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■ 13, MAY 2020

Good evening wonderful People great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, on this very day the 10th day of May in the year of our Elohim 2020, for some people a mothering Sunday I welcome all our mothers those who are celebrating, those who have remembered on this very day we shall say a special prayer for our mothers when the time is appropriate, but for now I must first of all welcome each and every one of you regardless of where you are domiciled, regardless of your circumstances in so far as you have to find the time to participate in this wonderful gospel this evening, this very day that Chukwu Okike Abiama has determined that the zoo must fall.

Then I welcome you by saying good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you because unlike any other this very broadcast is listened to across the length and breadth of this very planet earth.

We are live, and we are direct, and Elohim is bearing us witness as we do so, our mission is a very simple one to restore the kingdom of heaven upon the face of this very earth, and that is precisely what we are going to do by sticking uncompromisingly to the truth, by making sure that we remain whiter than white and whiter than snow, by ensuring that shall always be without fear before our enemies that we will help those who are unable to help themselves and of course be of courage and good conduct that Elohim in heaven may love us, that is what we have come to do, and that is what we must accomplish.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, and by the very special grace of Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile a servant of wonderful people of Biafra, I will dispense with every other protocol and proceed of course to our prayers this very evening because we must pray.

That the zoo has collapsed is a result of the grace of Elohim upon our lives, as Chukwu Okike Abiama promise us and as was revealed to me in the year 2014, I was told that Buhari is the key to Biafra freedom and I preach it on this very platform, and I said that this very dictator, this brutal evil wicked mass murderer is the passport to our freedom and today it has happened, the zoo has collapsed it has collapsed completely and totally there is nothing holding it, this evening I shall prove it to you. This evening that the whole world is listening I will prove it beyond every reasonable doubt that Biafra is only a matter of months away if we do that which is right before God in heaven and conscience of men on this very earth.

We must pray, we must call upon the most high Elohim who has despite all the difficulties, all the challenges and all the tribulation have brought us to where we are today, and we are just saying thank you, but before we do so, we must call upon Elohim.

Wherever we are they will come after us, whatever we do they will find fault that is why we must remain resolutely and indefatigably clue to the word of Elohim. To the words of Chukwu Okike Abiama and a promise, he gave to our ancestors, that same promise we are holding on today to declare that Biafra is only months away. Am not saying years away I said months away because the zoo has crumbled, the zoo has collapsed, all their lies, all their deception has been unravelled, and the whole world is aware of it that is why the zoo has collapsed. For the grace of Elohim, not anything that we have done, man can not take the glory that belongs to God, that is why we will praise him, that is why we should adore him.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all thunderous prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

I was in the spirit I felt like preaching, but I will preach tonight because the zoo has fallen, the zoo has collapsed completely and precipitously. I rejoice in the Lord for I have seen the fall of the enemy, for Aso Rock has collapsed they can not glue it back together again, it's not the making of man it's the making of Elohim in the heaven. Therefore, we must give him praise now and always.

If you have joined this very broadcast you are blessed, if you are part of this very unique gospel that will be preaching this very evening, you are a very lucky soul because you are witnessing history. You are witnessing the collapse the absolute collapse, complete collapse of the Zoological republic that is what you are witnessing absolutely and totally without any equivocation. The enemies will come, and they will fall they can not succeed not now, not tomorrow not ever.

The world whole world is listening rapturously and attentively to this very gospel, and we shall endeavour to the best of our ability and by the grace of heaven to do justice to that which we have been sent to do.

I will start this very evening by playing for you the very prophecy that has led us to where we are today, a prophecy ignored, when this prophecy has prophesied the forces of darkness rebelled against it, they called us a manner of names, they tried all they can, and they could fall within their powers to demoralize us, they tried to ridicule this very heavenly project, they tried to say that we were not sent by Elohim, they said that Biafra will not come in their time but behold Elohim said that I will crumble the zoo. He said we should go forth and preach this gospel without fear that the zoo will fall.

I went to Aba for 30th of May in 2015, and during that very Rally in Aba, I proclaimed under the supervision and spiritual guidance of heaven that the zoo must fall and today the zoo has fallen.

And it was this very prophecy that started it, a prophecy that was made when I was in prison that the same prophecy is going to play for the whole world to hear today to bear with us witness to what we have to preach this evening, that you may know that we are led in spirit, by instruction from heaven.

Listen very very carefully he is not an Igbo man listen to what he has to say, and I want you to situate this very prediction into the happening of today, that if you have any doubt before that Chukwu Okike Abiama and God we worship is with us this evening you will be doubly convinced listen very carefully, please.


