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■ 15, MAY 2020

Good evening beautiful People great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this planet earth, once again we bring you a live presentation of Radio Biafra transmission to the entirety of humanity on this very day the 13th day of May Wednesday in the year of our most high Elohim 2020.

Regardless of where you are domiciled we are coming to you live and direct, this gospel of the kingdom of heaven we must preach uncompromisingly, the truth that we have been given to preach to the sons of men on the face of this very planet because we receive instructions from heaven. That very instruction we must communicate to those who are willing to hear.

I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to some of you regardless of where you are because his will must be done on the face of this very earth.

If you are somebody who is in love with lies this platform is not for you, if you have come that you may participate in the ongoing loot and burn in the zoo this platform is not for you, if you have come that Elohim may be praised, that Chukwu Okike Abiama may be adored. His will done on this very planet then this place is for you.

We remain a very peaceful movement despite all the provocation from Fulani Janjaweed Alamagiri terrorist and herdsmen who are now in camps in the blessed land of Biafra, we are live and direct.

We have come that Biafra may be restored in our time, we have come that the truth may be spoken that is why this gospel must be preached, and that is why Elohim will bless and guide us, and that why men on this very earth will bear us witness.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the outstanding requests he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

Having called upon heaven, Biafra will be another Israel in Africa as you intended it to be. For through Biafra that light Will come into the darkness called Africa Africa.

There is an influx of Janjaweed soldiers into our land disguised as deportees Alamagiri, we have no Alamagiri in the Northern part of the Zoological republic absolutely none. We go to the North to develop it, we go to the West to grow it every part of the zoo that is developt there is Biafrans in it. 

We were not like Alamagiri when they concocted the rubbish that they were deporting Alamagiri they were sending, of course, a very false massage, they were trying to propagate the falsehood that is not the case.

That very time has come that I warned you many years ago, I told you in Los Angeles in 2015, that a day will come when this mighty Army of iniquities we march into our land they will rape our mothers, they will adopt our daughters, and we will be hopples and that time has come.

They have come into our land they are reaping, they are kidnapping, the pillaging, they are desecrating our ancient places, our forest is no longer save nobody can farm safely anymore. Our mothers are fair, our daughters live in trepidation, the land of Biafra is overrun, the land of the ancient has been overcome by the relentlessly Army of the darkness.

They have come from the North, they are the Janjaweed, they Alamagiri. They are Fulani as I warned you they would many years ago, I warned you I told World Igbo Congress I admonished them I told them the truth. I said if you do not give us what we require they will overrun our land, I kept crying, I kept lamenting I kept telling them they called us all sorts of names, they said we were crazy we don't know what we are talking about. Today what we have is a manifestation of that very prophecy for they have come and they are in our land.

If you don't have anything to offer you shouldn't be a leader, if you don't have a vision you shouldn't be a leader, if you don't have what it takes to defend and protect your people in times of crises, there is no need calling anybody an elder. Therefore this evening I proclaim that in so far as this situation is there in the South, we have no leaders, we have no elders and we have no politicians.

What is happening now with all this Alamagiri been shipped to our land, what is happening today was foretold over a century ago, it was predicted, but because you don't learn history, because we know nothing about where we are coming from that is why we don't know where we are going to, that is why people do not learn anything from history because if they got from history or if they at least tried to equip themselves with historical facts they would have known that account has an amusing way of repeating itself.

Because Ahmadu Bello said in 1960 listen, the nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our grandfather Usman dan Fodio, we must ruthlessly prevent a change of power which is what they are doing with Ibrahim Gambari having done away with Osibanjo. We must use the minority in the North as willing tools they are talking about the Bachama they talking about even the Hausa's, they are talking about the Gbira, they are talking about Gbagyi people, they are talking about the Tive people, they are talking about all the rest of you that considered yourself as a minority in the North they have always plan to use you, and now they are using you.

We are not going to be willing tools, and we are not going to be used, IPOB will not be ready tools, IPOB can never ever be used.

They took history away from the classroom for a very very obvious reason, they want to conceal the unspeakable atrocity after atrocity perpetrated by the Fulani Janjaweed caliphate domiciled in Sokoto.

If you were good students of history you would have known that what is happening today with this undistracted invasion, you would have known that what is happening today has been planned over 100 years ago, you would have known that the so-called founding father Ahmadu Bello in 1960 said they are going to use all of you.

The problem of the zoo did not start today it started from time immemorial, and it may shock you to know the truth this very evening that the people who conspired in 1966 to remove history from the school CURRICULUM was no other person than President Olusegun Obasanjo.

