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■ 09, APR 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on this planet earth, ravaged by Coronavirus of cause filed with the uncertainty of 5G technology, not minding the pestilence, the misunderstanding the difficulties associated with the clear cut communication in this very trying period, I welcome each and every one of you regardless of where you are domiciled I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to some of you, because unlike any other platform, unlike any other broadcasting medium out of Africa we remain the one and only Radio Biafra, the single media platform that can boost of listenership across each and every time zone on the face of this very earth.

I welcome you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. As I do so, I will also wish and like you to welcome other people who are close to you, if you are having difficulties assessing this very live presentation, this very evening because the time now in Biafra land is 11 minutes past 7 PM in the evening, wherever you are it should be the same number of minutes pass each and every hour.

Elohim is very graceful towards us, very gracious indeed, ever-loving ever caring to preserve those that believe in him, a lot of things are happening I am not in the very finest of mood because of the destruction, the death and the mayhem been rut upon defenceless and hungry families back in Biafra land there was a picture that I saw before I came on air, I was so distressed that I decide myself with range, an old woman had her skull cracked open by the vandals Wilde beast from the North in the military and in police uniform what happening sad and regrettable but this gospel we must preach this very evening because we are under divine mandate to do so.

If heaven gives us a message, it's our responsibility and duty to deliver it to the living, that's why we must continue our quest, our relentless pursuit of the restoration of the kingdom of heaven upon the face of the earth, that the will of the most high Elohim will be fulfilled in the life of his children in this very age and generation.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu. I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra. By the extraordinary grace of most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile a servant of wonderful people of Biafra, I welcome you good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to some of you wherever you are on this very earth if you are on my Facebook page the very official one not those created by DSS you will be able to receive this very gospel this evening.

Opening prayers followed and after the prayers were said by our indefatigable leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu I Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa Biafra echoed Amen, he then proceeded with the broadcast.

This is radio Biafra we are live and direct. We will dissect the zoo, not minding that there is a pandemic swiping all across this very planet giving a lot of people like us concerned for the well-being of Children of God in heaven. Still, only God knows everything, he is ever merciful and our prayer this evening is that the Lord God in heaven will have Marcy upon us have mercy upon your children, that's our prayer now and always.

You must listen very attentively this evening it's very very important if you are not attentive if your faculty is not switched on there is no way you can follow this very gospel, there is no way you can understand if you have come with your pen and your paper you are an excellent student and unto those people shall this very knowledge shall be impacted this very evening.

We start by laying the foundation of Coronavirus that the world may understand, everything we preach here is the truth not minding the very best effort of the rulers of the damnable zoological republic to try to spin it otherwise the fact remains that on this platform we do not lie can not lie because we are not allowed to, we are under divine instruction you must listen this very evening and listen very very carefully because a lot is happening.

Coronavirus came from China listen very carefully please Coronavirus came from China from the Wuhan laboratory in China that's where it came from, some of you may also have heard of a man called Mr Liba I don't know if you have heard about him? He is Scientist been funded by the US government the US military and more critically Bill Gates are you listening to this very evening very carefully, and I will tell you the reason why I dropped the name of Bill Gates this very evening in our discussion it's very very vital, very very critical that you understand it.

Because Bill Gate is one of the people pushing for this very Coronavirus vaccination, his own family is not vaccinated, his own children are not vaccinated, you must understand this very carefully. This very disease came from a laboratory in China that's how we are going to start stage by stage, step by step so that you will understand it and must understand that no Biafran in the zoo called Nigeria should travel to Biafra land anytime the Chinese came in to help the crumbling Government of Abba Kyari because they are coming, that's why I said this evening that only those who are very very intelligent can understand this very gospel that we are preaching if you are not smart you can not understand it.

Listen very carefully please, any day the Chinese come into the zoo to help anybody with Coronavirus you know that men, women and children will die. I will tell you the reason why I said so, that was what they did to us with HIV they did the same thing to us with Ebola as I will attempt to point out later, it was only when the rebel in Congo killed the people hiding under UN and poisoning and affecting our people that the Ebola stopped in Africa some of you don't know. Still, this evening I will tell you, let me repeat it was only when that right team in Congo was killed that Ebola stopped forget all the nonsense they are telling you.