You can't fight an ideology you can't use gun and bullets to stop an ideology, if you want to fight an ideology, you engage it with wisdom. The only bullet that can kill an ideology is a bullet of knowledge, wisdom the only way to deal with ideology is to go back to the founder of the ideology and program the ideology and stand at the centre of processing unite of the ideology make sure it's rightfully corrected if you remove the leader have you remove the ideology? There are more crazy Nnamdi Kanu that will come up after Nnamdi they are just hiding under him, the only way to kill this is not by gun and bullets is by engaging with proper dialogue and wisdom, this cry we hear here is not a cry of Children is a cry of an adult. I am not an advocate that Nigeria should separate God forbid no but am saying the best way to handle this is to listen to the cry of the children, sit down everything is not gun and bullet when you take the leader away the next people are on the street.

Do you know how many spirits of Biafra have entered people? Do you know how many millions are carrying the spirit of Biafra? So if you kill the leader or you take the leader away, have you taken the spirit from everybody? OJUKWU is not here but Biafra is alive, is an ideology the man who started it has left before he left he kept quiet and leave peacefully and left but this generation has come and pick it up and is even worst than his own now, the bast to deal with this is not with guns and bullets, when a revolutionist wants to start the first thing they will do they will pass the idea and impregnate their followers, the only way to stop it is to stop them before they impregnate their followers if their followers are impregnated that's all. All of them are carrying pregnancy they will soon deliver to other children if you have 2 million Biafrans you already have 4 million Biafrans because they are selling the ideology and now I don't have a problem, but my own concern is that you don't take humans life, the best thing to do is to engage then in their ideology you think the ideology is not correct you dialogue, you sit down with them dignify them will make the fell important then do that. You can't be killing people, and we are getting excited no, Boko Haram is a terrorist group have you stop them from killing? Are they not still killing? Yes, They are still killing. Did it start as a peaceful group, yes?


are you listening to what he said? Boko Haram started as a peaceful group, peaceful movement, the reason why Boko Haram is violent today is because of Nigerian politicians and those that served in their arm forces. Listen very carefully that is the truth we must continue this very prophecy of this man I want you to understand it.


was their ideology crazy yes how do you engage it? Engage the leaders, and you see some of this things are spiritual very spiritual, something that has died within 15 years, it has stayed there for 15 years because of the way the leaders are handling it the issue of Biafra is so serious, ok let's do a referendum let's see how popular this your thing is, restructure Nigeria make them feel important dialogue that's the best way, the world is to civilized look at America, look at the way they abuse Trump they say everything and the man will just bounce he will tweet again and continue his life.


They abuse Trump every day all Trump does is to tweet, In the zoo, they are jailing a 72 years old man that he insulted a dead man Buhari who is dead and buried in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia, the most powerful man in the world is Donald Trump the seat of U.S. president is the most powerful throne in this very earth, you can insult him however you like. Yesterday the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo was insulting Trump, before that the Governor of California, before that the Mayor of New York and they are all free serving in their offices if it's in a backward diseased zoo-like Nigeria they will say bring him to let's jail him. And all of you are clapping, when evil is happening you are clapping you don't know that that evil is coming straight at you let us listen to a genuine man of God.


That is what is called civilization that is what is called you can abuse me to hell say whatever you want to say it doesn't stop me I am the President of, and I am the commander in charge of wherever you are, you abuse me, but I am still your President this thing is just simple maturity to fill a political office is not maturity is an appointment. I started talking about Biafra before this time a go dialogue.


They were the zoo to dialogue, and they say know.


Sitting down at the table and talking and talking even if it will take us for one month for lives not to be lost is more important than losing lives. If we have to engage Nnamdi Kanu and all the Biafrans discussing young Man, what do you want? Let's do night vigil in discussing than losing millions of souls, discussion dialogue will never kill anybody, but bullets will kill give Jesus a clap offering.


Now you understand a genuine man of God preaching, I wanted to give you a background now understand where the zoo is from when this very man spoke. I said that Elohim will destroy the zoo and the zoo has fallen, we have trapped them inside Aso Rock am speaking be writing it down on a piece of paper so that you can do your research later on.

Right now they are like caged animals within a zoo, in Aso Rock they are caged completely what they have done with Osibanjo I have no idea. It's for the Yoruba's to raise up and ask for their son the same way Biafrans rose and ask for me when I was kidnapped when I was Abducted by the forces of the zoo.

I don't know what is wrong with some people when I am saying go and find Osibanjo they take offence I don't know why? But this evening we will tell you what Osibanjo disappearance potency for the collapse of the zoo Because we have trapped them in Aso Rock.

We have trapped them inside Aso Rock, the diseased remnant few of the cabal they are trapped inside Aso Rock. Holding Osibanjo live hostage if he survived the Covid19 attack I have no idea, but they infected him, if he is alive I do not know but what am telling you this evening is pure gospel. That Nigeria has collapsed because there is no Government none whatsoever; what you have is Janjaweed with AK47 all over the place in military uniform Army, Police, Customs, Civil defence there is more Nigeria Nigeria is gone.

