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■ 18, APR 2020

Good evening beautiful people great Biafrans wherever you are we welcome you to another explosive edition of radio Biafra live presentation on this very day, this glorious day that Chukwu Okike Abiama has made, today's date is the 15th day of April 2020, I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to some of you.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra. By the very special grace of Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile, I will forever remain a servant of beautiful people of Biafra. Our job is to propagate, our job is to preach, our job is to Shepherd the children of light into the land Biafra that duty must be done by the children of men, and that's what we are here to do without any fear or favour. We are here to do this very magnificent work not minding all the difficulties that we keep encountering every blessed day every blessed time that seek to come on air to preach this gospel to the hearing of humanity enemies will try, but as always they will fail.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our undisputed leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after that, he proceeded with the broadcast.

I sound a clear note of warning this very evening to our people around the world that you have too many enemies there are enemies everywhere. These enemies have not come that they may help you they have come that you may die, that you may suffer, that hunger may persist on the land, they go that they may fulfil that purpose that made them brought vaccine into the zoo, the can not prevail, they can not succeed, we can not allow them to prevail we can not allow them to acquire.

Those who are supporting the very condemnable, the very disastrous regime of Fulani cabal will have themselves to blame in the end. Because we continue to speak the truth and that is for sure what will lead us to freedom, it will lead us to light because there nothing the enemies can do to destroy us, there is nothing the enemies can do to try to stop this very unstoppable moving train of restoration of Biafra,  not just for Biafra but for everybody else.

We are going to do everything we can to make sure we give you the knowledge that you need to posses In other to be able to understand what is happening to your life, and why you have not made any progress why the police and the army in the zoo have killed more people than the so-called Covid19, why the Nigerian state will continue to preside over a regime of impunity and inequity making your lives a living hell and misery.

People have been asking what the coalition between 5G and Covid19 is? The relationship is this 5G due to the type of dangerous radiation it's called millimetres waves radiation what it does is it weakens your immune system that allows this common cold and this very virus to be able to invade your order and that's why we do not want 5G for now.

All of you listening tonight your life is worthless before the people that you call political leaders, of course, I do concede that some of them are good people without any shred of a doubt. But what I do know for a fact is that majority a good number of them are out to sell us to the highest bidder, as long as they are comfortable with their families they will do anything they like with our lives.

Your future and that of your children have been flushed down the drain by the very class of greedy bastards am sorry to say in the name of political leaders, it doesn't matter if they are APC or PDP the fact remains that they have all failed you and will continue to fail you, this is something you must understand unless you alleviate your thinking process unless you reduce your reasoning unless you are prepared to come out of the shackles they have settled around you in the zoo you will never ever comprehend what I am saying.

That is why there must be a revolution, this revolution will be region by region. The middle belt must organize themselves, the West the same, we are held in the East, and we are ready, How many people are they going to kill let me ask you.

If we all raise up at the same time with one voice the zoo will fall, only then can people sit around and say to themselves what type of future do we want for our children and ourselves and those who are unborn, are you relying on the people that lie to you every blessed day to determine the life your kids are going to live?

People talk about the USA, they discuss the UK, they talk about France all these people went through what am asking you to do this evening all of them Russia in China everywhere there was a revolution by the people said enough is enough. And I keep asking black people at what point will get to that stage you will say enough is enough?

Let me tell you what they have cleverly done they have made it impossible for you to do so do you know why? Because of the way the country was put together, we are going to get to the demolition of the zoo and all their lies we will get to that we just want to set a preamble to let you understand why people can go to Sudan and recruit somebody and say that person is Buhari, why they can lie to you oh we are broadcasting live but is not live, why they can Photoshop they can change a picture in blood daylight before your eyes, they issue the description they say oh is President Buhari and some of you will buy into it.

For you to be free, you must break away from that dead mentality, you must come to away and reason the way we suppose in IPOB. That's why we win every argument, that's why we win every debate, that's why nobody can stand us in a discussion it's impossible because we understand the zoo and their plans not just of the idiots you see In Also Rock no they are irrelevant.

When there are issues as the world is facing now this very problem this very pandemic that is when you know those that control the power, all of the head it a minister said that a Chinese company took it upon themselves as their corporate responsibility to bring their own national into Nigeria without Visa they brought them in that was what he said no Visa nothing, and they did not bring them in that they may build factories to employ you, they didn't bring them in so that they can lay pipe to supply water to homes, they didn't bring them in so that they can pipe gas to your home which is what contain in healthy societies no.

