you are residing, where you are living, where you are domiciled, I welcome you to another epic and explosive, expository display of the very most good order. We have come to expose that that is hidden, we have come this very evening that Heaven and earth may bear witness to that which IPOB is doing and will continue to do until Biafra is restored and beyond.

We are unstoppable, we are the largest mass movement in the whole world, we are not sponsored by anybody, we are not financed by anybody Chukwu Okike Abiama in Heaven is in absolute control, and that's why Biafra will come not minding all the shenanigans of the Janjaweed, not minding all the plots of the wicked, not minding the iniquity of disposition of Ohanaeze ndi atụrụ na Ndi oshi and Igbo Governors.

We are marching ahead relentlessly they have come to our land, but we shall meet them, we will confront them sooner than later, and I can assure you, and we are going to emerge victoriously.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to some of you wherever you are listening to us from, wherever you are domiciled we have come to preach the gospel of Heaven, we have come that the light of Elohim may shine upon us, we have come that the promises of the old may be fulfilled in the life of those who are children of light.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

We must pray this very evening because we have a lot to get through.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the outstanding requests he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We must proceed this very evening, we must preach the gospel of truth, this very gospel of redemption, this very gospel of hope, this very gospel of renewal that humanity may bear us witness.

Our enemies are working overtime, but we are overcoming them because the zoo is collapsing, the zoo is gone is our responsibility to highlight the inadequacies of the damnable contraption that mankind may know that there is no country called Nigeria,  it's dead long gone and buried.

Just before we came on air, somebody kept saying to me where the map of Biafra is? And I say to them, are you that dumb? Are you that stupid? Did you not see that OJUKWU had a plan when Biafra was declared? Have you not seen the map of Biafra on Google? Have you not see the map of Biafra all over the place? But they kept insisting they said you are not OJUKWU you are Nnamdi Kanu.

You said Elohim sent you to do this very job, therefore, show us the boundaries of Biafra. As I have always preached in the past I was led in the spirit to reveal what I never intended to reveal to mortal minds, I said to him if you are travelling or should I say if you are entering Biafraland from anywhere, from the North, from the East, or from the West because you can not approach Biafra from the sea.

I said to them as you are travelling alone you will see many people, you will see many women, you will see many traditions, you will see many cultures, but as soon as you see women's tying two-piece wrapper you know, you are in the land of Biafra. Anywhere they stop tying two pieces of wrapper you know you are at the boundary of Biafra.

He was flabbergasted he couldn't understand it, and then I proceeded to say to him, do you know the meaning of a nation? He said Nigeria is a nation I said no Nigeria is not a nation, it's not even a country Nigeria is a contraption whereas Biafra is a nation. And he was wondering he kept questioning me how you can say Biafra is a Nation? It doesn't exist, and I said to him  Biafra has existed for over 5,000 years.

Biafra existed before Zamfara came, Biafra existed before Beni came. Beni and Zamfara are the two oldest Kingdom you have in the whole of West Africa, Kano and Borno came later on. He was confused, he was perplexed, and I told them we are educated, we are polished, and we have refined everything we tell you is the truth, everything we tell you is the gospel.

Nigeria is not a Nation Biafra is a nation. Nigeria is not a Nation and can never be, to prove it ones and for all and to put it to bed tonight that Biafra is indeed a nation, a Nation before Britain, Biafra is older than Grease, Biafra is older than any Nation that I can think of perhaps going back to a Mesopotamia.

Biafrans is very, very old, and I want to prove it to you what makes a nation, that those things are lacking in the zoo called Nigeria. I will prove it to you tonight.

Those who don't know the meaning of Nation I want to put the entire argument to bed tonight and to demonstrate not only convincingly but irrefutably that Biafrans is the only Nation you have in the damnable contraption.

Now listen to the definition of a nation and why I said it live on air many years ago that any day our mothers come out to join what we are doing that Biafrans will come and am glad that they are coming.

And do you know one thing is that Biafra is a mother nation, we say motherland we don't say fatherland, and we say motherland for a reason because everything about our culture the way we are who we are is embodied in our women, in our mothers?

When we hear about feminism and to give women more power and equal right I said to them you have not been to Biafra. That in Biafraland our women are actually the people that run our day to day lives, that is how it has always been, I have not heard of where women are discussing in the village and men will come out to talk is not done anywhere, not in Biafraland.