Piece by piece this evening we decimate the zoo completely dissemination, anytime I ask them where is Osibanjo what are they going to tell you? The same response, the same thing they did when Buhari died, anytime they go missing the same line photoshop after photoshop, edited video after edited video than the same line of explanation.

Where is he? They always tell you that in accordance with the guidelines of NCDC he has been observing social distancing thereby limiting physical engagement, he has been working from his office, using teleconferencing to continue his official duties, he is working as the chairman of economic and sustainability committee, every time you ask them where is Osibanjo this is the answer you get.

In the middle of a Pandemic listen very carefully, the elected vice president of the country is heading an economic and sustainability committee whereas somebody who is an ordinary Government appointee, a political appointee with no constitutionally recognized Shelf life, he has no tenure, no life can be sacked tomorrow morning. He is the one leading the government response in the midst of the worst crisis that can ever affect any country apart from war, this is even worse because in wars you see your enemies here you don't see anybody.

I want you to reason very carefully, the person you claimed you voted for your vice president who should be deputizing in the absence of the President who is quite, obvious isn't it? Is now heading sustainability committee that reports to a man who was appointed only a few months ago now you understand it? Do you see that the zoo has fallen? That there is no President, no vice President not even ordinary chief of staff they have none.

They can not replace Abba Kyari because there are three camps in Aso Rock, Aisha Buhari camp this camp that is royal to Mamman Daura, the camp the remnants of those the cabal that Abba Kyari built they know they are in trouble that is why they are all running all of them.

Aso Rock is Empty, and this evening I can tell you categorically that the person running Nigeria as at this moment if you know anybody that has access to Aso Rock you ask them the person running Nigeria right now and dishing out contracts is Aisha Buhari. This very night this very evening because there is no president Buhari is dead in Saudi Arabia in a grave, Osibanjo is out of the picture completely taken out of the picture.

There is nobody you voted for to run Nigeria that is there absolutely none, there is nobody there it's the illegitimate it's illegitimate because her tenure end when her husband died that was the end of Aisha Buhari tenure as the first lady.

Mrs Osibanjo should be the first lady, Osibanjo should be the President of Nigeria, but due to a combination of fear and cowardice treachery, some are not able to raise up and demand to see that what the constitution says must happen.

Listen very carefully, the person who is in Charge of Nigeria as of this moment, this very second with the time now 24 minutes to 8pm is Aisha. Aisha Buhari is the Nigerian President right now that is why they have not appointed any replacement chief of staff are you following? Why should it take so long? That's why I ask you to bring your pen and your paper write it down. Common sense when you go back, you reflect, and you ponder.

You will understand what they are doing with you, you will understand the game and the tricks they are playing with you and why you have allowed them to get away with it for a very long time. It's your fault you that call yourselves Nigerians it's your fault that you are in a mess, it's your fault that you are getting Alamagiri distributing all over the place, it's your fault that a woman who shouldn't be in Ask Rock is there now as your President Aisha Buhari she is the one now in charge.

You are in a country where people can not muster the courage to say I want to see the vice president that I voted for, I want to see or hear the President address me live, but with the advent of new Technology just having somebody making a live broadcast is no longer an enough because this evening is going to show you and tell you all tricks they play.

We need the truths, we need people to come out and confess their sins before they start going to prison in handcuffs one after the other, I know the Fulanis won't arrest their own of course am aware we know they won't. But they are all going to jail.

What Aisha is doing now is the worst treason than what her husband Buhari did in 1983, by overthrowing  Shehu Shagari. This is high crime and misdemeanour, what Aisha is doing is a hanging offence in any civilized country it's a hanging offence, nobody voted for her before her nobody voted for Abba Kyari nobody did but due to your cowardice and your docility, your gossiping nature, almost chronicle existence that was why none of this things was taken seriously.

And today you are suffering the consequences you are the laughing stock of the world, now do you understand why all the foreign countries and of course companies took away all their Nationals? That time that plane was coming and taken people away we kept wondering but why are they taken, people? What have they seen that we have not seen? Now have you seen what they have seen? They knew everything.

As soon as the cabals decided to render Osibanjo impotent, you know what they did? The country started airlifting their people out of the zoo because they know there is going to be a break down of law and order, there is going to be chaos in Nigeria they know there is no Government, that was why they airlifted their people go and ask anywhere in the world if people airlifted 90% of their diplomats out from the territory they are in the answer is no now are you following?

My question this evening is this, why is that you have Yoruba constitutional lawyers, people that said they are sophisticated, people that said they went to school they failed to understand one thing that a law on a piece of paper, a constitution is only words written in a piece of paper for it to have any relevant or any bite so to speak it must be enforcible. What you are saying in effect is that the Nigerian constitution does not recognize Osibanjo as the vice president of Nigeria. That is why Boss Mustapha who is a political appointee is the one running the Government response to Covid19 whereas the person you elected to do that very job Osibanjo they are holding him hostage, now you understand why the zoo has fallen is not that the zoo will fall it has already fallen.

