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■ 01, May 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet earth, once again we welcome you to an extraordinary rendition of our twice-weekly broadcast. This very day the Wednesday of the 29th day in April in the year of our most high Elohim 2020.

I welcome each and every one of you, especially those who are listening live and direct from my Facebook page, as I said we are live. We are direct it's not recorded I am sure, you saw me sat here live as our national anthem was playing to show that we do not lie, to show that we do not deceive, to show that we do not photoshop, to show that we do not digitally utter any video, to demonstrate irrevocably that we are standing on this very temple of truth to propagate the kingdom of heaven upon the face of this very earth.

Some may not like it that the facts speak for itself, that the damnable zoological republic they are on unable to muster what we are doing today. They can not do it because they have Jubril Al-Sudani recording a video for them from a basement of a hotel in Havana in Cuba, we are live, and we are direct. Humanity is bearing us witness, that is the difference between them and us.

I have given you today's date if you wish I can repeat the time that is how you know those who are transmitting live and those who are deceiving and lying to you, we are resolute, we are determined, we are formidable we are irreversible In our quest and our pursuit which we know is right before God in heaven and man on this very earth.

And I brought with me a glass of water I am not like Jubril I will take a sip of water as I proceed. He can not drink because there is a hole on his neck but here I can, as always will say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to some of you. Because radio Biafra is transmitting live to the whole world,

We are not ever going to relent until the damnable and abominable zoological republic is crumbled and crumbled this very evening totally we shall continue our relentless onslaught at that very seat of hell and iniquity until it crumbles.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We shall continue this very evening to propagate this very gospel, what we have come to do is to set every captive free everybody who is under bondage in the zoo will be set free I said, everybody. I don't hate anybody I don't despise anybody if I mention your ethnicity or your tribe, if I am a bit hard on them know that I am specifically referring to those of them that they call their leader's, those who have led us blindly to this very blind part, those of them that will continue to deceive, those that will continue to lie, those that will continue to prevaricate.

We have come that the blind may see not in the way they do it In Pentecostalism. Still, we have come to impact knowledge and reason, we start this very evening by looking at the very laughable broadcast by Jubril Al-Sudani impersonating Buhari. People said we should leave this topic. I told them we can not leave this very topic. That is our way into the destruction of the zoo we can not abandon it not today, not tomorrow not ever.

They said Jubril did a broadcast it was taunted as a live broadcast, but due to our perseverance, due to our persistence it's now very clear to the whole world that they were lying, now it's clear to the whole world that the zoo is lying they have always been lying to you they have been deceiving you. But because of our tenacity, because of our never say die attitude, because of our dedication, because of our resoluteness ordinary people are now beginning to ask questions. How come we can not see him? You claim that you are the president, but we can not see you, what type of president are you?

I serve the wonderful people of Biafra I am live and direct, and Biafrans can watch me all over the world, but the man you claim is in Aso Rock that most people foolishly call Buhari that every man can not speak to you, can not conduct a simple press conference all other heads of states are doing all over the world, can not take questions from the Journalists, instead of the Journalists to be asking those in Ask Rock who is that thing there? They are busy going to my house, asking my younger brother if I am alive or not.

BBC Igbo, BBC Igbo, BBC Igbo the same BBC can not ask Garba Shehu if that man with a hole in the neck is Buhari or not, they can not ask Aso Rock If that thing there on a bleaching cream and I am sure the reason why he accepted this very commission to come to the zoo maybe he must have seen Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy the way he is very light. I am sure perhaps he said to get me the cream that Chris is using I want to use it.

All of a sudden Jubril is light and Yello overnight, he wants to look like Christ Oyakhilome, he wants to look like the pastor of Christ Embassy all of a sudden he is light BBC Igbo can not ask Aso Rock why is this man all of a sudden very light? Nobody is asking questions, but they have the goods and temerity to come to Isiama Afaraukwu to ask a very foolish question.

I am live, and I am direct and am telling you that anybody who has any brain In their skull will see that the last record of Jubril Al-Sudani was not done live, he has not entered the zoo yet I can assure you. I know the air force base that they took then to where they were quarantined they are still in South Africa if South Africa will let them come in I do not know. But I can assure you that he is not in the zoo, he is not in Aso Rock.

That very recording was not done live nobody in their right senses can tell you that it was live, you can see the useless picture they use a photoshop picture as the background, look between the flags you will see a very dark shadow, does it means there is no light where they are? Does it mean they couldn't have turned the light? Can you see the flag immobile stood in very one place, never moving what does that tell you?