They have been killing people in Apkanam Channels T.V. never went there, Fulani has been attacking Delta week after week, day after day with only IPOB standing between them Channels never went to interview anybody. But surprise surprise all of a sudden land illegally occupied by a terrorist in the land of Opkanam because if they were human beings and ordinary people they will be living where everybody lives, they would live in the town's, they will live in the villages. Still, unfortunately, they can't live in the city, they can not live in the town they are living in the forest.

In a land, they forcibly took by force from the villagers, and from there they will come to rape,  from they will come to kidnap, from they will come to abduct, and there are people in Delta saying we are one Nigeria, but IPOB are the ones there defending you.

Channels television have never covered any Fulani attack in Biafraland, Channels T.V. never went to Apkanam before we drove away from the Janjaweed, Channels T.V. never went to ask the family of those killed by Fulani herdsmen, Fulani terrorist never interviewed them, never spoke or have a word with the traditional rulers never.

As soon as this terrorist were driven away from there camp all of a sudden and without warning, out from nowhere Channels T.V. and appeared and went to interview them.

Channels T.V. never went to Delta I want people to Google Fulani herdsmen to attack In Delta did Channels T.V. go there? No, as soon as the terrorist were driven from their camp in Apkanam Channels T.V. landed to interview them, you see when I speak they will say I hate the Yoruba's I don't hate them, as I said before I have nephew and niece who are Yoruba I stay with them. Still, when I see the truth, I must speak it.

They said a settlement inside the bush in Opkanam I want you to understand how you can have a colony inside the bush? What is this Fulani terrorist doing? And it's not just in Opkanam the whole of the South, all our forest, all our bushes they are there waiting for instructions to unleash mayhem and that is why if you refer back to the video clip, to the address I gave to World Igbo Congress in 2015,  I told them exactly this was what is going to happen.

I was sent by heaven what am doing is not of man, anything I say must come to pass once I altered it behind this microphone it must come to pass, that is what God has said in heaven not man. I told them in America that they are coming, I said to them that the Fulanis are coming they laughed at me, they said I don't know anything, he did not see the war I said, but they are coming, and today they have come.

And who is defending them? Channels T.V. own by Yoruba man is defending the Fulani. Is defending evil upon evil I don't know why Coronavirus will not visit Channels T.V.? Those people are evil, and I want to prove to you tonight.

I told you why they give Fulani police Commissioners is to make their conquest easier, instead of the police to be concerned about the welfare of the Opkanam people they are more concerned about the terrorist.

Our land has been taken over forcibly, the Fulanis are living in our forest if you don't know let me tell you they have built their homes there they didn't buy the land from anybody.

What is happening in our land is a disgrace the reason why they are going around arresting IPOB family members is to clear the path for Fulani invasion in Delta I said it three weeks ago. Have you now see the result? Channels T.V. will never cover any terrorist attack across the South.

To us, BBC Igbo is dead, what Channels is doing is what they came to do.

I want people to Google Fulani herdsmen to attack in Ondo, in Cross River, in Enugu, Ebonyi, Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Imo anywhere you like Google it, you will see all the Fulani herdsmen attacks all of it ask yourself did Channels T.V. ever go-to interview the victims? The answer is no.

They are in Opkanam because they are part and parcel of the agenda of terrorization, the funniest thing is that most of our sons are In Nigerian Army helping them to fight Boko Haram, there people in Nigeran army from Opkanam, there are people from Delta State in Biafraland serving in the Nigerian Army.

As you are busy helping them contain the Boko Haram that they created they are busy shipping terrorist down to your villages to kill you, what happened in Opkanam is an example to everybody as I told you, you said you will not support IPOB, you don't want freedom what happened In Opkanam is coming to your village and when it comes to your town, and they abduct your mother, maybe your aunt, your father's sister then your eyes will open, your stupidity will disappear overnight you will start looking for where IPOB is. You may not be able to to find us.

Our stupidity needs to stop, this level of idiocy needs to check we are they sleeping and Fulani is moving, moving not just to take the presidency but to take over our land convert us into Islam. And kill as many people as possible and their Army, and their Police are helping them every step of the way, and you are telling me there is something called one Nigeria Ka Chineke pko un ọkụ ndi ara (may the fire of God consume all of you mad people)

I lost my voice, I was shouting at them in Delta asking them to make sure that Fulani can not take over an inch of any territory in Biafraland.

