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■ 15, APR 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, we gladly welcome you to hopefully.

Another exciting edition of our presentation on this hallowed platform, on this very day that Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama has made the 12th day of the fourth month of this year of pestilence, this year of the virus, this very year of untold hardship, this very year that the collapse of the damnable zoological republic has become inevitable, on this very year that the will of God in heaven must come to pass, I welcome each and every one of you I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and night to some of you.

Opening prayer followed, the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and after that, he proceeded with the broadcast.

We must be very very careful, and vigilante this very virus, this very disease, this very pestilence is real, it kills it's unforgiving some may survive. If what is happening in Britain, in Italy, and in France is anything to go by of cause the USA, this is people with very advanced health care system if they have been overwhelmed then am beginning to think of what may befall us in black Africa.

Nobody should travel from Lagos to Biafra land, nobody should travel from Abuja to Biafra land stay where you are until this pestilence is over, stay where you are until this ill wind has blown and gone because they intend to destroy our race with Coronavirus, that was why they brought in Chinese if you do not know the Chinese also came to take care of a very sick Aso Rock.

There is a case of somebody running round in Anambra of cause is false, people in Anambra don't get alarmed nobody came in from Lagos is a lie having said that we are warning everybody if you in a Coronavirus infected area which is the North and the West do not bring that Corona into BIAFRA land. If you have the symptom, please don't bother travelling at least for the next 21 days.

Am telling you this night that nobody left Lagos and went to Anambra with Coronavirus is a lie, there is no Corona case in Anambra.

If they want us to take vaccine then Bill Gates and all those promoters of vaccine should come down to Biafra land, we watch them as they are being injected after they inject them then they will inject us if that's what they want, so you must bear that in mind.

What the Chinese are doing to our people in China is horrible it was the Chinese that gave the world Covid19 when Trump called it the Chinese virus people were complaining when they call it the Wuhan virus people started complaining that is racism but look at what the Chinese are doing to Africans in China and Africans is not rising up to condemn what is happening. They are sicking to experiment with our people in their land in China and also in Biafra land as well very very sad indeed.

There are cables in Anambra state, and we are hoping that they are not 5G cables, just to let them know that we know that those cables are in Anambra we have seen them we know where they are the videos are in the calculation but am advising our people not to calculate the video please, we are waiting for them because when Obiano announced this enhance or should I say lockdown where we are not required to come out in Anambra my first thought was maybe they have boughten 5G.

I don't want anybody in Imo state to accept mask from anybody of cause hope Uzodimma if you do, you will die, is a receipt for disasters, in fact, we will all get contaminated via that very root.

The Chinese that they have in Abuja should go and treat the Fulani in the North leave Biafra land alone because there is no Coronavirus case in Biafra land that is why we must ensure that nobody comes into Biafra land they will try ooO. Still, they should not be allowed to come in please very, very important.

Those of them in Imo state accepting face mask from Hope Uzodimma they are contaminated you are not supposed to be using them, do not use them they are from China. The same China that drove our people out the same China that is molesting Biafrans, the same China that is humiliating us we can not accept anything from them absolutely nothing.

We survived the world the whole world was against us everybody Britain wanted Biafra wiped away from the face of the earth, we survived it we did not die we recovered, they said abandoned property we did not die we recovered they stole all our asset in the bank and give us only 20 pounds we did not die is it this pestilence that the Children of God will not defeat am asking our people we need to be very very careful.

Maintain social distance, use our own locally made mask when you are coming outside and for the next 21 days try as much as you can to confine yourself to a particular place until this ill windblown over we must be very very careful.

Do you think China will spare you? They eat everything that move do you think they will save you? Every living thing that moves they eat and you think they will spare you.

People said I should be diplomatic for what? China is insulting humiliating our people, and some of you are busy trying to sound politically correct are you mad? Are you insane?

I go all over the world, and I preach this very gospel I don't give a dime if death is going to come let it come, is appointed unto man to die ones. Am better dying on my legs than living a thousand years on my knees that's why we do what we do if you don't understand it now.

IPOB you are seeing is not like any other useless African set of baboons that don't know what they want, we know what we want we want freedom number one, we want to build a nation that God in heaven will be proud of this is why we do what we do we don't do what we do because oh we want to be freedom fighters and then we get independence and people will start misbehaving never

Every top ranking officer of IPOB will not hold any power in Biafra land never from myself to the last coordinator nobody will hold any position in Biafra land.

We want to build something that the world will look at and say they never believe that blacks can do this that is why we do what we do, there is no other reason God in heaven knows there is no additional motivation. The only motive is to prove to the world that these black people that you look down upon they can feed themselves, they can go to good hospitals, they can go to good schools, they can have 24hours electricity that's all we are asking for not to compete with anyone.

If you go to Imo state and take mask may the good Lord have Marcy upon your soul.