On Radio Biafra after penetrating research and valuation what we are giving you are the raw fact, so that nobody, no single human being will be under any illusion as to what awaits Africa, they have come to decimate and eradicate Africa. They have come to take 10 million lives that's what they said they are coming for, 10 million people 10 million will die unless we are vigilante, and unless we look out for one another and unless we protect one another.

Those who are in Abuja planning to bring in the Chinese people to kill men women and children not minding where you come from this time around, not caring if you are Janjaweed Ariwa and terrorist it doesn't matter if you are from the middle belt, it doesn't matter if you are Yoruba, it doesn't matter if you are a Biafran, what concerns us right now is how we can keep as many people as possible save, both from the zoo army and police and from the Chinese that is coming and I will tell you why.

Every information that I give to you are verified and authentic from sources that are so credible that their reputation is unimpeachable, any news you hear on Radio Biafra tonight go round the whole world you will come back you will say that I am correct that what I said is true, Coronavirus leads from research from a laboratory in Wuhan and over 20 million people are dead in China.

Do you know what they are doing to black people in China now? As our brother kindly informed us today which I knew about four days ago, what they are doing in China is that if you are a black person if they see you, they will tell you your running temperature. They will take you nobody will see you again you are dead, and you are gone that is what is happening in China, only China can become democracies can not survive this level of the pandemic, the only totalitarian communist regime can do so that is why China can marshall their citizen's lockdown Wuhan because they knew what they did.

Before the West could react is too late, it's everywhere, and it's killing a lot of elderly people, that's why I said I don't believe in control theory, but a lot of things are now beginning to happen to give us concern that even those who are in pension fund management all the government's of the West are complaining oh we are having ageing population some of them are now laughing and very happy licking their hands saying at least all the old people are dying.

 You people have no idea of what is going on, I hear people say it is not real Coronavirus is not real, and am saying to them that is what they will like you to think until it strikes you until it gets you then you will understand how difficult it's to breathe we must be very very careful.

In the United Kingdom In the UK there is a group called cobra it's the emergency government response serves under the prime minister, they sit in the bunker deep below number down institute in the war room that's where they are, they are called Cobra ask anybody who knows what Cobra is, this information is coming from Cobra itself, not from a minister this is coming from the arm of a joint British intelligence command, any information they give you since they were formed have been authentic proven before every conceivable doubt.

You must listen very carefully you know what they are saying? That they have looked at the pathogen which is the Coronavirus, looked at the way it spreads and everything about it, they said. I quote them verbatim direct, the only balance of scientists advise this very virus was a leak from a laboratory In the Chinese city, listen to one member in the Cobra team very carefully if you don't know what Cobra means in the UK mean please go and try and find out they don't mess about. It's not like in the zoo where somebody will be looking for Lie Mohammed, this is men their job in life is to keep the United kingdom save. 

This is what they are releasing to those that are in the known, and this very original publication picked it up, listen very carefully please you know what it said? It said, and I will use their words they said that while the virus is not in the spit as been zoonotic, zoonotic virus means that it came from an animal into a human being understand when they said that is not like the zoo you have in Nigeria, zoonotic which means it originates from an animal do you know? There were looking at that first until it emerged that there now credible alternative view based on the nature of the virus listen these scientists is not about in Africa where we run with theory oh is caused by 5G network no.

What this Scientists and the intelligence people did in the UK is to study the real virus itself, the Covid19 itself they reviewed it, and from the behaviour of this very virus, they were able to say that it came from a laboratory In China. When this whole thing started, they were some people I spoke to on the phone, and I told them that if this is a biological attack against the west that the USA will arrest they will investigate Mossad, CIA and MI5 they will all investigate and find out the source of this.

It didn't come to me as a shock was it yesterday that doctor Liba was arrested they arrested him, do you know that one of the people or should I say an associate of doctor Liba that was pretending that he is just chemistry student from China is actually Lieutenant Colonel in the Chinese Army are you understanding what am saying? Do you actually know that this very doctor Liba that was arrested by the AVI this man actually has a commission is actually paid by Wuhan by Chinese people are you aware of that? He was working on Covid19.

 And I saw the interview of Bill Gates with Trevor Noah of South Africa I saw it, and Trevor Noah ask him how come you knew that a virus was coming? Not only that you even know the name of the virus. If people can make predictions base of cause on available data and scientific facts you can predict that maybe a virus is imminent or perhaps that a mega volcano will go up somewhere based on a data you have In front of you, this man actually gave it a name Bill Gates knew the name of the Virus go and watch that interview again has been watched by millions of people all over the world, he knew the name of the virus before the virus actually came.