That is why Chukwu Okike Abiama uses our mothers to give us the boundary of Biafra all the way from Edo state, all the way from Benue state right down to the Atlantic Ocean anywhere they tie two-piece wrapper that is the land of Biafra, and I will prove to you why that is the case because some idiots are saying oh is just wrapper and I said is because you nothing. Academically you are nobody absolutely nobody because if you can see in the spirit, you will be able to appreciate what we are trying to teach you.

Now listen carefully, A nation-state is a state in which a great majority shares the same culture and is conscious of it. It did not say Language, it did not say region, it did not say social habit they said you must share the same culture I repeat not a religion, not Language, not social they said culture and you must be aware of it. Listen very carefully the nation-state is an ideal in which cultural boundaries match up with political boundaries do you understand it now?

A nation is a place where the culture begins and ends, in other words, people that share the same culture, not the same Language, not the same religion but the same culture. And what is that one culture that binds the whole of Biafra together? 

Regardless of where you come from because as I was doing my research, it seems to me that Itsekiri is in doubt or in dispute I saw the way that Itsekiri women dress I looked at the way the Yoruba's dress is not the same, I looked at the way Itsekiri dress I looked at the way Efik women dress is the same, I looked at the way Efik women dress I looked at the way Igbo women dress is the same, I looked at how Igbo women dress I looked at how Igbanke dress is the same, I looked at Igbanke I looked at Idoma it's the same,  I looked at Idoma, and I saw the same thing in Ijaw, I saw the same thing in Urhobo, I saw the same thing in Isoko I saw the same thing everywhere you look is the same thing our mothers actually define who we are, where we come from.

Look at your mum. Your mum will tell you who you are because that is why people say we speak our mother's tongue, what is your mother tongue? And I said to them earlier today in the post that I made on my Facebook page if you want to know if you are a Biafran or not go and look at your mum wardrobe I am not asking you to go and start looking for your mother's underwear I said go and look at your mum's wardrobe look at her when she is dressed up to attend women meeting.

Two-piece wrapper and where we come from how you know a woman that has just been married or newly married is the way she ties her two-piece wrapper that is how you know a newly married woman, they can never get it right it's an act, and this act is performed in Idomo, in Igala, in Igede, in Igbo land all over Itsekiri, in Ijaw two-piece wrapper Efik two-piece wrapper.

But we allowed ourselves to be divided, we allowed ourselves to be ground into the dust by a combination of three deadly factors, it was started by Britain they thought Fulani Fulani convince Yoruba they all ganged up against us, their aim is to divide so that when you are coming to Biafraland. You enter inside Benue they said oh this North. But look at your mother and look at the way they dress in Sokoto is it the same? The people that they are telling you that they are more related to you you don't even have anything in common with them.

In Idoma land  280 years ago when they came, they killed, and they pillaged the Janjaweed came, what is happening now has happened before it has happened three times in our history. They went to Yoruba land, and they took Ilorin from them, they came to our earth they never succeeded, they only manage to take some parts of Igala only the Northern part of Igala, but the Southern part of Igala remain very strong they couldn't take them to Sokoto. Many men died in that very war.

If you are from Anambra state and you have an elderly man tonight in Anambra, anybody who is over 100 years old in Anambra and a man that has got all the thinking faculty intact. Go to him and ask him did your father ever tell you, or is there any time that there was, was no men in Idoma land that Igbo men have to go to Idoma land to impregnate the women's to give birth to sons and daughters according to the Bible what the Bible said should happen did that ever happen or not?

Ask any elderly man in Anambra right now over a 100 years old that can articulate properly, ask him did you ever hear of men from Enugu and Anambra going into Idoma land to go and make sure that their women procreate to give birth to the next generation of Idoma or not?  Ask them, and you will be shocked.

Ask them what the title of the overall traditional ruler of Idoma land is? Is called Ochi Idoma, Ochi Idoma means someone who is ruling Idoma, a simple Igbo word a ruler somebody who is ruling. They have four market days, they name their first child a girl Ada and somebody who is answering Fatima will come into Idoma and say Igbo man is your problem oh.

Our boundaries reside in our mothers because Biafra is a motherland is not a Fatherland, our women they are like a vessel they contain everything you need to know about Biafra. If you are intelligent enough, if you are attentive enough, if you understand enough, if you can get away from Yoruba media catastrophic brain damage you will know what am saying and what am telling you.

Now let me ask you this question the majority of Nigeria do they share the same culture? The answer is no.