They brought them to test Vaccine on you, and when they pump the vaccine into you you start looking for a very shady Pentecostal pastor to pray for you to become well in the process they will extort your money and you will die now you understand it?

This is the time to raise up everybody on your own you are a leader, man, woman even a child who can reason people must come together now is the time to defeat the disease plutocracy they are currently running in the zoo called Nigeria.

We care about everybody and are giving you a solution to the problem if you like take it if you like don't, but you see this problem you are facing now this hunger ravaging people, people dying, people behaving like Wilde monkeys is unbelievable. Your life has more dignity and worth than what you are currently experiencing in the zoo, and you can make your life better, the only way you can make it better is by raising up as one to say no to what is happening in the zoo.

For all those Yoruba people working on Facebook and in the media am praying for them to repent and forget doing evil because they are evil and that evil will consume them. The Yorubas must be careful because that evil they are supporting will destroy them.

You have people who are Biafrans serving the interest of Fulani Janjaweed in the North, see what is happening in Anambra state a Governor is lying to his people saying somebody has a Covid19 why is a lie, so they can lay pipe for 5G.

Our mothers go to farm they come back they sell their produce what do we need 5G for? Are we no longer Biafrans? Do you think that we Biafrans we can not reason? Are you telling me that if the 5G were too beneficial, they bring it to our land? Am asking you they have not built second Niger Bridge, Onitsha Enugu express road not built, Igweocha (Port Harcourt)  not created, no schools we have no hospitals, the build their highways all over the place there is none in our land, and they are bringing you something, and you think that thing is to benefit you oh my goodness I don't believe that Biafrans can reason this way, If what they are bringing is good believe you me they will not be after Biafraland.

The virus has no cure some of you don't know that Virus has no cure, there is no medicine you can take that will remove sickness from your body is impossible what you do is that you manage the symptoms and you boost the body immune system. Who told you that virus has a cure? All you can do is to boost your immune system to be able to fight the In virus there is no medicine for it, there is no anti-virus. But we keep lying to ourselves, we keep deceiving ourselves, we keep pretending that we know when in actual fact we know nothing.

Ask any doctor, is there any anti-virus drug? Any drug that you can take that will kill virus because in your body you have over 3 trillion microorganisms in your body right now as you are listening to this broadcast and you are not dead because every day your white blood cells are working trying to stop them that's how life is.

They are stopping you from fulfilling your potential if you are in a cage-like Nigeria, you can never attain your full potential, that is a fact of life because wickedness and evil prevail all the time.

Nigeria is a fraudulent creation that's why the police, the soldier, the Civil defence can kill you,  and as they are killing people in the south have you heard that they have killed somebody in the North? What does that tell you?

They steal money from Government affairs they burn it down, and they come back to you they say oh we are fighting corruption, that is exactly what is happening.

Who are the arm robbers are they not the Police and the army? Who give guns to the arm robbers is it not police and the army? How many Boko Haram terrorist group Miyetti Allah have they killed none? They are busy killing people who are hungry ask yourself this question you claim you are a Nigerian how many terrorist were killed this week none Chad is fighting for them, but how many civilians have been killed 16 what their crime is? What did they do? Nothing. They came to a bus stop, and you say I will not give bribe then you are shot dead, and all of you keep quiet, they have to be a nationwide revolution in the zoo and also in Biafraland.

How can you have a country that Photoshop and manipulate pictures? How is that possible? And that's why they are killing, you if they can come out and say oh this dog here is Buhari can't you see Is now younger he went to London he had a treatment and is now 28 years younger, and you will say oh oh yes is our president that is why if they go outside they kill you because they know you are stupid that's why when you cry for the food they keep quiet because they know you are stupid you can do nothing.

But had you from the beginning said no this man is a fraud by now they will be feeding you well in your homes because the money is there, look at the money they have stolen the money is there to feed you but they can not when they brought Jubril you never said anything now they can anything they like.

There is a family that was eaten a family of four and the whole street descended on their house and attacked them and carry the pot of soup why? Because some of you have failed to embrace the truth, this happened in Asaba in Delta State capital.

Why did they not show us Jubril when he was walking to the podium to speak? The photo that Femi Adesina is releasing why don't you release it before this man come why can't the camera pan to the left or to the right? Are you asking yourself that very question? Immediately they finish, you will see every manner of Photoshop will be everywhere.