Our people must be very very careful because this is from a Chinese newspaper the people's daily in China, in 2018 two years ago it said about the Wuhan laboratory that they are capable of conducting experiments listen carefully, this is a Chinese newspaper talking about what they are doing Wuhan laboratory what did it say? This paper says that the Wuhan laboratory which is the institute of Virology is capable of conducting experiments with a highly pathogenic microorganism such as wait for it the deadly Ebola virus, scientists at the institute were the first to suggest that ... the virus was 96% similar to the one founding backs from Wuhan from China. I know why am stressing China connection it is for those who are planning to bring them into Nigeria to kill people.

This is not the time for people to say oh we don't like Biafra if the Chinese come into the zoo people will die I am telling you men women you will be burying people go and see what is happening In Italy and Spain that will be a chaise play to compare to what will happen, let me tell you all this while that people are not dying in Africa as they expect all they are now doing as am talking to you In same China they are tweaking the virus trying to make it resistant because once is 28 degrees outside the virus dies, they are trying to tweak it to see if they can make it at least 32 degrees and then you will see what will happen In Africa.

No amount of prayers will save us none unless we take precaution now,  the zoo Government is dying which I will prove later on there is no credible governmental structure or administration in Nigeria, what they have done is to go to China not to come and fight Coronavirus no, what they have gone to do is to bring in China so that China can protect the regime of Abba Kyari from any criticism from the USA exactly what Asad did with Russia that is what they want to do.

Write it down on a piece of paper because in Nigeria they don't have a president, they don't have a vice President the Chief of staff who is the normal president is gone is not there, even Buratai has Coronavirus he is missing are you following what am telling you? Do you understand what is happening to you? The reason why they want to bring China is not because of Coronavirus they are bringing the Chinese precisely what Asad did when Asad Syria knew he was under trouble from the USA, do you know what Asad did? And from the Arab world, Asad ran the superpower in Russia and ask them to come and help the same thing that the zoo has done.

They are collapsing we have exposed them that Jubril is the one with the mask they know it very well they are panicking, and do you know what is making their lives worst? There is nobody to exercise credible power understand this very well, the only person the only other person that can is it Ahmed Lawawl the speaker of senate president or whatever rubbish they call them over there, that is how bad it's because that thing that you see in Aso Rock can never talk, he can never speak in the public the only person that can express that have been training for years to develop the lyrics to develop the vocal calls from the late Buhari is Jubril the one In Cuba.

Hope you are following carefully, that is why president all over the world come out they speak they talk in front of Camera he can never come out, all they do is Femi Adesina will take his picture and show you oh he is in Aso Rock he is seeing the minister of petroleum, he is seeing the minister of health that's all they can do he can never speak because he is not conditioned to speak, he has not been trained to speak or sound like Buhari.

Follow what am telling you tonight carefully because is going to save your life it will save your life, it doesn't matter if you are a Biafran or not it will save your life, this virus came from China, and the world is angry and investigating it, you know they are diplomats? When they are mad they won't let you know they are very very upset, even the British prime minister Boris Johnson is angry. Let me tell you what the headlines say in the UK, it says Boris Johnson government is furious with China believing that China is hiding the actual number of their fatalities the exact number of those that tested positive to Coronavirus.

That's what China does they want to take over the world, and they are in a hurry because they think that another four years of Trump will scupper all their plans they want to make it immediately.

Please listen very carefully this is what in Mythological terms is called a perfect storm, there is a lot of significant interest big money interest all over the world converging to obliterate humanity understand this very well, remember the people of climate change? Are they now talking? Since Aeroplan are no longer flying, are the climate change, climate warming this was what they also wanted, do you know how we know is what they wanted? Look at the tweet made by Obama, Obama made a tweet about two days ago where he took a picture of a    Possession of a motorway I think that was in Los Angeles packed with cars. He was saying to Trump, trying to claim that Trump is not doing enough he was speaking to Trump is not good to start reacting when the problem is already at your Doorstep you should have done something before, do you know the picture that he brought out? Not of Coronavirus no but of cars packed on the highway.

Some of you don't know this but am giving the fact that you will not get from anywhere else on this planet on your radio Biafra go and investigate. They will tell you is correct they will say to you whoever gave you that information is a spirit that's what they will tell you, what am giving you are facts, all this interest are there those that want old people to die because of pension fund there is something called pension fund, those that want to cripple us because cars are not on the roads, planes are not flying then people are no longer burning carbon are you following me?