They have decimated the Middle Belt, and now they are coming to the East, and as they are approaching you will not hear any Yoruba newspaper write about it or say that what is happening is terrible, I have been trying to read a doctoral from a Yoruba newspaper condemning what the Janjaweed are doing in the South I have not seen it anywhere, which goes to show that Yoruba media are working with them to conquer us and that is why I am angry with them. That is why I vent my frustrations, and I tell them, and they say oh he hates Yoruba no, I don't.

I hate your media, I hate their lies. I hate what they are doing because one day you will get it, they know if they attack Yoruba land first that I will give order and command to men, men will go and fight along with side Yoruba men. Still, the Fulani they know if they attack the East first, they know Yoruba will not come they know that very well. Because Yoruba is half Christian and half Muslim, are you telling me that Muslim are fighting Jihad in the East and Yoruba Muslim will allow other Yoruba Christians to go and fight in the East of course not, now you understand the dilemma the Yoruba nation is in.
And I have been able to prove to you tonight that the only thing that binds a Nations together is cultural affinity and they must be conscious of it, it's that consciousness that white man removed, it's that consciousness that Fulani removed through wagging this war of Cross River State, of River State.

Have you ever ponder or ask yourself the reason why all our States are named after a River? But not in the North do you have any River Sokoto in the North? Any River Katsina in the North? Any River Kano in the North? Are you telling me they don't have Rivers? Do you have any River Maiduguri to River Borno? Have you ever ask yourself that question why is it in the South they always name is after our own River, the Rivers that we named they now give the name back to us. Anambra is a River, Imo is a River, they even named us after a tributary Delta, they don't have any name for Igweocha they said Rivers just Rivers anywhere. On the other side is Cross River, which is River Cross have you as yourself why? I will tell you tonight.

The reason why they name you after River was what the white man told the Fulani to do, can't you see we came here, and we named you Nigeria because it's makes it easier for us to control you, If I give you a name that has no meaning, if I name you after a River that you actually named now we are giving you the name. It means you can not look beyond that River for your history and who you are.

Biafra is the only Nation you have because Biafra people are industrious, Mechanics are born from the stomach, scientists are born from the stomach, our mothers give birth to us, and we are doctors we don't have to go to school it is the handwork of God, that is how Elohim made us. Chukwu Okike Abiama created a Biafran woman to give birth to Scientists, to give birth to those who will say no to the injustice that is how we are.

Elohim said I don't beg anybody to join Biafra instead tell them the truth, make them angry tell them the bitter truth and they will see the stupidity of their ways, they will understand that you are all one I made you one.

I knelt down, and I said to Elohim I bless your holy name, he said what map are you looking for? Keep travelling he said anywhere they stop tying two-piece wrapper that is my boundary, that is the land I gave to your ancestors to inhabit.

After now when we have finish preaching this gospel and Biafra come if you don't want to be a part of Biafra you go, but am telling you we will write it in Biafra constitution because Fulani they will come to take you, any day they go and take your land. You come and say oh come and help us, thunder from hell will fire you, and you will die.

The same way is telling you now, was how I said the Igbo people in America I have been preaching it on Radio Biafra for years I said to them that the Fulanis are coming they said you are a mad man, and I said. Still, they are coming, Nnamdi Kanu is insane he has lost his mind I said, but they are coming have they not come?

Yoruba media in their wickedness and their evil, they know is only Nnamdi Kanu that the Elohim sent to do this very job they know it very well,  they said he is psychologically fraud Yoruba is writing to help Fulani to come in to conquer us, Yoruba people are writing in Lagos and in Abuja because they know is only Nnamdi Kanu that can rally men and they will stand. So what Yoruba is doing is trying to attack me keep attacking Nnamdi Kanu so those useless and stupid Igbo idiots in America the ones that we are looking up to fund the defence of our land. What Yoruba is doing is to twist their mind, after turning their mind, they will say oh no, there is no need.

Yoruba if as you are writing against Nnamdi Kanu you are also complaining that what the Fulanis are doing by bringing their Army to Biafraland is not good I can understand, but do you see how they are quiet on that front? Do you know how no Yoruba paper is talking about it? Do you know why they are not talking about it? They want you to hate Nnamdi Kanu once you hate Nnamdi Kanu, and maybe they are hoping I will get frustrated and I will say to hell with you people then Fulani will come into our land and take it. And share it with Yoruba they will cut it into two they share with Yoruba do you see what they are doing? Do you know why I attack them?