I am warning the whole World our people especially that death is coming, you can no longer stop it some of your Governors are busy siphoning money to China they are busy siphoning money to the U.S., they are busy buying up industries in Africa, they are busy sending their kids to Cambridge, to Harvard they are busy praying you one thousand nairas every four years to vote for them, we told you not to vote you said no.

The only people stopping them is IPOB our tenacity, if not by now in your own village they will have Islamic schools, they will be forcing you to go and learn Islam and Arabic in your towns. If not for IPOB by now Nnewi will have an Islamic school you don't know, go and see what is happening in Ebonyi you will weep for this generation and the next that is why we must do that which is right before God in heaven, and that is what we are doing this evening.

They said since God had destroyed Nigeria since Aso Rock is empty completely collapsed, what they have decided to do is to bring trouble so once Coronavirus is over as the whole World is condemning them for deceiving humanity, they will unleash coordinated attacks across the South before I thought they were going to start from the West.

What they have done very cleverly they think they are smart but am smarter than them. What they have done is to switch the attack to the East, because Fulani man knows that a Yoruba man can never come to the East to fight to defend East, that is what they are counting on they think I don't know, but I know because I get my message from heaven.

Before what they want to do is to take the West then they come to the East, now they have discovered that IPOB has destroyed their agents in Biafraland. All the APC agents they are on the ground they can not raise again they are finished, so what they now did was to say okay let us connive with the Yoruba let's attack the East first that's why they are coming.

As part of their plan, they are going to use Yoruba media, they will use the British high commission in Abuja to make the news palatable for the World. What they want to introduce is a total news blackout the only people stopping them is this Radio Biafra, this IPOB we are the only people stopping Fulani from swallowing you up and your villages.

The people that planned this nonsense is Mamman Daura, El Rufai since Nnamdi Kanu think he can attack and collapse Aso Rock and announce it to the whole world so that all the eyes of the World will be on Aso Rock.

Because after Coronavirus if the World discover that they have been lying to everybody, they will be in trouble, Aisha will go to jail they don't want that. all they want to do is to shift the focus of the World to the East.

Some of you will be surprised do you know that all the killings happening in Nigeria, do you know that the British high commissioner never ever send that very vital information to London are you aware of that? Are some of you actually aware in the USA that the Africa desk in the USA has been bought over by Nigeria are you aware of that? Am giving you privilege information and why they bought Gambari is because he is a master briber that is his job, that is what he does.

We discovered their tricks, we found their game plan, and this is why we are fighting against it, El Rufai and Mamma Daura you think you can hold meetings I will not know is that what you think? You planned all this nonsense you are deporting Alamagiri and am asking you, what is the dictionary meaning of deportation?

When Nigerians are deported from abroad they are deported back to Nigeria where they come from, are you deporting Alamagiri to Akwa Ibom, Alamagiri to Cross River are they from Cross River State? Now tell the world the truth, what is your game plan, what do you want to do? Because the people you are deporting to places where they don't come from are not deportees, these are Islamic soldiers if you don't know let me tell you.

Our exposure of Jubril by the way Jubril is dead, he is gone the one that use to speak. Jubril is gone no more you can't see him again, the one with a hole in the neck is gone is entirely dead.

Because we expose Osibanjo and till this moment Osibanjo is still missing presumed dead, I told you that Chukwu Okike Abiama is dealing with Aso Rock Gambia is a clever mare man he said that you will not see him in public,  any day he tries to exercise or to arrogate himself the powers of a President he will die inside Aso Rock, He is cursed, and I know it.

Do you hear About Femi Adesina anymore? Now you have Bashir Ahmad, I also want to take you back to the reason why they kept appointing Fulani they knew what was going to come, they have an agenda, so the critical thing is put Fulani in every position of authority, make Fulani the Police commissioner Army Commander Fulani everywhere.

This move they are making today I knew it in 2015, I know they will come.

The Yoruba collective yearning for 2023 Presidency is the reason why the Fulanis are doing what they are doing, and they are getting away with it, We must pursue freedom now, Anambra state is under threat as we speak tonight, the Nigerian Amy is providing cover and logistical support the pictures are everywhere.

Our land is gone wholly gone, and that is why I am giving an instruction tonight to all our volunteers command across Biafraland, and am also asking some P.G. inspector General town unions are colluding with the Fulani they take money, some Igwe, the Igwe of Ogbunike, took money from the zoo to sell Ogbunike to Fulani, if you know the Igwe of Ogbunike you go and warn him if you are from Ogbunike go and warn your Igwe that Biafraland is not for sell.