They are still fudging and still deceiving you, they are still hoping against hope that perhaps some of you will be so stupid and so gullible to believe them.

This very laughable display of mediocrity, you can not say that you come from a country where there are 200 million people, and that is the best you can do that is an insult. People still say oh Buhari I am writing to the President which Buhari are you writing to? The one in Cuba doing a recorded message? Or the one in the grave In Saudi Arabia, which one are you writing to I ask you?

Why do you always participate in the act of deception? Am asking zoo people why do you always deceive yourself? You know that Buhari doesn't exist, don't you? You know that very well, but out of fear and cowardice, the only people sustaining this fraud is Yoruba media. It's them sustaining this very fraud they are the one sustaining it because I tell you the truth always morning noon and night I speak the truth.

They are the one who is allowing this evil to continue even today before we came on air guardian newspaper published a picture of Jubril wearing a Buhari mask with a hole in the neck, saying that Trump called Buhari to do you see how deceptive they are? All of them.

Nobody is asking why does this man have a hole In his neck? Nobody is asking that question. It's to be asking my younger brother where I am if he has heard from me very laughable.

The handlers of Jubril should give every right-thinking person a course for concern, If you have a conscience you must be worried about what is happening in the zoo. I told you is empty, I told you there is no president, no vice president, they hastily photoshop a picture of Osibanjo.

Let me have some water for those who can not see me if you wish to see me you have to go to my page Mazi Nnamdi Kanu I believe is the one with over a quarter of a million followers that is where you will see me, as am sipping water something that Jubril can not do because if he tries to sip water, it will come out of the hole in his neck, he can not he is wearing a mask, people wearing mask do not drink water no liquid, because their upper lip two, the lower lip is always two everything is double. As am sipping water now, Jubril can not do it.

Instead of the zoo media those of them who are writing foolishly and speculating hopelessly to go and demand of their own president to do the same thing that the leader of Biafra is doing they can not do it. When we say something to people, they must understand us and know that we do not lie.

Nigeria is a den of liars and deceivers every day they lie every day they deceive you, the most distressing is that most people swallow it they accept this very fraud. Here we can't accept it, here on this very platform we preach the gospel of truth, the gospel of restoration, this very gospel of decency that will lead us into the light and not into darkness. The zoo is in the darkness that is why they are failing, and that is why they will continue to fail.

Please publish that very picture that the world may be able to see it, the picture they claim is live from NTA, they claim it's live going out to the whole world that people should link in and some of you saw that it was recorded on the 25th it was there very clear recorded on the 25th.

You claim Buhari is In Aso Rock why are you faking the background? Why are you Photoshoping a picture unto the background of a recorded video? He was a newscaster reading news, am I reading the news? I am looking at people directly, and I speak. Even the old Buhari before he died did not result in the reading of script go and check his videos, and we have it this evening it will be played.

They have been lying to all of you, and the reason why Yoruba media have not picked up to this very critical point is that they are lying to themselves, they want to deceive you because of Tinubu in 20203, Yoruba is hoping to produce a president and because of that mass deception is allowed, lying is allowed, and this is newspapers publication and TV Houses that swore an oath to uphold the integrity of Nigeria journalism, all of that is gone, Political expediency they want the presidency but unfortunately for the people no longer but oil, and because of that, they are gone.

What is happening is that people continue to allow themselves to be deceived here we can not allow that to happen, they cover up the truth that is why Nigerian media is always at the forefront of alleging killing, allege police massacre, allege Army massacre they cover up their own truth, they can not speak the truth, and they will use their deception to leverage the government to get money.

If not for Devil Umahi would we have known that Governors pay Nigerian union of a journalist? Would we have known that the zoo pays any Nigerian union of a journalist the same way the bought over the Judges I told you?

I am not saying that every Journalist is bad God forbid, I am not saying that every publication house is bad that's not what am saying. There some people those of them in Channels TV and other places who are lying and deceiving you, when people are dying in their hundreds in Kano instead of them to come out and say people are dying they say oh is now malaria. Because you are living in a society where the culture is to lie and to deceive that is why you are blind, that's why you can not see, that is why we have come that the truth may prevail.