Now imagine what's going to happen when all these things come out in the open, have you ask yourself the chaos that is going to ensure when all these things are led bed in the open? Have you ever for one moment sit down to ponder the calamitous consequences of what, Aisha Buhari is doing, and the rest of the North have you asked yourself that? No, you have not.

Now you know why countries and Government of the world evacuated their people now you understand it don't you? I have to take a sip of water because this is a live presentation not like the zoo, photoshop, video shop everything is fake tonight we render them asunder, tonight am proving to you that Nigeria no longer exist. You are just merely existing in a British defined geopolitical space, as a country, Nigeria has seized to exist that is what I am trying to prove to you this night.

Can you imagine the arrogant? The person you voted to do a job had been kidnapped if you ask them they show you a video, the world has advanced people can do whatever they like with videos this days and pictures is irrelevant, people want to see, fill and touch Osibanjo because you people are liers, that was why you brought in the Chinese as I know that's why they came not just to test Vaccine, not just because of all the assets they striping and taken back to China, you brought them in to bring in a new generation of deep-fake videos and photosharing technics, and as I have said we have everything so you are wasting your time.

The sooner Aisha comes out o hand herself over to whoever that will put chains on her wrist handcuffs the better for them. They are all going to fall, they better go and start committing suicide because no matter how stupid and how hopeless zoo people are, those used tissue paper Nigerians they will not forgive them for this, they will never ever forgive them for this they have now gotten themselves into a lot of trouble, haven't they?

There this thing I don't understand about my Yoruba brothers I don't understand it, is it that you hate your own son ore you are afraid of asking the Fulani to produce your son for you? Am just asking because I don't know where the brain of Nigerians came from Chineke meere ndị a ebere (God have mercy upon this people) your thinking faculty where they are? Nigerians, where are your thinking faculties, am asking you? I know that Biafrans can reason I know that very well. I am asking Nigerians, where are your thinking faculties? Can you reason at all?

Now listen this is a piece of very important news been carried by Tinubu newspaper the nation in a country that practices democracy, where they claimed the President is alive, where they claimed the vice is alive of course we know that contrary is the case, look at the headline Aso Villa, and they are saying it with pride this is people that claimed they are educated, this is people that claimed they are enlightened, this is people that claimed they sophistication, this is people that claimed they are the elites.

I want to read a headline for you Aso Villa is the headline: 👇👇


A new force is now positioning themselves inside Aso Rock to take over from the cabal of Abba Kyari can you imagine whereas you have a vice president, ihe arụ mere (abomination has happened). Democracy is in one Nigeria unbelievable.

I want to read it for you Mazi Nnamdi Kanu continued reading the news.

They said a fresh power play is covertly in place in the Presidential Villa with a new force trying to dismantle the hitherto powerful cell, otherwise called "The Cabal." Since the illness and eventual death of the late Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari, it has been difficult for some members of 'The Cabal.'

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu throws some analysis:

Are you people following? Are you listening? The chief of staff died, so they led us to believe Abba Kyari, and upon his death, there is a now power tussle inside Ask Rock, not that the President died no, they claimed he is alive somewhere. Ordinary chief of staff died, and they said there is a power tussle that the cabal has been weakened can you believe such garbage coming from a national newspaper? I want to read for you please so that people can understand the mess they are in, I want to let you know that from the news coming from your own Nigeria I want to use the same news to prove to you that you have no Government, I want to use the same news to prove to you that your country doesn't exist, it only exists on paper maybe on tissue paper or a used one for that matter.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu continued reading the news:

Besides the redeployment of the Permanent Secretary of the State House, Mr Jalal Arabi, the access accreditation tag of a prominent member (names withheld) was withdrawn to enable the power broker to apply as a visitor;.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu throws some analysis:

All these things are happening to imagine now, for instance, the chief of staff to Trump died, and you hear maybe Washington Post say there is a new power tussle inside White House, that because of the power tussle going on that somebody who was a very close ally to Donald Trump will now have to go and apply as a visitor to come to White House,  listen to this because Donald Trump Chief of staff is now dead does that make sense to you?  Does that make sense to anybody? Those who can reason what is happening in Nigeria does that make sense to an ordinary average person? That is Nigeria for you.

Listen, he continued reading the news:

This is Tinubu newspaper they said a "new force is emerging, and everyone is being careful to avoid belonging to a wrong camp."