You attack IPOB, you attack Biafra agitation, but you will not attack Fulani sending terrorist to Biafraland what type of people you are? Yoruba what type of people are you? Why are you so evil?

Why are you supporting your own conquest? Hausa made the same mistakes are you people daft go and Google it. Hausa did the same thing that our people are doing now, and they lost their land because they are stupid, their eyes were not open. Now we are opening your eyes, Elohim has given me a message to go and transfer to the living, and we are opening your eyes that you can see that your land is going, they are in our bushes, they are in our forest, every blessed day they are killing Yoruba will not report it. They want our land to be taken so that they can share it with the Fulani don't you know that?

Anybody asking me again about a map I will then know that you are demented, you are sick your brain is not functioning very well. We were not like any other nation when Elohim said to go into Jericho and match around it seven times. The wall will crumble Joshua and Celeb have no map with them. Still, they knew the promised land, they knew the land that Elohim promise them the same way in Biafraland we know our land, and we know our boundaries, our mothers are there, and they are trying two-piece wrapper that is our boundary, that is what Elohim said.

We have come to preach the truth that all those that love the fact may be set free, including Yoruba. Yoruba, you people, are allowing your children in the media to destroy your race, as Afonja did you people must raise up against your media, Yoruba media practitioners are evil if you allow them they will kill you as Afonja did.

Elohim may your name be praised forever everything we want, everything we need, everything that we require is right there in our front us, Elohim is bearing us witness, and we are winning and defeating our enemies. Left, right and centre we have no guns, and we have no bullets, but Elohim is going to lead us into this calamitous situation.

Instead of Yoruba to ask questions, they are defending criminality because their first priority in life is how they can get one over an Igbo person.

My land is under siege, and you want me to play Mr nice? Come on get away from my face mad people everywhere, play nice to Which idiot? An idiot that want you dead how can you play nice to people that want your race dead? Are you foolish? Can't you reason? Are you that foolish?

They went to Ikwere they said Ikwere you are not Igbo oh, Obi Igbo is the only place that has no twin in the whole of Igbo land there is no two Obi Igbo, everywhere else the names is always two, three or four. Only Obi Igbo to show you the deep spiritual meaning of Igweocha, Obi Igbo they named it Oyigbo.

They kept dividing us given us useless names, Niger Delta, South-South very idiotic names. But in the North you are called Ariwa why don't they answer the name of their own Rivers? Because they give you these useless names so as you are busy struggling with who you are, they ship in the terrorist to come and kill you, and that is what you want? Idiocy at it best.

If you say you are from Niger Delta I have no regard for you, it means you are dumb and daft you are not ashamed of yourself. Ask Fulani why don't you have North North? Ask Yoruba why don't you have West West? When will you stop your stupidity? My fellow Biafrans when will this your stupidity stop when? 

That is why somebody wrote cleverly you are inside trouble and you are afraid of crisis, the trouble has come Nah. One idiot is writing to me we don't want another war oh I say to her go to your village and see what is happening in your town, you don't want war, but they are there already killing people. They brought war you are peaceful, but they took the war with them.

Fulani has brought war to our land, let me see who will mobilize our men and let me know who will give an order, and they will listen, you think you can buy IPOB? If you like, let Fulani give you all the money bring it to the market square, and by sharing it, IPOB is the people, and the people is IPOB, under one command, not two. I give the order only me can no other human being on this earth can.

In the North, the ancient names are there, so when a white man comes. They type in Kano they can go back to Kano history, they type in Borno they can go back to Borno history,  they type in Sokoto they can go back to Sokoto history, they type Zamfara Zamfara is very old even Nasarawa, but when they come to Biafraland they type in Imo it was created 1976 or thereabout is that your history? But in the North they are answering old name Bauchi all their an ancient names they keep it.

All the core Janjaweed in the North they all have their ancient names intact, in your own, they say Anambra, Imo, River, Cross River does that have any meaning? Does it have any sense I ask you? The answer is no.

All the Fulani need to thrive in the presence of traitors, Fulani need two things to function, that they are entering into Biafraland today is because they have those two people in place, traitors and saboteurs they need those two to work That was why they defeated the Hausa.

All those Yoruba little boys and girls working for Channels trying to destroy remember Afonja Ilorin that is my message for Yoruba Journalists, remember Afonja Ilorin that's what you are doing now.