Aso Rock is empty, and anybody who doesn't know that by now is mad, if you don't know that Aso Rock is empty, you are insane In the middle of pandemic there is no president only recoil speech, in the middle of pandemic there is no vice president, in the middle of the pandemic nobody from the government can stand and take questions from journalists, apart from an ordinary secretary to a government and you think that things are normal, you think that's how to run a government., You are telling me that such society is capable of producing intellectuals.

Of course, we know that Aisha Buhari has taken temporary charge of Aso Rock that was why she sent 18 truck of loads to Kano,  she is temporary in charge.

That young boy with a Buhari look like the mask I told you he loves football, I told you he likes Champions League some of you were doubting me, there is a picture you are going to see, you know where he was using a toothpick after eaten nkwobi he was using a toothpick to clean his teeth. Have you seen that very picture before? Some of us we have eyes, but we do not see, go back to that very picture and have a look you will see football, are you telling me Buhari love football? The answer is no. This Young boy plays football in the garden of Aso with Yusuf Buhari, son, when I tell you, he loves Champions League some of you were laughing say how do you know.

I want to ask BBC Igbo why did you not ask Aso Rock about Jubril? Why is it that nobody asks questions in the zoo? Why can't you do it you can't do it because you are you don't know what you are doing, because you are terrified and you are scared, all of are cowards you are scared you can't speak. But I have told you that Buratai is no longer there, all these people they are on the run, they are infected with Covid19 they are on the run. Aso Rock is empty absolutely empty.

Why can't they ask questions In the zoo called Nigeria, Buratai is wearing a mask, whoever they bought to do that jobs is doing a very very terrible job, and I ask Yoruba media who are covering up for all these demons is this how you are going to run a country? You continue lying, you continue leading people astray is that how to run a country am asking you? Is that how you are going to run a country by using lies and deception? Trying to fool people, trying to make them believe something that they should not believe In the first place.

All this lies Yoruba why are you supporting evil? Yoruba media, why are you supporting evil? Yoruba on Facebook, why are you supporting evil? Where do you think is going to get you to? We are not in a war against anybody, we are not fighting anybody what we are doing is right.

People say to me all the time why don't you abandon this Jubril saga? I said no the more we pursue them, the more mistakes they make, they will continue to make a mistake every time they claim they are coming live there are going to make a very serious mistake. And once they do we pounce on them and they are finished, has it not happened? Do you see where we are going? Anything we ask you to do, please try and do it.

All the money they have borrowed they have spent it in bribing People to frustrate the effort of IPOB, the more they try to frustrate us the more they fail, the more they will continue to fail until the time when Biafra shall emerge, their media they know this very well,  the people setting the agenda for them they also understand this.

In 2015 I told all of listening now that Buhari is the one that will give us Biafra is it not happening today? Because this year 2020 we are going to establish to the whole world that Aso Rock is empty, and the zoo must collapse as a result of it. Don't think they don't know the world know that is why Donald Trump said he spoke to a Nigerian, not their presidency, Trump said I spoke to a Nigerian he never said I spoke to the president, so they know, and the work we are doing is driving home that very massage that Nigeria is a fraud and we must keep to it.

The only thing holding Nigeria together today is Yoruba lies, deceive and deception that is the only thing holding Nigeria together, when I said Yoruba I don't mean ordinary people, I mean those who called themselves your leaders they are the ones holding the zoo together in the hope of 2023.

That's why they do what they do if you are dying in the zoo, if you are suffering, if you are killed by the army, if you are hungry stop blaming the Janjaweed Alamagiri, blame the Yoruba. Yoruba is the problem. Do you know why they are the problem? They are the one that refuses to speak and stand on the truth that is their crime, that is the evil they are committing.

This year we are mounting relentless pressure the world must know that that thing wearing a mask inside Aso Rock is not Buhari, they know that in secret but they are going to know it in the open that nobody can hide it anymore. Abba Kyari was not there anymore had he been there they wouldn't have been making all these mistakes.

I must preach this very gospel it will be paining you and I will be preaching it, is only during the war that there were no media, now we are all over the world. If you like to buy all the satellite in the world we are still transmitting we are till broadcasting it doesn't matter what you do you are wasting your time. Yoruba what you are doing will swallow you alive then you will remember Biafra.