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu throws some analysis:

As I told you there is a power tussle, that is why they have not a new Chief of staff did I not tell you that? Have you seen it justified proven that we are always right? What they are saying is that Aisha Buhari is on a revenge mission she was kicked out of her quarters humiliated, a daughter of Abba Kyari locked Aisha Buhari room and say she wouldn't go in, now is revenge all those people that worked with Abba Kyari now Aisha is denying them access to the Villa to Ask Rock are you following? This is a country that you elected a President and a Vice and in all this nonsense are not asking yourselves which of the cabal belongs to the Vice President is the deputy, isn't it? None, where is the Vice President? You can't find him, but where is him? He is heading economic reconstruction committee do you see what they are doing to your brain? Are you following?

There are now camps this one wants their own person to be the de facto President, because of that Aisha Buhari is now in charge, and there is nobody I repeat there is nobody in charge of the zoo. The zoo has collapsed the zoo is gone, are you following? Are all of you following what is happening in the Zoological republic if there is a vice president shouldn't he automatically inherit the Presidency?

Even if you claim that Buhari is there, but it can no longer perform is not the job of the vice president to assume leadership in the absence or Incapacitation of the President as constitutionally mandated why all this cabals business? Why do you have cabal when you have the V.P.? Why cabal when you have a President? And I keep asking all those that know the old Buhari if at all you knew him to do you think he is a man that will sit around and cabals will be running all over the place, running his administration the answer is no he will not allow that to happen.

I don't hate anybody, I don't hate any group but what I am saying is why is it that our learned people, the senior advocate from Yoruba land why are they quiet? That is what I am asking. Because I know if Fela had been alive this nonsense won't be happening, he will grant an international press conference, and he will speak everything out, That is what I am asking.

If you have a President and vice, why do you have cabals running all over the place? According to Tinubu newspaper? People say it as if it's just fun hey our cabal went today ooO they didn't let us in their own cabal is stronger today, madam is the one in charge now can you imagine such rubbish?

No wonder there is no coordination in anything, no wonder there is lies everywhere, no wonder you have bandits and terrorist all over the place, no wonder everything is disjointed because there is no cohesion, there is no leadership, there is no direction, there is no purpose, or even a sense of purpose all are missing why? Because they lied to themselves, they deceived all of you, they use fake videos and fake photos to be deceiving you since 2017.

My Yoruba brothers are thinking to themselves oh because you are looking for Biafra, if you are looking for Nigeria, we would have supported you what you are saying is that true, but we can't support you because you want to break Nigeria, if you break Nigeria now we will be left alone with only the Fulani and one they will just come and pick us up one after the other that's their fear.

But am saying we are here we can't allow Fulani to invade Yoruba land is not going to happen, but you must stand on the side of the truth always that is what we are saying. We use to have our own portion of efulefu we have them in Biafraland all over the place, but we have not allowed them to come up because they are evil and we know them.

What is happening now in the zoo is a travesty it's a shame, and it's a disgrace, you have no Government absolutely none every day they bring out an ordinary secretary to the Government, not even the Senate president, not even the house speaker and all of are quiet, you are keeping very quiet as if everything is normal of course it's not, and you are the laughing stock.

Aisha is now firmly in charge, but I know that some shameless Igbo men will go there, as they knell down for Tinubu asking for Governorship of Enugu state and asking to be made the Vice president of the zoo am sure some of them will even run shamelessly to go and knell before Aisha and be begging for contracts.

As I said from there mistakes, we shall Judge them, and that is what we are doing.

And yesterday night their Presidency, not President oh what you have is Presidency, very soon you will have vice Presidency it's a joke an absolute and complete joke.

Now I want you to understand this Presidency is now telling people to ignore what Nnamdi Kanu is saying, ignore everybody asking after a fellow human being, we are asking out of concerned we care I have told you before that Osibanjo is a gentleman and I like him, I have not hidden my admiration for Yemi Osibanjo he is a gentleman I have said it many times.

Look at a whole Government of the most populous country in the world the Government of over 200 million people so they claimed, I want to read out their response to a legitimate question concerned for the search of their own Vice President he is not the Biafran vice president, he is the Nigerian vice president we are helping them to find their own is it not very ironic? Biafrans pulling Nigerians to help find their own Vice President is not very ironic?

Presidency responded, ignore the claims of those asking after the Vice President what claims are we making? We said to bring the man they can't bring him instead they said forget it a whole Vice President in the middle of a pandemic. All they can say is ignore those asking after a vice president unbelievable.

This is the first time in my life. I am hearing a Presidency running a country, in all my life I know you are either a President or a Prime minister, a Premier, a Vice-Chancellor running a country I have never heard of the Chancery. I have never heard of the Chancery of Germany, or the Prime minister offices in London or the Presidency of Donald Trump, all I hear is President Trump.