Four traditional rulers have been converted to Islam in Agbor you people don't know what is coming, are we now blind that we can no longer see? Our people travel to the North to develop it look at the nonsense they are giving us back in return? People living in our farms at night they abduct, they kill, our mothers can no longer go to the farm.

Anybody that said I am one Nigeria you are a traitor to your people. This is the price you pay for betraying your people go to your forest and see what Fulani has done to it.

I am giving an order tonight all-volunteer commands every community, every village in Biafraland go and check your nearest forest and sweep away all the Fulanis. They are there or else the story won't be good.

The mastermind is El Rufai, their plan is to take over our land because we humiliated the late Buhari we told the World that Buhari has died when they want to keep it in secret. They said that our agitate for Biafra have exposed their plans so the best approach now will be anarchy, what they are planning now is after Coronavirus instead of Aso Rock to fall let there be anarchy everywhere, and we welcome it.

I want to tell Fulani something they don't know because they are foolish, I don't know who is advising you Alamagiri, Biafrans in America only can found a war for 30 years. 

The reason why you succeeded between 1967-1970 not just because of the Yoruba treachery and betrayal no, the reason why you succeeded was that the World was then blind. Then only BBC control the news and Pathé News now everybody is a newscaster, now everybody is a news blogger, everybody is a media publishing house that's number one.

Number two, between 1967-1970 we didn't have a significant, viable well to do diaspora base, in every modern war fought where that country has had a significant or should I say a sizable number of their people abroad they have never lost because the money to buy weapons will never stop. If Biafrans in America were to contribute only one dollar every blessed week, Nigeria could not defeat Biafra. In fact, let the zoo go and bring anybody they like they can't defeat Biafra.

Let me tell you what gave El Rufai courage to do what they are doing, you know they try to analyze us they are saying that Igbo man can sit down and bring out money to buy weapons that's what they are saying I know, they told an Igbo man is so selfish so destructively selfish that he can not. Then we ask them how? They said look at OJUKWU, OJUKWU has to use his father's money to buy weapons even at that some people took the money and ran away, that Igbo people are not naturally charitable because they are very very individualistic, they don't believe in the collective.

And then I said to the person, to tell them that there was no airport before in Imo state Nmbakwe built it, and we are contributed to it. Hence, we are actually charitable people, but in the intervening years, we have been led by criminals and crooks, that the confidence of our people has been danger as of the result. They trusted Nmbakwe, and now thankfully they trust me, so our people will fund this very effort. Biafrans will found it.

But I don't want them to wait until the war gets to their village before they do something about it by then it will be too late, we are warning them now that something needs to be done and done very urgently.

I am announcing tonight I am giving a new directive to the whole Biafraland because of the situation we are under, I am directing every volunteer command and vigilante outfit not to go to sleep starting from tonight. You will sleep only during the day at night you must be awake and be vigilant because our Intel tells us they will strike at night, you know they are playing a waiting game? They may not hit in the next two weeks or three weeks they are waiting for order to come from El Rufai and then they will strike.

Elohim will lead us into battle I assure you, and we will emerge victoriously, they will kill us we will kill them, in the end, we will win.

Where is Osibanjo asking? Is it a shock to you that even Tinubu that nominated him is nowhere to be found in terms of asking after his brother.

Aso Rock is empty, and they have gone for broke this very caliphate they are actually predictable, we have them exactly where we want them. This IPOB we have the caliphate where we want them to be, we have them in the bad place, we have them facing the devil and  Deep Blue Sea whichever move they make the zoo has fallen.

In a very creative strategy, we make sure that we bombarded Aso Rock with so much knowledge that they have nowhere to hide, everywhere is empty right now a President you can not see who made it possible? IPOB, a President who can not talk why? Because if indigenous people of Biafra, a missing Vice President that nobody is asking after why? Because of IPOB.

Any day you attack the East, which I know you will because you are foolish, you have started something you can not stop. Any day you carry any attack in the East we are ready, we go quite simply to where we go to, and we say I was here a few months ago and I told you that these idiots will attack and here it is they have attacked. And let me see the bastard that will say to me that Biafra shouldn't go then we all die together.

They are saying oh come back from abroad when I was there, where were you? When I was in the zoo, where were you? When I return, you will hear what will happen. Your great-grandchildren will be resiting it in their nursery rhyme forever and ever.

