■Author: Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 07, APR 2020

My attention has been drowned to the reckless and senseless comments and articles speculating all over social media regarding the hick in the price of commodities across the country of which the commentators have blatantly and conspicuously incriminated, blasted and blamed the Igbo Biafrans. I bleed in my mind when I come across comments or article (s) that reads "Igbos are selling a painter of garri #1500 to their fellow Igbo men After they will say they want Biafra". Are you kidding me? Why on Earth would someone who has a common sense make this kind of nitwitted and witless comment? Perhaps they may have lost their economics textbook and notebook(s) in secondary school.

I think it's good to educate those tangible illiterates making this witless comments before they poison many peoples mind.
In economic, whenever there is an increase in quantity demanded the price of goods will definitely increase. The cause of the amount required is caused by many factors but let me just lay emphasis on those few factors which cause this current hick in price in this period.
One of the factors that cause this increase in the price of commodities is "featured expectations" of course people are aware of the deadly virus called COVID-19, which have been declared PANDEMIC by WHO. This epidemic has perturbed, and crippled world economy, both affected and nor affected countries is on lockdown except the ring-around-a-rosy country called Nigeria.
The citizens have sensed potential scarcity, and they rushed to the market to stock up, which lead to an increase in the quantity demanded, thereby leading to an increase in price.
The second factor is "article of necessity". This is a common thing which I expected those witless fellows to understand. Garri is very necessary for this milieu coupled with the potential expectation, and that caused an increase in price.
The price of building materials remains constant, the cost of cars remains constant, why? Because it's not necessary for survival at this time.
With this compendious and apprehensive explanation, you will deduce that the cause of this increase in price can generally be classified as man's behaviour in his ordinary business life.

You're producing nothing, but you keep consuming, and you think the price will remain constant. After this global lockdown, wait for inflation and devaluation of the naira.

Now with the above explanation tell me how this COVID-19 pandemic and global pandemonium is linked with the Biafra revolutionary quest and pursuance?.
Why will a normal human being equate an increase in price to race or an ethnic group like the Igbos? The question I expected you, tribal bigots, to ask is the whereabouts of the billions upon billion donated by your so-called billionaires and not looking for a flimsy excuse to pull IPOB down or quench the Biafra struggle.

As a matter of fact, IPOB has donated an enormous amount to help curtail the COVID-19 pandemic in Biafra land. I will advise all Biafra haters and credulous quisling illiterate Igbos who lack the common sense to remain tacit and stop making a mockery of their self in a bid to cajole IPOB and the Noble quest of Biafra.

just because they are moved by unnecessary and unwanted solipsism and barbarism.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi

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