Have you heard of the French Presidency before? I am asking all those that said they are a senior advocate of Nigeria, grand commander of Nigerian order, the order of the Niger even those in ogboni am asking all of you? Have you ever heard the Presidency of South Africa? Have you ever heard of Presidency of Ghana? Or the Presidency of Tanzania? Or the Presidency of Kenya? Or Presidency of Mozambique? Have you in your life before? Now, why are you answering a Presidency in Nigeria?

The reason why you are answering the Presidency is that there is no President, the Presidency is a group of people a cabal, and it was introduced under Abba Kyari.

I want all of you to go back to 2015, and 2017 is an assignment write down on a piece of paper, go back to 2013, 2014, 2015 go back from Obasanjo time go through every statement issued, every publication issued and count how many times under Obasanjo, under Yaradua, under Jonathan that the word presidency was used to describe the Nigerian President go and check.

This fashion of Presidency only came with this people, the Presidency on Saturday ask Nigerians to Ignore claims on the whereabouts of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice, instead of bringing them out to come and do a live interview to say we are alive as Obasanjo did when Obasanjo famously said I dey sample have you all forgotten? Obasanjo said I dey sample to make you understand it's him.

Now in the case of Nigeria with Buhari dead and Osibanjo kidnapped missing they are issuing a statement, and they said if anybody asks you about Buhari Osibanjo Ignore them, is that how to run a country? If Buhari were to be alive will ask people to ignore those asking for him? He will come out, and he will speak for himself. Why are you asking people to Ignore us? Because you know we are speaking the truth, you know that all of you are in trouble.

Aisha Buhari knows that she is in trouble all of you you know, don't you? You know you are in a mess, you know you are all going to prison all of you are going to jail. No country will accept you what you have done is abominable, Aisha Buhari and those who are in Aso Rock now your failure to tell the world, to speak the truth that a democratically elected  President is not there is a coup again the people.

Aisha Buhari what you have done is a coup against the people, your husband when he was alive did a coup against a Government what you have done is a coup against the people.

I said it by the time I finish with Aso Rock that thing there will not come outside that is what I said, I will cage him inside there what is happening today? He is caged can't go anywhere he is now looking for a way to run away. They have told him you are not going anywhere he is in trouble with the rest of the zoo.

Osibanjo is in a very serious mess, in big trouble. Why am I hammering on Osibanjo? Is to tell you about the failure, the collapsed of Nigeria, the way Osibanjo has been treated and been handled is an indication is just like having Coronavirus symptom if you have a dry cough, you have a headache, you have High fever you are now symptomatic, isn't it? The way Osibanjo case has been handled is asymptomatic of the fact that the state has collapsed in Nigeria.

Now, do you understand why I said after the Coronavirus everything will be over? They now know that we are close, let me tell Biafrans something tonight we are at the gate, We are very very close extremely close.

Listen where are they going to run to? Are they going to dig up Buhari in the grave in Saudi Arabia to speak to Nigerians? Coronavirus is like a pregnancy birth must be giving to something after Coronavirus there must be something after Coronavirus are they going to hide forever? No, so that's why I said that is the only Coronavirus that is saving the zoo, the zoo is gone. It doesn't matter how Alamagiri they bring from the North, how many fighters they bring from the Sahel.

All it will take for the zoo to collapsed now is for the people to match on the street that's why I said is the only Coronavirus that is saving them, without Coronavirus people in Abuja would have gone to Aso Rock and the zoo will be over, the zoo will be gone.

Nigeria, as at this time, today this very minute Nigeria only exists on a piece of paper, Nigeria only exists now in a piece of paper is gone. Why is Nigeria gone? Not because Buhari died or that Osibanjo is missing no is because of something called high crimes and misdemeanours whoever concealed the death of Buhari, whoever incapacitated Yemi Osibanjo has done a great de service to the humanity, to mankind and democracy, the unpardonable sin.

What Aisha is doing is her doom and that of her family, that the world will hear the name Buhari it will go into author dictionary, Buhari will be another name for fraud, for grand deception, for high crimes.

What Abba Kyari did before he died is a hight of deceit, and Tinubu will go to jail because knows about it, Atiku Abubakar will go to jail he knew about it, Obasanjo will go to jail because he knew about it, Rochas Okorocha will go to jail he knew about it all Those that are part of this conspiracy to deceive 200 million people they will all go to jail all of them will go to prison, all by none look at their statement don't ask after him, the statement of kidnappers trying to cover their tracks after killing the hostage.

As somebody correctly said as time passes, everything said about IPOB, and Nnamdi Kanu becomes irrelevant, and everything that Nnamdi Kanu said because relevant before our eyes are seeing it. Remember they use to call me every name under the sun now they have run out names, no more names are to be peddling fake news up and down, no more names what more names are you going to call me? But everything I say is relevant. The names I call you is what is recognized all over the world that Nigeria is a zoo, but the name you called me can not stick, but then we give to you stocked that goes to show you that the world believes IPOB more than it believe Nigeria, so you don't know? Go and ask Google which country is a zoo? Or who named Nigeria a zoo? Google will tell you is Nnamdi Kanu that named Nigeria a zoo now you see how powerful we are.