We adopted everything Britain give us the education system, we rejected our own village our own natural names, yet the white man left us and go to Boko Haram that said western education is dangerous and is very bad. Today I am saying to Britain on this very day the 12th of April 2020, you have lost Nigeria you gave Nigeria to Fulani because they are foolish that is why you did it you thought that the Southern is brilliant, Yorubas are very smart, Biafrans are very smart you said no the power will not come to the South you give it to the North we know all of that.

Has it not happened? Has is it not happened Britain am asking you? China has come and taken over tomorrow they will be telling me that they are knowledgeable of cause they are not.

This year 2020 is miraculous there is something that Elohim is doing something is boiling and boiling; that's why I am absolutely confident 100% that we are going.

Even the whole US came out and said what you are doing to Africa in China is terrible Vanguard newspaper published it, what I tell is well-sourced I don't come on air and begin to talk rubbish understand this very clearly anything I tell you is the gospel. Investigate it from now till thy Kingdom come you will get the same conclusion that I reached earlier.

The US accuses China of xenophobia, and this Nigeria went to same China to bring doctors to come and start injecting people. You are telling me that your average Nigeria is normal?

I told Biafrans that Buhari will give us Biafra what is happening now? Aso Rock is empty all the Chinese can do is patchwork let's see if 2023 but we can not let them, they can't survive it that's why I said everybody should be on Twitter I have my reason. Use this Covid19 period put Twitter on the phone of everybody around you, the day we will crash the zoo I will tell you what you are going to do, follow each other, follow me on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Twitter am not mistaken because the zoo they have many mazi Nnamdi Kanu, confusing people.

But am sure Amaka Ekwo can guide us as to the official Twitter handle let us follow each other. The day we will crash the zoo they will be shocked everybody should be on Twitter we are going to expose them in such a way that, you know what they are doing to people in China is a joke if they see you and you say you are a Nigerian they will spit in your face.

We are going to collapse the zoo, go on Twitter, and when the time comes I will tell you, go and do it and you will come back and thank me later say I said so that nobody is in Aso Rock what you see here is an actor a little boy with a mask.

 The zoo went, and they brought in the Chinese because they are used to it, when there is a problem they went outside when Buhari died they went to Sudan to go and recruit, they have doctors Yemi Osibanjo should have taken over they said no let's go to Sudan they have doctors in Nigeria PHD vice Chancellor that's only good in rigging election they are all there.

Once there is a program they run to China because they don't want a local person to know their secret when you explain these things to your hunger average Nigeran he/she can never understand it because you are a Nigerian are you especially stupid? Or is it hatred you have for Biafra or hate you have for me?

Maybe I will support Bill Gates to put that camera in the sky to be videoing everybody in Africa perhaps we will learn from it, watching the stupidity of a black man as we stumble from one idiocy to another idiocy.

Where is the money you stole Garba Shehu and co where is the 13million for Aso Rock clinic and corruption fought? Back we will destroy them with a simple truth now they are planing one Photoshop how do we package it to fool the gullible.

I hope she is our president and this idiot's people that want 5G network you can't hold a useless Government to an account and you want 5G.

Dele Giwa is a man of honour a man of truth a pure journalist, when Biafra comes a press centre will be named after him Dele Giwa is a brilliant Journalist that's my role model after my father is Dele Giwa some of you don't know that do you? Those are the people that should practice journalism not what you have this day. People who can not stand up and speak the truth for goodness sake that's your job, that's what you choose, that's your calling is like going into the military, is like serving as a doctor are you telling me because other doctors are dying of Covid19 you will not go to the theatre? You will not go to the ward?

The same thing apply to journalism you are there to defend the truth at all cost even though it means taking your life like Dele Giwa did, not sitting down let us go to our studious in Abuja excuse me, sir, there is a rumour going around that 13million is missing for Aso Rock do you care to comment or is it another corruption fights? That is a question from a journalist, and the man will say oh of cause is corruption fighting back, PDP was looting money for 16 years is corruption fighting back.

There is a video calculating where you can see the Chadian president talking live they drove Boko Haram away, and the man and the Chad president in Nigeria territory was telling Nigerian soldiers we are not going to leave here until you people come and take over because if we leave here now, Boko Haram will come back here.

We must help each other with feeding this is not the time for black African wickedness, you know in Africa our own evil is a bit funny we are Biafrans remember we must help each other. The food we are distributing is meant for those who can not feed themselves please, the widows and those who can not feed if you are an IPOB and you can feed very well please what we are distributing is not for you is for those who can not eat.

We have sent to Warri, we have sent to Igbanke, we have sent to Benin, we have sent to Agbo, we have sent to Asaba, we have sent to Ogoja, we have sent to Calabar, we have sent to Ikoto Depakene, we have sent to Uyo, we have sent to Aba, we have sent to Owerri, we have sent to Mbaise, we have also sent to Onitsha as well. We have shipped to Enugu, we have sent to Abakaliki, and more is coming please is a very expressive business I can assure you that, but more is coming please the next delivery will be in Anambra.

The real terror group is Miyetti Allah the are killing everywhere now that they know there is nobody in Aso Rock they are killing they hope that the Chinese can help them to remain in power we have been striking them.