Because we are coming, we are waiting for them to fire, start the war. El Rufai go and start the war let us see you think British high commissioner in Abuja can cover for you? You believe that because of the natural hatred some people have towards Biafrans Igbos especially that you can ride on that and the World will keep quiet? And the World will give you arms and ammunition and China will support you? Okay, we are waiting to come and fight let's see we will tell you that we are in 24thcentury.

You people are so predictable, so because I said a few months ago now is the right time to attack the South if you want, that's why you people are sending Fulani to attack. I said it because I know you will buy into it, you are so predictable and so foolish you bought into it, and now you have come, and you are trapped, you can no longer go back.

They know after the Coronavirus the whole World will be looking for them to jail, they are going to prison I know there is no Buhari in Aso Rock, I know that with every confidence in the World. I also know that there is no longer Yemi Osibanjo I know them, I study them I know how they behave there is nobody there in Aso Rock when that trouble starts  When that trouble that they are looking for in Biafraland once they start firing. We go to war, am sure A.U. will call for a meeting, the U.N. will call for a meeting, the U.K., as the creator of Nigeria will call for a meeting. They will say we want to see President Buhari then Church will dismiss, you will see what will happen because as you are going with your own Buhari, we are going with our own. And then that DNA test that you are afraid of will happen there and then.

I want to collapse the zoo in such a way that every Nigerian will be worthless all over the World, once you are a Nigerian you are useless you will watch this miracle, and you will see it before your eyes. And you will tell your children this IPOB they are mad ooO.

We are going to do something that when we do it, the World will say is this how Nigerians behave? Every Nigerian will be deported. Write it down the word Nigeria will be a course let Coronavirus finish come and fire gun we are waiting, and all the Janjaweed we are shipping them all back to the North.

They have all the money in the world we know we have none, but you are about to see the God we worship how he is going to fight this very battle. Elohim said I have emptied Aso Rock, I have fought this battle for you. What we are doing now is marching around the wall of Jericho seven times that's what we are doing because the zoo has fallen.

Elohim said go and take your land back Aso Rock is empty, in other to stop us they have come, and I love it because it's the fulfilment of what Elohim told me; they will come to your land they will take your mother's they will rape them, they will abduct your daughters nobody will say anything about it is happening now that our prophecy may come to pass, that they may know that Elohim spoke through this same IPOB in our time. History will be very kind to us, I assure you.

Any Ji ha na ebe job down below, the zoo has gone how can Nigeria recover? Recover how? Even Britain can not save them, nobody can. We are waiting after the Coronavirus any day they bring us anybody and say this is Buhari they are finished. They know it that's why he can speak no interview he is gone.

In the end, when go and build your temple in Arochukwu and give praise to Elohim, you will then understand what I am talking about, as it was 5,000 years ago we will rebuild it. Your temple in Arochukwu we will repair it with Gold from top to bottom, there will be no man-made material there that the World may know that we are the centre of the universe, the very centre of this earth is Biafraland, the whole World the centre is Biafraland go and check it unmistakably so.

Every Christian must resign from Nigerian Army, you are doing Nigeria soldier, and they are occupying your own village, if you are serving in Nigeria Army you are serving a Fulani course,  you are serving the people that will devour you, you are serving those reaping your mother's, is helping those abducting your sisters, you are serving those who are looting and burning, you are working those that denied you anything good about life, you are helping those who can not build roads, you are serving those who can not run economic, you are serving those who don't know their left and right, you are serving idiocy, and you are helping your own death.

Aisha Buhari chased away Garba Shehu because Garba Shehu locked her away, and with the death of Abba Kyari Aisha retook command of Aso Rock in the absence of her husband that is a verifiable fact.

Why are you congratulating ordinary Chief of staff saying you will work with him? Is because he is going to do the job of President, of course, he will be helping Aisha Buhari. The U.K. is now looking forward to working with Gambari, an ordinary Chief of staff, there is no Buhari in Aso  Rock what you have is a joke, what you have is Aisha Buhari. She recruited Gambari to cover up her shortcomings.

That was why Gambari said I will not speak in the public, I will report to the President what does that tell you? Which means that Britain is part of the Islamization agenda in the zoo, Britain is supporting Fulani to invade and to conquer the South that is why you are working with ordinary Chief of staff.

Nobody is buying the oil from the zoo that is why they can no longer pay the Soldiers, the more you are in the Nigeria Army, the more you have been invaded.

I don't blame zoo people anymore, I don't blame you, zoo people, anymore because even the mother of somebody who is a victim of what they are doing with Buhari in Aso Rock said, that is my son when actually the son was innocent. That is what they are doing to you in the zoo America wonder, Buhari is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia that is why they can not give any live interview.