You have abandoned Amotekun because you are scared of Fulani, you are just cowards you can not stand on something you believe in is always following evil always gravitating towards evil. Every time you see good, you will say no, you follow evil, why? What do you think you have done in the zoo? Name one thing you have done in Nigeria? Is anywhere you see evil you go, oh please give me some money I can stop IPOB give me some money do you think God will forgive you? The zoo will consume you if you don't take time,  or you think I am like Azikiwe that will condone evil. I am not like that never you must be dreaming. Anywhere I see evil I mention it it doesn't matter who it's I don't care who you are if I see evil I will mention it.

Was Wole Soyinka not corrupt? Name one Yoruba man that is not corrupt, name one that is good let me slaughter him/her like a duck 🦆, tell me Yoruba man that serve in public office and went back with integrity or her integrity intact, you can't can you?

Yoruba should stop supporting evil it will do you no good, Yoruba leave evil that evil may leave you alone. I was broadcasting one minute ago your reduced my number from over 33,000 to 3,000 I reconnected and is over 8,000, and when I preach this very gospel People Don't understand, we will continue because we are relentless, if you like reduce it to zero they got so frustrated they cut off the whole thing.

I am Nnamdi Kanu I preach the truth always look at my face oh I am pulling it is there any mask? But you see Jubril there is a hole In his neck can Jubril do this? Can Jubril do it am asking you? You claim your president is a man with a hole in the neck zoo is finished.

Leave Jonathan and Patience alone you can even maybe toil with Jonathan a bit but Patient you must leave her alone, in fact, who is looking for Patient to start with? Let us see who the idiot is. Let us cure his/her sickness mad people.

Bloomberg report that the banks told to provide the bank details of Jonathan and others, including Citigroup who ask for it? IPOB you have a standing order I want to know everything there is to know about that little criminal that boy called Abubakar Malami, the grades he scored in school, the school he went to, the lecturers he bribed I know he is a quarter graduate of law, I want to know everything about him.

I want to set an example with him that others may learn this boy Abubakar Malami I will set an example with you that others may learn, I don't care what you do. You see Patient Jonathan she is untouchable since we are now in the Business of writing a letter, I wrote one to IMF and World Bank, and now you are writing to Banks let us up the game.

We are now going to write to all the Banks all over the world to give us the bank accounts of every Fulani criminal including Abba Kyari family, you want to write a letter? We are now going to write letters now, we are now going to inform every bank in the world, and we know where the money's 💰 are hidden.

I warned you you don't go after Patient Jonathan you don't try that rubbish at all, Diezani you don't go after her I don't know who they are, but you can't go after them without going after Aisha Buhari that is wanted in America for fraud. Halliburton Bribery Scandal she is involved, you have not asked for the bank account of Aisha Buhari, you have not asked for the bank account of Ibrahim Ibrahim Lamorde, you have not asked for the bank account of Yusuf Buhari, the fourth richest man in Africa.

You are going after Patient Jonathan because Jonathan is a gentleman, he is quiet he wants one Nigeria, he is a statesman, he wants the UN to call him and give him justice of the peace. You can do whatever you like with Jonathan, but you see patients no go areal at all.

Where did Aisha get the money to buy 18 trailer load of rice from where I ask you? Where did she get the money from? Fulani anaghi atu Egwu, (Fulani is not afraid) I don't blame you I blame Jonathan I blame the idiots that called themselves Niger Delta, I blame the bastards that called themselves Niger Delta the hopeless fools I blame them.

A former first lady all be it in a zoo, you want to ask for her account? Chineke thank you very much, now since we are all going to be investigators now every account, every money in the account belonging to Fulani, every money belonging to thieve Tinubu we want it So we can also write to them.

You know IPOB one order tonight and everything we say will start running all over the world, number one in the world not even two or three are you aware? Unu si ka akuwasia, akuwasia (If you people want us to start braking we start braking). Since you don't have the fear Malami you don't have fear to go after Patient Jonathan, all of you are fair game Fulani criminals ndi oshi, all of you criminals with your hotels in Dubai, with your estates in Dubai you are gone.

And even those hiding their loots in China you think you are safe? That somehow China will make safe you, are you drunk? You are mad. You are asking for the account, so when they ask you why did you mesmerize the economy you will say oh is Jonathan and Patient and Diezani they took all the money, all the money you have been laundering through Dangote you think we don't know? So somebody can become a multi Billionaire in the whole of Africa with pasta, rice and Sugar? That you gave him a monopoly, you think we do not know? Do you look at us as a fool? Do you know this is IPOB?

