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Looking at the very laughable last Broadcast of Jubril El Sudani, impersonating Buhari. People say we should leave this topic, I say to them we can never leave this topic. We cannot, that is our way of facing the destruction of the Zoo, we can't abandon it. Not today not tomorrow and not ever because we are alive and live.

They said Jubril did a Broadcast. It was counted as a Live Broadcast, but due to our perseverance and persistence, it now very clear to the whole world that the Zoo is lying. They have always been lying to you, they have been deceiving you but because of our tenacity, because of our dedication, our resoluteness, ordinary people are now beginning to ask questions.

How come we cannot see you? You claim that you are the President, but we can't see you. What kind of President are you? Buhari can't speak to you. He can't conduct a simple press conference as all other Heads of States are doing all over the world. He cannot take questions on terrorists. Instead of the Journalists to be asking WHO IS THAT THING THERE? They are in my village to ask if I am alive or not.

I am telling you, any man who has any brain in his skull will see that the last recording of Jubril El Sudani (Buhari Broadcast speech to Nigerians on 28:04:20) was not done live. He has not entered the Zoo yet. I can assure you. I know the Airforce Plane that took them from Cuba to SA where they are quarantined presently. They are still in SA. When SA will let them come, I do not know. But I can assure you that Jubril is not in the Zoo, he is not in Aso Rock, that very crumbling edifice of deceit and hopeless habitation of very wicked and evil men and women.

That very recording was not done Live. Nobody in their right senses can tell you it was Live.

1. You can see the useless picture they used, they photoshopped the background, look between the Flags and you'll see a very dark shadow.

2. Does it mean there is no light where they are?

3. Does it mean they forgot to turn on the lights?

4. Can you see the flag is just in-mobile, stood at one very spot, never moving, what does that tell you?

They are still forging, they are still deceiving you. They are still living on hope upon hope that perhaps some of you would be so stupid and gullible to believe them. This very laughable display of mediocrity, you cannot say you come from a country where there are over 200 million people, and that's the best you can do?  

That's an insult. People say  ...Oh I am writing to Buhari. Which Buhari are you writing to? The one in Cuba recording videos and messages, or the one in the grave in Saudi Arabia? Which one are you writing to, If I may ask you? Why do you always participate in an act of deception? I'm asking Zoo People, why do always deceive yourselves, why do you do that? You know that Buhari doesn't exist, don't you? But out of fear and cowardice you sustain the Fraud with the help of Yoruba Media.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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