Just click on the link below to watch the video clip. 👇👇


Police seized 10 IPOB members recover 13 AK-47  assault rifles that are the news in Vanguard, that is what they wrote, which is a lie we drove them away from Opkanam if what they are saying at all is correct how and where did you find the AK-47 where? What evidence do you have linking them to AK47 you said you find them with? If you arrested anybody with AK-47, is it not your Fulani terrorist that are carrying AK-47 with their nama 🐄? Is not very clear for the World the whole World to see.

Who are the ones with AK47 is it not a Fulani terrorist? With their cattle is not? Is it not Fulani terrorist carrying AK47 with their cattle that everybody knows about? What we have is the World of the Police against the World of the innocent men until a Court of law decides what happens that is what they do. The parade you before the media that is Janjaweed justice, they said that you are innocent until proven guilty am asking this Fulani Janjaweed in uniform did you find them guilty? Why are you parading them an telling the Journalists that they are guilty?

Did you see why we don't want to be in Nigeria? People don't understand this, you arrested somebody a suspect, and you are parading him before the cameras. And there is a law in Nigeria saying you should not exhibit anybody until they are found guilty, but see what they are doing because Fulani is above the law.

 No Court of law has found them guilty. Still, when terrorist are attacking villages in Apkanam the police never called any press conference, when Fulani was attacking villages no journalist was called do you see what the Fulanis are doing to you? Do you see how they are playing with your brain?

Is not everything that I broadcast. Some of you don't know what we are passing through every blessed day, if not for IPOB our land would have fallen. Now, what do they do? They bring in Police with Fulani commissioner to go and be arresting people they said is IPOB, because what they want to do is to clear the path for the Fulani to come in. They know with our men on the ground in Delta they can not go in there, so what they are doing is to remove them, remove IPOB from the ground arrest them, do anything you like with them so that the Fulanis can come in and kill as they have just done in Opkanam.

All those that claimed I am Delta do you see what our men on the ground are suffering because of you? To keep the Fulani Janjaweed terrorist away do you know the humiliation? They parade innocent men put them in the front of the paper, to give IPOB lousy name.

We are going to go to Court, and we will destroy them, the only weapon we have is our flag that all. Why do I need to carry a gun when Aso Rock has fallen? What am I doing with a gun when Elohim has destroyed Aso Rock himself?

If I want quick money I have men's they can break banks and take all the money we need, but I was warned from day one when I was praying at the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, no criminality none I am the Lord your God I will give you Biafra but no criminality and has he not done it? Has the zoo not fallen? I ask has the zoo not collapsed? 

They have no President All we need to do after Coronavirus is to prove to the world that they have no president is over; the zoo is dead.

Biafraland is under one command, police am telling you now in advance there is a rally plan for the 22nd, some people said they want to declare Biafra again raising of the flag is not us.

I will only declare Biafra once, I will only raise the flag once when I declare Biafra or raise our banner if it's battle banner, when we raise it won't come down until the zoo comes down to understand that very well, This is IPOB.

Just go and seat down. If you think you can create a pathway for a terrorist to come into Biafraland you are wasting your time, it will consume your head; you are a mad man. When we go to Court, we will destroy all that nonsense you are talking about fools everywhere.

Our one million man match has been postponed until next year, due to the economic and challenging travel condition impose as a result of Covid19, the leadership of this movement worldwide the very highest command of IPOB have decided to shift it to the June of 2021, we will storm Washington DC in June 2021, no longer next month because of Covid19.
And once again this very evening I believe that we have set the zoo on fire, we are going to have a system of Government that will marvel the whole World, the entire World will be shocked everybody will be on their own if Ikwere wants to be part of Igbo Nation they will be. If I wanted to be on their own Nation fine and well let them be on their own as a separate Nation. That is the whole idea not just to talk about freedom; I mean freedom to the grassroots.

Chukwuma asked if the Biafrans Christians in Nigeria Army resign how they will feed their family?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu answered:

I am sure that when their families are killed, they will find the money to buy curfew if they come out of the Army today Biafra will come sooner than we expect, and then they can begin to get paid.

And on that note this very evening I thank all of you for listening, for participating each and every one of you and I think maybe the program on Sunday will be led by the listenership I will get a whole lot more lines that people can send in massages, I will be back live again 7pm on Sunday.

And as always and without hesitation I proudly proclaim that Biafra is our religion, here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama puru ime ihe nile is our God. From me, from here it's a good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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