That's why am just looking at all those idiots running around we want to UNPO I Laugh at them they are Jokers, our men every watching and taking stock the zoo has collapsed, IPOB is like a black mamba everything in the snake is black the mouth is black, the tongue is black everything is black you know how it kills? A black mamba will strike you only once, and then it will go somewhere and sit down and wait for you the victim to die, the Poisson will paralyze your mussel rendering you impotent and immobile, then the snake will come and start swallowing you from the head.

Chukwu Okike Abiama Elohim El Shaddai Adonai has proven to us that he is our God, Chukwu Okike Abiama said shame can not befall IPOB is not possible because your hands are clean, and because your hands are clean I will destroy Nigeria before your eyes Chukwu Abiama. That was why I said that the zoo will be destroyed, Somalia will be better than the zoo, after all, today Somalia has a President and a vice Nigeria doesn't.

Chukwu Okike Abiama told me I will destroy Nigeria for your sake because your hands are clean, I will destroy it there is a huge sacrifice which it will take to pay, but I will destroy Nigeria for your sake God told me, and I told you then is it not happening now? I struck the zoo June 2017, that was when I said in my father's Compound back in Biafraland when they said oh Buhari is back from Landon I said that thing they brought back is not Buhari, I called that thing because it doesn't exist has it not played out today? Is it not true now?

All of you that were doubting me is very obvious now bring him out to speak (kpọpụta ya ka ọ two okwu) ka anyị rie ya na ndụ (let's eat him alive). We have cage them complete caging, they can not move total paralyzed, we are now about to swallow them. I injected this poison of truth in June 2017, it has taken them over 2 years to die, a simple injection.

What killed the zoo is very simple and very tiny truth (Eziokwu Chineke) simple truth I spoke in my father's Compound June 2017 that that thing you brought there is not Buhari they said they will kill me.

For the idiots who are talking oh he ran way from Nigeria you are a fool, do you know why you are good? When I was out with my men you didn't do anything your shot your guns what happened? I went to Ekwulobia, did you come? As I match to Abakaliki what happened? It was in the afternoon as cowards they are I will be sleeping in my bedroom, and they came. As the cowards that they are were we at war? Was IPOB fighting any war with anybody? Did I declare war? Did I run away from the battlefield? Was I fighting a war? No, I was only attending Rally's; I was in my bedroom sleeping in the afternoon, and they came to kill me, but Nigerian newspapers the Lagos Ibadan gutter media wrote that I was fighting a war with Nigerian Army in my bedroom, in afternoon sleeping.

Do you see how they twist everything? If you are fighting a war, why didn't you warned me? You should have told me. I was to take 2 million men to Abuja to court seat, like the cowards they are instead of them to wait for me to come to Abuja to arrest me in Abuja if the have the guts. They sneak it in the afternoon to try to assassinate me, in the afternoon in blood daylight and am asking all the idiots their Janjaweed and those who are upset because I told them the truth about Awolowo, Awolowo was a thieve and a mass murderer, did Nigeria invite me to war? Was it recorded anywhere that Biafra was at war with anyone?

That is why you don't have a president you don't even know, no vice it doesn't affect you you are waiting for 2023 mad people everywhere and after they mess you up in 2023, you wait for 2027 that's your life, mad zoo people everywhere mad and insane, used tissue paper all over the place.

It took this venom over 20 years or should I say nearly 3 years to take effect, oh what are you doing? Every time you talk about Buhari, do you see how foolish you are? What do you know? If it was the will of God that you will be on this seat that is occupying God would have called you, you would have been chosen, but you are not chosen because you can not see the things that we can see.

And I said to Biafrans we remain on this topic you see Jubril we remain on it, no matter their distraction we remain on this topic because that is the key and today what has happened? This tiny IPOB, this inconsequential labelled group of miscreants, this jobless youths we have collapsed the whole zoo is now on the floor.

Now I want to show the whole world America wonder they have been doing with you, I posted a quiz yesterday, and I put up a picture, and I got from a video of four pictures of the former U.S. President Barrack Obama he was, of course, an absolute failure, and I ask people who are intelligent graduates, everybody I ask them to tell me or show me which one is the real Barrack Obama? And honestly speaking I don't blame them 98% of them got it wrong, and if I were to be one of them had I not be a preview from the information I had before I would have also failed it myself, are you following? Those that had seen the video before they got it right if you see the video you will swear that is Barrack Obama.

