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■ 07, APR 2020

Often times, there is no reason for true love. But there is always a sign, evidence for love where it exists - and Nnamdi Kanu is another significant sign of God's love for the Igbos in particular, Biafrans in general, Africans in totality, and the world at large.

Mr Nnamdi Kenneth Okwu Kanu popularly known by his teaming followers as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB. A group that is at the forefront of the agitation for the restoration of the state of Biafra. They want an independent Biafra from Nigeria which it is currently part of after the British colonization of that part of Africa.

The Biafra state, as sought by IPOB, consists of not only the Igbos. But being the largest tribe in the nation, it is not surprising that they constitute a large chunk of those who are hellbent on restoring Biafra.

More so, the Igbos are the most marginalized and killed in the current Nigeria state. From the gate go,  they have been and remained till today, the sacrificial lamb of the British forced Nigeria on-paper unity. Despite being one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria and by far the most intelligent, industrious and refined tribe, they are almost constitutionally barred from taking part from day to day running of Nigeria. To say how bad it is, the official currency of Nigeria - the naira, instructs the Nigeria state to perpetually keep them under subjugation. Never Allow Igbos Rule Again  - The naira always reminds.

In the light of all these inhumane treatments in what is supposed to be one's homeland, it is, therefore, no surprise that they want out of Nigeria alongside their brethren who the Nigeria state refer to as minority ethnic groups. And have continued to brainwash using reversed psychology.

The Igbos are like a light hidden under a bushel. They struggle to shine forth. A tribe, nobody, will choose to speak for because of the enormity of the barriers on the way to liberating them from the very many strong hands of the mighties in high places holding them down. What has become of those who have attempted the liberation task in the past is enough warning for anyone who desires to. Odumegwu Ojukwu is regarded as the bravest Igbo to walk the face of the earth. They call him the people's general. 

But even he failed to achieve total liberation. All his efforts can only pass for an awareness campaign. His failure made many easterners argue that no one else can ever achieve complete freedom for the Igbos.  They helplessly and hopelessly say of Mr Kanu, "what even the great Ojukwu in his education and wealth could not achieve, is it this small boy that can?" They say so not because they dislike freedom but because they have tested the might of the oppressors and considers it Insunmantable. But little did anyone know that an entity with too immeasurable power, delights in these people so much hated by too many.

The emergence of Mr Kanu from somewhere that is more or less nowhere and the success he has recorded in making the people buy the idea that freedom is possible not minding the dangers that lie on the way to the "promised land", is undoubtedly divine. The extent to which IPOB has gone in the restoration struggle is beyond human comprehension.

How are they doing it?  How are they achieving all these?  The super supreme force which humans prefer to call God must have a hand in all these. Outside making the restoration of the Biafra nation imminent, the Igbos who have been bereaved of good leadership for decades can now boast of having arguably the most people sensitive leaders in the world. IPOB keeps exemplifying by the day what people-oriented leadership should be. The latest is found in their response to the COVID'19 epidemic.

While the federal government of Nigeria is still running from pillar to post, IPOB, despite the very stringent conditions under which they operate on the limited financial resources at their disposal. They have launched a bumper package worth about three hundred million nairas to cater to the Biafran people. The plans are outlined already and are to kick start with an initial sum of fifty million. Unlike the government in which no Nigerian has hope. The mere mention of IPOB brings succour to the people.

The love Mr Kanu has for the Biafran people is so much that  Biafrans should consider themselves lucky to have such a leader. I was shocked to internal tears when I heard Mr Kanu in one of his broadcasts calling for cooperation from everyone to combat the coronavirus threat. A call one can take for a ceasefire with the puppet political class in Biafraland who have become the most effective instruments of torture in the hands of British Nigeria. He went as far as appealing to the governors to pay salaries. Appealing suggests that he is ready to shield the sword for even those governors who conspired to kill him in 2017. A man who can do anything possible just to see his people freed.  What more can people ask for?

Mazi Kanu as a gift to the Igbos means a lot to the entire black race. Starting from the Biafrans in the coastal region of Biafra, IPOB is bringing such light as no darkness can comprehend. The hitherto brainwashed people who go as far as denying their identity as a result of unquantifiable bamboozling, lies and threat by the Nigeria government, now have the truth lying bare before them. IPOB has done so much work in propagating the fact that only the irredeemably daft still live in darkness in Biafraland.

Even the bewitched Nigerians are beginning to come to terms with reality. What remains is for them to damn the consequences and take the bull by the horn. All thanks to Mr Kanu and IPOB.

It is often said that black Africa can never see the light unless Biafra is free. People may not be comfortable with these, but it changes nothing. From every data available, the Igbos have the key to making the excellent potentials in Africa and Africans kinetic. The enemies of Africa know these too well. To keep Africa down, just hold the Igbos down. Hence, Africans ought to awake and utilize this gift while he is around.

Igbos, Biafrans and Africans should be grateful to Chiukwu Okike, to Nnamdi Kanu and to IPOB.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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