There are those in the camp of Bill Gates that want to kill all of us off 10million of us in Africa, are you following? That is why the conspiracy is so strictly together that if you are telling them is not working they will say to you no, that is why the CNN of this world, the BBC the mouthpiece of Lucifer they have come all they tell you is death, don't do this death is here all in a bid to warn you to condition your mind as to what is to come, so you won't even have time to investigate them and what they are doing.

It's from China Chinese people they have said that they were working on Ebola on very dangerous pathogens in where? In Wuhan, people said oh is an economic war between and I said no, the US is not that stupid they are not like any other country they are not stupid, they may have done crazy things like the killing of Patrice Lumumba, the murder of Bob Marley I can name you the name of people that CIA killed we have their list.

Some of you wake up you go online and start writing rubbish you have no idea as to what history teaches you absolutely nothing, it was the British that killed Motala Muhammad you don't know that do you? Do you know why they killed him? The same reason why BIAFRA lost the war because he had the temerity to nationalize BP into AP, that's the AP you see today in the fleet station it uses to be called BP, he nationalized Barclays Bank and made it Union Bank, do you see that Union Bank that you have? It uses to be called Barclays Bank you don't know this, some get #3,000 data from Onochie, and they come and be talking rubbish online it was actually the British that killed Motala Muhammad very clean and neat, that is what they do around the world, and when they do it, they bring their media to cover up their trail.

That's why we are suffering today, that was why they removed Jonathan, that was why they impose a complete idiot they know can not Govern, they know that Buhari record was bad everyone knew it the whole world knew it, but all of a sudden overnight they packaged him everybody remodelled him BBC he is now a reformed democrat, he is a no-nonsense General. But today he is in the grave in Saudi Arabia, and you know they say what goes around comes around, isn't it?

Today in pursuit of BIAFRA IPOB when I write about Jubril fools who have no brain will be saying oh you shouldn't write that because you are dump, because of what we are doing right now Nigeria has no Government allow me to repeat there is no president, no vice president, no Chief of staff that use to be the President, there is no Chief of Army staff they are all down and out, you will see what is going to happen.

You see this God we worship Elohim I told you here on this platform on this Radio Biafra that God will destroy Nigeria that's what I said you go and check my old broadcast I said it, God in heaven will destroy the zoo it has started. There is no going back, and people are going to die, you watch and see what is going to happen not even from Coronavirus, not from your 5G network you will see what is going to happen to you, all those that rose up against BIAFRA you will see what is going to happen to them.

There is no single cause of Coronavirus in BIAFRA land sure you are aware? They said somebody from Owerri got it and went to Abuja and died am not mindful of that Coronavirus can kill a Young Man like that in a few days of cause it happens abroad maybe he may have an underline illness I don't know, but that doesn't mean we should let our guards down, God is protecting us so should we try to protect ourselves as well very very important.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson is said to be furious with China accusing China undiplomatically I will say, accusing China to their face of spreading disinformation and lying about the number of Coronavirus cases it has, this is the same China that Lies Mohammed now that there is no more Abba Kyari, there is no Osibanjo now it's Lie Mohammed and that woman I don't know her name, this is the Idiots now In Charge of Aso Rock going to bring China in. And that will mean the death of those of you who will be there, you must be warned don't say I did not notify you.

When they started this their scam they said an Italian man came to Nigeria we don't know his name, we don't have his picture they started stealing money because they look for every avenue to steal money in the zoo that is something that we preached that their so-called Nigerians don't understand anything that we tell you is correct, they use it to steal money the same way they are stealing money with Boko Haram. Ordinary Chad has done something to Boko Haram ordinary Chad oh, that Nigeria can not do the Nigerian Army can not do in Sambisa Forest or in Borno,. Still, they are busy coming to down to Delta, they are in Warri killing people.

And am asking 200 million people, does it mean that your brain is not functioning? Why can't somebody get up one day and write in Vanguard, in Sun newspaper, in Guardian, in Pouch or in national newspaper and ask them or even in Dailypost and ask them to please this Nigerian Army in Warri why can't you go to Sambisa Forest? Nobody can actually say to them can't you see what ordinary Chad you claim you are the giant of Africa you are the big man in Africa ordinary Chad as tiny as they are they were able to flush out Boko Haram, but you have not done anything instead you are killing old women, killing children in Delta. People just keep quiet. I don't know what they did to them, is it the suya that you eat? Is there something that Aboki Alamagiri put in the Suya? Is it the onions? Is it the watermelon? What is it that you eat from these people that make you no longer ask even simple questions?