Why the Chinese have come to experiment with you is because if 200 hundred million people can use ordinary video and poorly edited Photoshop picture to deceive all of you, that means you are not reasonable, that means you are good to be chased out of your hotel room in China, that also means that you people are ripe for experimentation that's why they are in the zoo unbelievable, Nigeria is animal kingdom even worst.

Check the old broadcasting and the new one in the old broadcast did you see the floor was sparkling like glass shining even the image of their so-called president was reflecting on the floor. All of sudden they have removed the glass floor, they have put another one, they think they are playing with idiots they don't know that we have them.

I maintain that there is nobody is in Aso Rock, Abba Kyari is down all of them are down, including Buratai. They are hiding and lying to all of you, look at the hole in his neck it is still there instead of Nigerians to ask what is that hole doing in his neck nobody is asking. That is why they kill you, that is why there is no food, and this is your so-called leaders who are liers and deceivers let us see how far they are going to go.

The pictures that were gotten from Femi Adesina is fake go and look at the pictures one he was wearing  Sandal slippers the other one is a shoe the same person the movie director. Unbelievable people see this thing they keep quiet, and you also expect us to keep quiet of course we are not going to keep quiet, look at the neck of Jubril the one in Aso Rock there is no hole look at the neck of the one in Havana Cuba there is hole why can't people reason? Nobody can ask Femi Adesina what happened to your leg did you have an accident? How come you are wearing a shoe on your right leg on your left leg, you are wearing slippers?

Let me tell you why they treat us the way they do why there is racism in China, do you know what Onyema said? Some of you don't know who the foreign minister is, is Onyema when you have people been ruled by Photograph, and video 200 million people that are in Photoshop edited video the Buhari is no longer there they edit video, and they give to them they accept it, let me tell you that's why the Chinese are coming that is why the world sees us as people who are incapable of human development.

Do you know that Nigeria foreign minister said, in fact, let me take the headline? The Nigeria foreign minister rejected rumour of discrimination in China this foreign minister of Nigeria is an Igbo man, after seeing it very clearly before his own eyes that the person that shot the video is actually an Igbo man Onyema also is an Igbo man, of course, he is in England his father was a traitor so is he a traitor as well he is from Udo.

When the Chinese are treating the back people very badly in China, did the US speak? The answer is no because even the UN know that Africans are stupid. They say those idiots if you wave fake pictures at them and say this is your president by Photograph they will accept, is time for Africa to raise up and reason ourselves which is what makes you human.

Ask yourself why UN will not speak, why world health organization will not speak, why is it that nobody cares about Africans people including leaders in Africa that made Onyema get up and say that what happened in China did not happen when he heard somebody speaking Igbo saying look at how they have beaten us he is an Igbo man he heard it. But because of the money, he will make, the money they have given him from this Chinese company CCECC as his father was a traitor serving British interest in Enugu that is the same thing his son is doing denying his own people, but this is you leaders?

Fulani is looting and burning, in charge of the Air Force, in charge of the Army, in charge of the police, in charge of customs.

If the oil in the Biafraland is your problem, we will give it to you for free oil is not our problem, we do not need oil to succeed.

They promised Azikiwe everything Azikiwe wanted to rule an empire he did not create, a White man came and created the zoo as an empire, as a supermarket gave to the Fulani. And Azikiwe was trying all he could to be the prime minister of Nigeria they tell him no we can't give it to you maybe next time it was actually the people that did not fight the British that they give everything.

You went to the foundation of Covid19 and brought people, yet you claim you are not aware. In the middle of a lockdown who approve the latter of invitation to start with what type of Visa did they come in with? So a foreign company can come now and bring in people into the country without anybody knowing and you ask them they say we don't know about it, but you are welcome.

Can you imagine that Nigerian arm forces are busy bombing civilians? In Borno, not Boko Haram killing Civilians with the Air force. A country carried out air bombardment inside it own country have ever heard that any country in the world carried out Aircraft on it own citizen it's only in the zoo, haven't you heard that Chad defeated Boko Haram? Did they deploy any Air force? Men went into battle and won the battle.

This is the time for the people of the middle belt to raise up, the time for the Yoruba people to raise up, the time for the Biafrans to raise up if not they will kill all of us unless we do something about it.

Biafra is heavenly ordained there is nothing any man can do about it we call it the last miracle.

Here on Radio Biafra is where we will continue to preach this very gospel until the end of time.  The truth will always guide us that's why Biafra is our religion, here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Elohim Adonai El Shaddai is our God from me from here good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers

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