The disgrace from Chad had now compelled them to issue a statement remember when I told you last week had the real Buhari been alive, he would have ordered all of them to go to Borno and fight.

Chad is warning them I will no longer help you in fighting Boko Haram you people are not serious, an ordinary Chad oh castigating them and when you ask them why have you not fought Boko Haram they will say and corruption fought back.

They are slapping you in China, and you see people hitting you you are paying them money to come to Ask Rock.

Professor Akintoye said Why are Yorubas leaving like a slave I love that a powerful question they can not answer it, then Yoruba people on behalf of processor Akintoye am asking you why do you people like leaving as a slave? Raise up and be who you are supposed to be I am very, very impressed.

Now they have agreed that Igbo man is not the problem the Igbo man tells you the truth, the Igbo man the Biafrans is hardworking by nature he will like to make the best of every opportunity given to him it doesn't mean he is against you that is something that our people must be able to assimilate.

You ask them why this man has a hole in his neck they say corruption fights back, does it means that you have not seen the hole in the neck of the man who that address you from Cuba no ooO corruption is fighting back, but you are a journalist can't you ask questions? Do you see why Bill Gates want to kill all of us somethings our stupidity is astonishing?

You don't have a journalist in Nigeria they are all rubbish they can't ask questions, if your life is in danger in Nigeria you relocate to Bendel republic Nnamdi Azikiwe wrote from Ghana against Nigeria. Relocate to another country go to the Gambia go somewhere else and be firing them from there that's the way of journalism not I am veteran journalist it makes me sick, the way we sometimes reason not even a monkey can suppose that same way it's disgraceful.

My happiness is that Biafrans now have gotten to maybe about 60% of the level of reasoning capacity and intellect required to sustain a country in Black Africa because if you reason the way other black people suppose you can never grow and develop a life and Biafra can not be that way. We must be able to reason be self-critical criticize yourself before anybody else does, that's why anything you said about Biafra about me it doesn't pain me I criticize myself more than you do from outside.

 Special announcement:

No any senior officer in the world is allowed to contact on official IPOB matter without the knowledge of the presence of it coordinator and national coordinator for that matter because if you talk to people back home some of them use it as an excuse to go and start laying. We can't have that, people are using this telephone conversation as an excuse to disobey.

There is also a new trend of cause perpetuated by DSS while they are calculating forms online claiming that they are IPOB when they are not, telling you that they are Government we don't have any Government because is the only the people of Biafra that will elect a Government we don't have any Government yet. This Government is online, and then Whatsapp groups and a lot of people are falling victim of these people.

They are not IPOB we are not online we have family meetings across the UK please if you want to join an IPOB family you are more than welcome to do so, we are not online there is no form there is no registration fee because once you fill in the next thing is you know DSS will have it you will go back home they arrest you they kill you when we don't know about it, the idiot that took your money somewhere In London you can't find him anywhere.

And also there is a particular person Onwukwe  Nwanze who is in feign Onitsha today he is expelled from IPOB anybody doing anything with him is doing so at he/her own risk he is not part of this family anymore.

There is somebody called Ruby Mathew he said he is part of BSS media there is nothing like BSS media, from today is also removed expelled from IPOB he is at Oguta road in Onitsha and also tonight am announcing Akuwara who is in Warri is expelled from IPOB with immediate effect anybody working with him is also expelled from IPOB.

Let me make it very very clear I got information that there some people in Germany one or two people in Germany calling people back home and telling them to form BSS and they are not forming BSS to do what the simple command ask them to do, they are forming it to go into arm robbery and kidnapping you know me I don't have any secret I say Everything out in the open. People are using the name of BSS and Biafra to go and set up criminal gangs In Biafra land, and they said that the person who is giving them this information is from Germany I will find that very person and he will be dealt with.

I said there is no BSS and there is none when we lunch it the world will know.
And on that sombre note, I must say we bring this program to an end. Still, as always here we speak the truth it doesn't matter who it's if any of my brothers anybody if you misbehave I will call your name on air because Biafra is going to be clean whiter than white whiter than snow, very clean no stain this Biafra can not be stained is the kingdom of heaven on this Earth. There will be no criminality of any kind it will not be tolerated on this powerful platform. God is my witness.

Our job is to help those who can not help themselves, our job is to see where there's wrongdoing, and we fix it we can not be part of any wrongdoing we can never be part of anything that will stain the holy name of IPOB if you are a criminal. You attach yourself to IPOB we will find you we will expose you and we will deal with you because Biafra can not come when there are fools among us.

Here is a platform that's satisfied under the mandate of God in heaven himself that's why radio Biafra here is very very critical and very vital to our survival as a race, for those who may be wondering Biafra is my religion and for all of us as well there is nothing else we care about other than Biafra in the morning, Biafra in the afternoon, Biafra in the evening every Blessed day is Biafra.

And here on the radio, Biafra is where we worship that's why we speak the truth even though it affects us very severely here on Radio Biafra is where we pray because Chukwu Okike Abiama Obasi bi na Igwe Elohim El Shaddai Adonai is our God from me from here it's good evening.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 

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