That's why everybody is dying, that is why they steal money in front of your eyes and tell you they are fighting corruption. You believe them because you are dump, somebody Wrote to me today and say oh please stop insulting us maybe we will listen, and I said okay if you stop your stupidity, then I will stop, I can't come out and be insulting you have you heard me offending Japanese? Have you ever heard me before insulting the Swedish, the Norwegians or even UK people? Have listened to me insult Canadian of cause not they know what they want and they get it, everybody is working towards that same goal.

Somebody will come and tell me oh we are paying #20,000 to every family and you will believe it. The #20,000 they claim they are paying is in the North, somebody from the South a Millionaire or a Billionaire from the south will bring out money and give to Government, Government will go and spend it in the North both the giver and the receiver are they not stupid? We will get to that later.

There is a kit donated they said is from a Chinese Billionaire, I said this during my last broadcast let me repeat, if you take their mask if you take their testing kits you are going down you will die, some of you may survive due to your strong immunity that's maybe why they are bring 5G is not that 5G on its own can kill anybody but what it does it that it weakens the immune system, not that it will kill you directly no, it will open the way for the virus to get to you because here we preach the truth.

Anything that they bring to you from China you must reject it we know how to make face mask we know how to do everything and we have gone very far we will shock them, let the virus come we will shock them people won't believe that IPOB has gone this far they will be shocked, and we want it to come, and then we will see those who are blessed and those who are not Blessed we don't want anybody to die of cause I am not praying for anybody to die apart from those that killed Biafrans, they will die even the  Buhari that stood up and declared operation phyton dance is gone don't you know that? Because it is not the one as the little boy you see now that ran to Cuba or the one they put in Aso Rock that they will be videoing for you because you are a fool.

None of you can demand your president we voted for you come out and address us no, and you are in a democracy, oh if he comes out to speak what is it going to do? Is called leadership and coordination holding somebody to account a democracy for goodness sake, if you know you can not practice democracy why are you disturbing people with your PVC? Go and get your PVC is your right; you must do this you must do that if you can not call somebody that claims he/she is the president your country hold them to an account.

Ask questions why are you bringing in a Chinese? What for? What job are they coming to do for us here that we can do by ourselves? What are you doing with the money you collected for Aso Rock clinic? What are you doing with all this money you have received and claim you are feeding people And hunger is killing people everywhere, what have you done with all of that? No questions no answers no accountability there is no transparency absolutely nothing is to come online and be talking rubbish every blessed day, and you are telling me I shouldn't insult you? I insult you not because I love insulting you but because you don't understand nor appreciate common sense when you hear it or when you see it you don't.

That's why white people can sit down in Europe and decide to come to Africa to test Vaccine on you, have you ever ask yourself that question why will France wake up one morning and say why don't we go to Africa and test this on those idiots who are they and even in the man statement the man confessed that they were testing HIV on the prostitute in Africa that's what he said which means that they also brought HIV and gave it to our people.

You don't know that people are somewhere planing for your mass extermination, and what do you do as Government? You are helping them by sending your soldier to kill those who are coming out crying and saying they are hungry and you are telling me you are normal I shouldn't insult you, oh please give me a break for goodness sake, people don't understand the mess they are in, but thankfully you now have IPOB and Radio Biafra, and you have us to be able to tell you what is happening.

Let me tell you one something I want to read the headline newspaper for you Covid19 could kill millions in Africa without immediate action - UN Chief. What is that direct action? Vaccine, face mask from China, testing kits from China which is absolute death for everybody, whole UN millions will die in Africa, it's the continent that only 23 death has been recorded so far only 23 they said millions will perish, let me read it for you so that you understand it, UN secretary-general  António Guterres says he fears millions not just millions he said millions and millions of Coronavirus cases in Africa where the youth will not be expelled, Coronavirus is expelling youths in the US and in Europe but Guterres is telling you when it comes to Africa even our Youth will no longer be safe.

Are you listening? This very strain of Coronavirus doesn't attack young people at such it kills the elderly mostly, the version they are creating for Africa that African version they are creating, the US secretary-general is saying that millions and millions will be killed not only that it will also kill their young ones as well, but the same young ones are not dying in Canada, not in the USA, not in Mexico, not in Europe, not in Asia but in Africa even their Youth that's the plan they have you.