Anybody telling you he is fighting for Nigeria that person is evil, that person is a thieve, charity begins at home did Awolowo fight for one Nigeria? Awolowo was more interested in what is happening in Yoruba land, go and fight for Yoruba land first, we fight for Biafra then we meet. We discuss anything before that is a waste of time, Afonja destroys the Yoruba race.

To enlighten a black man in Africa is a painful task, most of them can not reason, very, very sad indeed.

Nigeria is not a nation, Nigeria is not a country that is why they are holding all of you in such content, that is why Nigeria is now the new Colony of China, that is why English has been replaced with the Chinese Language as official Language of contract because that is the way the Fulani are they will always betray you.

You are asking me where is the map of Biafra when the map was there OJUKWU fought with, you are asking me my road map so that when I give it to you, you will go and give it to Janjaweed.

IPOB is consistency personified, we don't change it doesn't matter what you do, you can write your garbage, you can gossip ooO from now till 2099 that is your business, we don't move where we are is where we are. Our chamber is our chamber we are not shaking not to the left, not to the right unshakable, gossip from now till thy Kingdom come unshakably indestructible, this movement is unbreakable not by a man they have not given birth to you to convince me to say new Nigeria movement.

I am a child of Heaven Nwa Chineke that is what they call me, Biafra is my mission my parents died as soon as Elohim said it's there look at it am giving it to you people. He called them and them removing forward to go and get Biafra, Thunder fire all of you and your new Nigeria.

Do you even know what Biafra means? Do you think in Biafraland Fulani nation all whatever they call it will see our back? Is that what you believe that we will compete with Nigeria? Nigerians will be at the border begging on their knees to come into Biafraland if they doubt me they should try it, let us do experiment let everybody go for five, five years you will see what will happen only five, five years if it doesn't work we come back together. Five years is ok they will be at the border, they will be in Beni Edo begging to come in, we are hardworking, we are blessed from Heaven.

Oh, Nnamdi Kanu is a coward, but I called Buhari a mad man in the Court, The same people said when I came back, oh Nnamdi Kanu you came back to bring the war to us please go back to London. The same Yoruba paper was saying go back to London we don't need you you are causing trouble.

Prophet Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina to safe his life, and he came back he fought, and he won, Jesus Christ the same thing, Moses the same thing, George Washington the same thing, Nelson Mandela the same thing.

Oh come back and fight nah the day I will come back. I will not see you when I came back, did I see you? I will stop at the head bridge Onitsha, the head bridge will close down in 3 minutes.

We are coming, and I will bring hell with me, is a promise, and you know me, I will do it. Before I came into the zoo in 2015, I told you I was coming, didn't I? This time around I am coming, and the hell will accompany me, I assure you of that.

You think I will allow you to go scot-free? Fulani you think you will go scot-free? That thing you are looking for we will give it to you. We will give it to you in abundance even if Biafra ware to come tomorrow morning we will fight a war with Fulani nation, we will fight a war with you eventually we will fight a war, you see that war you are looking for we will fight it, cattle rearer everywhere disturbing ordained people from Heaven. 

If there were Fulani doctors, do you think they will lie to you oh we are going to bring doctors from China? But You have Yoruba doctors, you have Igbo doctors, you have Efik doctors, you have doctors from Ijaw land, you have Itsekiri people who are doctors, you have Beni doctors, Idoma they have doctors, Igede have doctors, and you are all one Nigeria, one big happy fraudulent Nigeria yes. 

Do you know why they went to China? Because there is no qualified Fulani man who is a doctor, you don't read history. Have you forgotten that Ahmadu Bello said, am saying this so that Yoruba can learn if at all they will learn. Ahmadu Bello said we will not give any job to Igbo man listen if there is any need for a job and we can not find a suitable Northern we will employ a foreigner have you forgotten? Ahmadu Bello said this in 1960, this is 2020, that is exactly what they are practising today. They have brought Chinese doctors to handle Covid19 they went to China, they couldn't even go to Yoruba, Yoruba do you see what happen when you support evil?

They did not have any Fulani doctor they went abroad not Yoruba doctor, no Efic doctors, no Ibibio doctor, no Idoma doctor no they don't want they went abroad. These are one Nigerians ooO you are all in one Nigeria, Yoruba you don't know what you are in for.

When you see innocent people in Asaba fighting to defend our land, you said they are criminals, they are terrorists that is how evil you are, children of Lucifer.

Now they are signing contracts in Chinese, and they lie, every day they lie. Is only in this regime of Aisha Buhari and before her Abba Kyari,  before Abba Kyari the dead Buhari that I have seen people taking lying as a way of life.

