April 28 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph


We are going to pray against this very Pandemic, this very Coronavirus. People are dying in large numbers in Kano. We must also pray for them. We must pray for those dying in large numbers in Kano. We must pray that Chukwuokike Abiama may have mercy upon them. They have families, they have brothers, they have sisters, they feel pain as well.

We must pray for them because it is not their fault that they found themselves located in the damnable Zoological Republic (Nigeria). It is not their fault that they have been cursed with the brand of Leaders they have. It is not their fault that there is no medication. It's not their fault they do not have access to hospitals. It is not their fault that they are suffering and dying in their own ignorance.

We shall attempt to educate them this very evening. We shall attempt to allow Light shine in the darkness of their conviction or do I say in their confused state of their existence in this Zoological Republic. This very evening, we preach the gospel of heaven. This very evening, we give credence to everything that we have known. This very evening, we recite and reaffirm the very promise of God in heaven, upon his children of light, the children of Biafra.

We are going to pray, wherever you are, if you are one of us, if you believe in Prayers, we must PRAY this very evening, for those who are in pain and those who are dying in Kano and elsewhere around the world. Chukwuokike Abiama puru ime ihe nile, our Lord, our God in Heaven, the giver of life, the architect of our existence, the "I AM THAT I AM", the ancient of days, we come before thee. We come before thee with reverence, we come before thee with total submission, not just to your will Heavenly Father, but also that your will may be done upon the lives of the those who are living.
Because our hearts are heavy, it is aching this very evening

People in Kano are dying in their large numbers, no through any faults of theirs but due to the incompetence of people who do not know how to run a country. Due to the Criminal nature of those who have banded themselves together that they may deplete and impoverish the Masses. Oh, heavenly Father have mercy upon them. We pray for people who are suffering, people who are in pain. We pray for this very pestilence to stop. We ask you to please lift this very burden of anger of yours upon human kind.

Almighty Elohim, we know that everything is in your sovereign Control, we ask that you kill this new Coronavirus from continuing to spread, we ask you to stop it from contaminating your land in Biafra. Give those who are in positions of authority in BIAFRA Land, give them the common sense. Give them the ability to safely handle this very Pandemic that is ravaging the whole World.

Make it oh heavenly Father that we may decide in our hearts and minds to stay at home instead of traveling or going out needlessly. We ask thee also that you provide food as you provided for your children when they left Egypt, for manner fell from Heaven. So, we ask you heavenly Father, we know that manner will not fall from heaven quite literally, but we know only you is God that can provide for only those who are starving and those who are hungry. Touch the hearts and minds of those who claim they are millionaires, those who claim there are billionaires, that they may put their hands in their pockets, and be able to feed the multitude.

We ask upon thee Elohim, to always remind us all the time to do even the very mundane things like washing our hands properly. Whilst it may be heartbreakingly, please comfort the families of those who are in Kano, who are dying today. Those who are suffering and dying due to the greed and stupidity of those who are in power, for we warned them. for you gave me a message to give to them and I said to them.

"Don't allow the Chinese to come in" but they ignored it, they said he is a Biafran, how can he have interest of anybody at Heart? They ignored it but today People are dying. They are dying because those who run the zoological republic, that very country that you did not create, that very creation of Man. They did not listen.

Oh, heavenly Father, you are our refuge, our strength, you are our ever-present help in times of trouble. There is trouble now, please have mercy upon your children. For although we will not fear, though this very Earth may give way and the mountains Fall even the hearts of the Sea, we remain unshakeable in our faith, in our belief, that you are Elohim.

You are the beginning and end, and ultimately your will may be done upon our lives. We pray for those who are infected. We pray for those who are working with the infected persons. We pray for Doctors and we pray for Nurses. Not just in BIAFRA Land, not just those who are battling in Kano but all over this very Earth, that your Peace and mercy may be upon them. That in all that we do every praise and every adoration may belong to your Holy name in this very journey until BIAFRA comes and beyond we pray.


As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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