I have nothing against their 5G but am asking this amount of speech and dedication you are using to dig up for cable why didn't you use the speed and dedication for ordinary drinking water? Why didn't you use the same speed and dedication for napper light? And that got me thinking when I got the video am saying how come everywhere they are digging, so you people have the money and the investment to be digging up roads? But you can not dig up the same path for ordinary drinking water, but you are here digging up the road for cable for 5G.

We shall see the United Nations is also warning you people that you do not save that you are finished that is coming to Africa if you don't do something on time, what is that thing? Go and bring in materials from China, so once you now test you become positive, and that's the end of you. The same thing they did to South Africa women and they killed them.

Let me tell you this person you don't know them to do you know that Nelson Mandela doesn't have any male surviving heir child to his name? Are you aware of that? The same thing they have tried to do with  Jeffrey K. Family in the US trying to wipe them from the face of the earth that's what they do, the same people, the same agenda, the same colouration that's how they behave. They come for you, and there is nowhere to run to, you will run to BBC they will tell you the reporter is no longer there, you go to CNN they tell you oh we no longer cover Africa stories, once the story is finished you will see them everywhere oh imagine Africa.

People don't know the reason I broadcast Audio and not video because the world got into a mess since 24 hours news came on television, is like a takeaway kind of show, there is no depth to it is all showmanship and rise matters, but am not asking people to be blind, that is why those who are blind the hearing senses they are so finely tuned you hear better am not saying is a good thing to be blind of cause God forbid that's not what am saying, am assuming that all the time that you are watching rise matters on television has the world ever move forward? Is impunity upon impunity not happening all over the world? What has 24hours news done for anybody? The answer is nothing they took the world backwards, but check out when the news has been received only via radio you will see sit down as you sit down are listening you are analyzing you are thinking. Still, that time you will use for thoughtful analysis you are looking at moving pictures, you can no longer reason correctly; that's what is happening around the world. 

We must rise up before it's too late they are going to kill millions in Africa that's what they said not me that is from UN, UN said they are going to kill millions, and you want to allow the Chinese to come in some of you, you are in your Nigeria and a government without a president, a vice president nobody at all is there saying there are going to bring Chinese all of you are just quiet, even some papers no editorial go up to criticize it very very sad indeed that's why we scream and shout every day they say oh we are lamenting why won't we lament if you are in a mess won't you lament? We are lamenting because we are in a mess.

There is somebody called Rowan Dean a reporter a very sound one, he said China willfully inflicted Coronavirus upon the whole world that is the worst form of communism, they inflicted this thing on the whole world to kill everybody and to dominate, and that is the truth they can not hide from it that is why they are hiding the data, that is why they are doing all they can to make sure we are obliterated from the face of the earth, they want to dominate they are too, many they are too much 1.5 billion I don't know they want to take over everything, that is why you will see them they will use plastic and turn it into the rice and sell it to people you will eat and you die.

I am not saying that the whole of Chinese is bad that's not what am saying, maybe good thing come from there as well, but evil once is taking over Africans are like prostitutes french doctors want to experiment Covid19 on Africa they want to come to test this very vaccine on our people what will they do? They will come they will go to night club they will meet any girl in a night club and say come let's go to whoever, and they will go there, and in the night as you are sleeping, they give you something to take or to drink, and that is the end of you, it's time for our people to reason and think properly because a lot of things are happening.

Two famous high respected doctors in France this is same France that Zinedine Zidane played for after all Zidane is an Africa in case you don't know, the same people that Lilian Thuram played for the same place that Patrick Vieira played for all these African men won the world cup for France not once but twice, POGBA and all the rest of them, won the world cup for France black people black Africans on two occasions. Still, the only time they remember Africa is let go there and test Vaccine on them. You are telling me as a race as a people we shouldn't sit down and think to ourselves what is it that we are doing wrong why can't we do something differently, why should we allow people who have been left of ideas to be at the helm of the Government? Why should we allow people we know they make a fool of themselves every blessed day, yet we allow them to be ruling over us why? 