That is what they have been doing to all of you with Jubril oh the voice? They can mimic the voice, is called deep-fake you will see the video you will see somebody else talking and mouth of Obama will be moving, with Obama absent and his intonation. All those people that I was telling my very educated friends they said but his voice sounds like Buhari voice oh I want to to show you how they did it, please click on this two link below to watch the full video to understand more on how Femi Adesina and co has been deceiving the Nigerians to believe that that thing in Aso Rock is Buhari 👇👇


Anybody anywhere in the world can be reproduced that is what they are doing to 200 million people, that is how they have rendered your brain useless because they know you are dumb, they know you are stupid, they know you are a zoo animal that was why they manage to deceive you for 3 years they have been lying to you, they have been stealing all the money including the Abacha loot everything before your eyes, if you talk too much they bring recorded click and play it for you on NTA and say it's live.

Am just waiting for Coronavirus to finish who is going to defend them? Now is the only opportunity they have, either they enter private and run away, or they say take your trouble, take your wahala and go you Biafra just go. Because I know that the Yoruba's will defend the Fulani is always be that way so they can be in one Nigeria together, allow us to go.

I am in a hurry I want to go take your zoo and get away from my face, I want to go home and be after man Biafrans will be free or else after this Coronavirus I will display to the whole world every major country I will show them how foolish a Nigerian is, even the ones in their own country they will know. All of you will be deported you know when I was saying this before I will break the zoo some of you were laughing you can't do it Nah, you are boosting Sha, you know that stupid rubbish they say you are joking Sha has it not happened? Is the zoo not broken? Has does that happen am asking you?

By the time am done with the zoo you will be deported from wherever you are, call Aisha now and tell her she is now the President. Please this is a mad man give him what he wants to let him go, that's all am asking you for so that the world may know that those who chose to be slave Fulani they can go and be a slave to them.

Their ultimate goal is to take over Nigeria this soldier is coming from the Sahel from everywhere, they are coming to kill they had confessed one of them confessed when I was converted they told us that we fighting Nigerian Government are you listening? When he was converted fighting Good Luck Jonathan, are you listening?

I remembered when we raised an alarm that Nigerians Army insignia contains Arabic words, one idiot that claimed he is educated said it doesn't matter the Army is from the North can you believe such rubbish? A country that wasn't colonized by the Arabs. The Army insignia is in Arabic, and you are talking about one Nigeria, and you have people who are Christians serving under this banner, and I will tell you what it says, that thing they under the banner in the insignia of Nigerian Army let me first of telling you what it means, it means that the loyalty of the Nigerian Army and their allegiance lies with Islam and Saudi Arabia that is what it means, And they are to provide support for the Janjaweed Army. The motto on Nigeria Army insignia says, and I read it in English Victory from Allah.

Am asking every Christians serving in Nigeria Army to prepare for resignation because they too will be killed when the time comes, as am saying it now it doesn't sound great. Oh, this mad man you see what he is saying oh? But when it happened, I will come back on the air, and I will say to the world do you remember when I told that they will kill them? And the world will remember, and they will say yes.

Every Christian must leave the Nigerian Army to go back to your town and your villages to defend it against the people that were brought in to be supported this same Army to conquer our towns and our villages.

Those who are living in the North you people are putting our existence in jeopardy, you people are putting our existence as a race in jeopardy I must warn you.

The Governor's are not doing anything it seems to me that the Governor's we have in our land with the exception of Wike, perhaps they are all in agreement with this people to invade us and to kill us all of us that why they are not doing anything. 

UNPO has nothing to do with U.N. but Uwazuruike think that he can keep lying, he thinks now is the previous era because we no longer talk about him he thinks he can come out to lie and to deceive. Now Biafra is at hand, he wants to start laying perhaps that him joining UNPO somehow help incoming of Biafra unbelievable.

UNPO is an ordinary NGO (none governmental organization) has nothing to do with U.N. nothing, that's why didn't register we are beyond all this rubbish. Uwazuruike you think that if you bring that your useless latter and publish it, we will keep quiet? You have not realized anything that lying can not safe you and some people bought into the rubbish:

They publish Biafra will emerge as a sovereign nation with UNPO administration are you mad?  You are like Lie Mohammed you think that Biafra will be like one Nigeria where the President will die, and they are hiding it, lying every day calling hungry Journalists to pay them #2850 to publish junk, and they publish it, and you have the temerity to come out and be mounting rubbish.

UNPO is nothing absolutely garbage, we go to U.N. didn't you see us when we went to Geneva to U.N.? If you doubt us why didn't you ask them if they host Nnamdi Kanu or not? Write to the U.N. and ask them there is nothing to lie.

That brings us to the end of our today's program, a day that  Nigeria effectively seized to exist, the day that the world now knows that Aisha Buhari is in charge and the also that we know how they have been faking it, how they have been lying, how they have been deceiving and every one of us but no more; because in his infinite mercy Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile sent IPOB.

That is why as always without hesitation fear nor favour we decree and declare that Biafra is our religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile is our God, I thank all of you for listening from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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