A dog Is better than Nigerians no I don't want to insult a dog, maybe a pig you Nigerians are a joke, because your thinking faculty is blocked.

They claimed the idiot in Aso Rock Aisha Buhari lover with the face mask is Buhari, her husband yes that is what they said, can some of you remember what happened a few weeks ago? They said Buhari appointed as Ecowas chief commander for Covid19, do you know what is happening now? They claimed the idiot in Aso Rock wearing mask Aisha Buhari lover they said they appointed him to be the Covid19 coordinator for Ecowas do you know what happened yesterday? Do you know that the African head of states regions in Africa they have a meeting on zoom do you know who did not attend that meeting? Do you know who was missing? Our Dr mask-wearing lover to Aisha.

There was a meeting all the head of state in Africa they gathered to have a meeting surprise surprise, the one they claim is from Nigeria they can not connect him, he can not speak, he was nowhere to be found now you understand it, there was no Buhari because Buhari is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia, no Jubril because Jubril is gone in Cuba, there is a boy Aisha lover they gave him the mask to be wearing for them.

Everything I said comes to pass is from God not from man, Heaven shows me things that mere mortal can not see. Even if you are alive for 200 years will you one day think that the wrapper our women wear define the beginning and the end of our border? You can never know that not in a billion years, we are sent to do a job, and that is what we are doing. Give us little help to finish it you are eating hamburger am in the US, we in the US you know, Fulani is in your village you know, mad people.

Fulani is a complete disaster that is what Yoruba is covering.

They don't wear a face mask in the North they bring them down, if you don't wear a face mask in Biafraland, they kill you, and your brothers are in America eating a hamburger, eating Pizza having eaten as much as you like. And their people are dying in the village. It will never occur to them because when they look around their children are In good schools, that is the difference between other people and black people in Africa that is the truth they don't like coming home, so they don't care.

What we need to do is once you see Fulani in your village point them to the houses of those who are living abroad, that is the best thing to do, direct them to their houses let them go and attack their houses first. So they will wake up because they are foolish.
They said oh Nnamdi Kanu you are a coward come back home when I was at home where you were? There are only three places for freedom fighters in this world, in the grave, in prison or in exile. If you are the leader of a freedom fighting movement and you are in the country you are fighting you are not in prison, you are not in the grave, you are not in hellfire go and ask anywhere in the world.

Spain practice democracy the leader of Catalonia movement is in Germany on exile, Wole Soyinka went for an exile, Bola Ahmed Tinubu went for an exile, Prophet Muhammed went for an exile, Jesus Christ went for an exile, Moses went for an exile.

But you see Yoruba paper twist it to make the spirit of IPOB to be dampened, doing the work of Lucifer, Yoruba paper will not tell you that Wole Soyinka went for an exile ooO as Nnamdi has done now, Yoruba paper will not tell you Bola Ahmed Tinubu was on exile they won't tell you because they are evil.

Are you aware that Fulani has offered the Chinese all the airport in the zoo? Is breaking news you don't know that? Do you know they have used all the airport in the zoo to bribe the Chinese? Welcome to Janjaweed Governor's all of you will regret it, you see this APC regime you don't know what you are in for.

Saboteurs are everywhere, If you want to know who the traitors are in our land the collaborator is Nnia Nwodo Ohanaeze ndi Igbo number is one, number two is your Governors, number three are some of your politicians those based in Lagos and in Abuja and some traditional rulers.

If you are an elder and you want respect then behave like Professor Abaribe then we will respect you, we love giving respect to our elders, but you have to earn it.

When will you people learn? Adaka Boro was killed despite working for the North, Ken Saro-Wiwa was killed working for the North, Abiola was killed working for the North, but all of you are still working for them? You, people, are stupid, Ohanaeze ndi atụrụ, Ohanaeze ndi bribe, Ohanaeze ndi ISI nmebi you people are mad.

Aisha is now the new queen of the jungle, she wanted control of the Villa now she has it.

Elohim has been very faithful to us and very kind, and IPOB will do all it can to defend our land, we can only fight with what we have without your help we can not win this very war because the war has come, and IPOB is ready anytime any day. You know what to do I won't tell you, our lines are open you know those to meet. Don't come to me. I will give you the company you go to them then we will start to match.

We have come to an end of our proceeding this very night,  I thank all of you for listening as always Biafra is our religion, Biafra is my own religion here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God, and from me, from here it is good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 
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