Fulani do you think that this Generation we look like a fool? Do you think that we are like Azikiwe? Or Nnai Nwodo begging you for the governorship, do you know we are IPOB are you aware of that? We shall teach you the lesson of your life next time when you hear the name Patient Jonathan you won't go closer to her you are mad.

I thought you have learnt your lesson not to go after our people anymore we said we won't defend them, yes! But I notice that that was somehow a kind of an encouragement to go after our people no you can do that.

Any day that you are prepared to solve the issue of corruption you convene a large commission appoint Judges from outside the zoo then you announce all the cases one after the other, so if you come you will select Jonathan and Patient and then we leave you you rubbish them no it can't happen, not now.

Since you want to request for bank account we will now request for an account of everybody that the world may know who is looting and those who are not,  our starting point is 13.9 billion which you have not answered, nobody no Janjaweed has been able to answer this question. Yoruba media will not ask them where is the 13.9 billion budgeted for Aso Rock clinic where is the money? Aisha said not even a single string is there where the money is? You are looking for Patient Jonathan you people are mad, you people are insane.

You idiots you sit in your DSS office you call Yoruba gutter media and their unemployed graduates with nothing to do you pay them 3,000 nairas to be talking rubbish, Do you know we are IPOB? We squash everybody if you come to social media we will squash you completely and totally. We decimate you because we have the facts and we have the figures, and we have an army that can not be bought, an unbuyable army they are the worst to deal with an army you can not buy, you are playing with us let me hear PIM from you again.

They burn CBN they have been burning everywhere, and you are telling me you are pursuing Jonathan. I think you are mad.

The world is listening we are live, and we are direct the humanity is on our side because we are propagating the truth Eziokwu Chineke ka anyi na agbasa ebea and nothing but the truth.

This is the reason why they want one Nigeria to cheat all of you. I am taking you back to those they called their founding fathers, not their founding grandfather's but their founding fathers. Because the zoo has no grandfather is an only founding father, no grandfather, no ancestry because their life started In 1960 more or less.

What did Abubakar Tafawa Balewa say? I am saying this because of those who are going around talking rubbish oh is one Nigeria we want our one Nigeria, our founding fathers let us see what your founding father said.

This is what Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, said in 1948 since 1914 the British government has been trying to make Nigeria Into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their background, In their religion believes and customs and do not show themselves any signs of willingness to unite, it was never United. Never ever United never, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

Let's go to Awolowo North, West and East. Awolowo said Nigeria is not a nation Nigeria is a mere geographical expression there are no Nigerians, Nigerians doesn't exist. Obafemi Awolowo never believed in one Nigeria, the North did not believe in Nigeria, but you people are telling us we are one Nigeria oh let's work for one Nigeria because of crude oil. That is why I call hypocritical nationalist, they are hypocrites.

How about the Jonathan of his day? Peace Maker he wants people to love him, he wants to be seen as the vice of the Pan-Africanism, a dreamer, a hopeless dreamer let's read what he has to say it's better for us and many admire abroad that we should designate in peace and not in senses of peace.

So it did not start today it started a very long time ago.

I hope that one day the holy spirit will touch the mind of those who are working for Yoruba media, and they will repent from their evil that is what I am praying for.

The next president of the zoo, of course, is going to come from the North by that time we are gone anyway, Chukwu Abiama willing not out of any strength that we mortals possess.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is wasting his time, the same way they mess up Abiola is how they will mess you up. You can't win you can never ever win, the Fulanis don't trust the Yorubas they use them that is the politics in the zoo you can say anything about the East, you can say anything about the Biafrans, you can say anything about the Igbos but one thing he doesn't know how to do rigging at all.

Good Luck Jonathan the only man that tried to help them they are trying to probe him unbelievable.

Yoruba must stop what they are doing and embrace the truth, and that truth is that everybody must be on their own. I recommend Banji Akintoye that registered with a branch in the UN, I welcome what he is trying to do and hopefully from the likes of Akintoye a new breed of Yoruba will emerge that believe in the truth, that will not serve the Janjaweed, that will have men and women who will run their media and speak the truth always, we pray that they will hold their ground.

And on that very note this evening we bring our proceeding to an end I will be live again on air on Sunday, I will broadcast again on Sunday 7pm the same time, and I will, of course, encourage you to join us then.

Thank you very much for listening to us but please do not forget that this very Biafra that we are pursuing is very important than life itself, for Biafra is our religion here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile is our God in heaven. Once again thank you very much for listening and from me from here it's a good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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