Maybe the time has come for revolution keep locking people in and then you will see what will happen to you, perhaps hunger will now drive us to give us that common sense to rise up to say enough is enough, that's what IPOB stands for enough is enough, everybody must grow together look at Singapore did it, Malaysia did it everywhere in the world if you want to succeed you will succeed, every part of the world is growing apart from Africa ask yourself as an African why is Africa not developing? Then you will find out that there is something wrong with you, a country where somebody can Stand up and heat the head of 86, years old woman and crack her skull opened because she is looking for food to eat and you are telling me that is a country unbelievable.

Two doctors in a discussion on TV the doctor said if I can be proactive shouldn't we do this study in Africa? Where there is no mask, no treatment, no intensive care now they are telling you Africans you have no hospitals, the thing they prefer to do is to respect people they will prefer to respect you than to love you, respect is better to love is rubbish, respect is better because is earned, now tell me how they will regard ordinary black man walking in France? After hearing this from their doctors?

Am quite sure Facebook knows what is doing they are removing people that are listening to us I don't know what is wrong with them,  I never thought that white people will behave like this before when white people are so rich, they give money to charity, they do very good things you have the exceptional Barclay Brothers in the UK they don't make noise, you have all over the world who have wealth they don't make noise I don't know why all these new money people I call them like Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg I don't know what gave them the right to think they can rule the whole world, they can kill whoever they like they can support whatever rouge regime they like and they get away with it I don't know why they think so, Facebook is yours you can do whatever you like with it but we are here, and we are continuing, and our work will never stop until BIAFRA is restored.

Do you know that Sweden has actually withdrawn its 5G network? Sweden they have put it on hold, but in Nigeria, they are going ahead with it. They can not feed the people, the same way that you laid a pipe for 5G network is how you lay pipe for water how all these years come for 60years you have not laid pipe for water anywhere? Is this 5G that everybody is rushing and why are they doing it when there is a Coronavirus all over the world? Have you asked them that question? Why is it now I thought they said lockdown? Everybody should be inside the house why are they doing it now?

I have nothing against 5G, but they must not do it in BIAFRA land not for until all the sciences and all the facts are they laid out on the table so we can determine if it's good for us or not, NO 5G and am warning MTN if you go there and put in your 5G anything that you see you will take, am telling you before God and man no 5G in Biafraland if you like to go and wait till morning then you know we are IPOB of cause they know don't they? Is not everything that we will say in the public they know us very very well, go and put in your 5G in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) and Calabar you will see what will happen to it.

Do we even have ordinary 2G? People, that use 5G are they not the people that have a light? Are they not the people that have roads? You are coming to install 5G we have been begging for second Niger Brigade no, we beg for good road no, repair the schools no but you have money for 5G? Saying oh is the new technology you know they said? They say with 5G you will have driverless cars and I said yes I can understand that In the West but is it also in Africa there are no roads, there are people selling orange by the street corner driverless cars to kill everybody? This what people don't understand they still don't ask questions, how come all of a sudden you are digging up everywhere in Lagos, you are digging up everywhere in Igweocha and Calabar for 5G. We are launching 5G how come all these years you could not dig the same tunnel to give us water.

Somebody said is a private company they are doing their business, ok imagine all the money that you waste drinking pure water how much do you spend on pure water every? If you have a very clean C-WAY company or should I say a clean company pumping Clean water to you you will be paying less than one-third of what you spend on pure water, and you get clean water, and that company will also make money.

Why are they not investing in the water? Why are they not investing in good roads? Why are they not investing in schools? Why are they allowing MTN and who is even given MTN the money? To be doing all this that they are doing, because they want to fry your immune system so that Coronavirus can now go into your cells very well, is it in dispute that 5G technology irradiates so much? It makes so much irradiation that people actually get sick is that I doubt? Do people doubt that?

Am not saying is not good enough of cause is very good, but apart from coming online on Facebook and say oh sai baba what else are you doing with 5G? Am asking an average Alamagiri in the North, tell me what Fulani bandits Miyetti Allah need 5G for just explain to me? I saw one Alamagiri Janjaweed talking oh we need it for the economy, and I said what economy? The economy of tomatoes and onions? Do you manufacture anything? Is the economy of tomatoes and onions that you need 5G for? 5G for what To be gossiping on Facebook and Instagram and posting pictures is it what you need 5G for? Can't 4G do that? All the years you have your 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G what have done with it nothing only to be gossiping oh we will vote for baba get your PVC if you don't get your PVC, but people are being molested every day you say nothing about it absolutely nothing.

The same Nigeria that Bill Gates wants to kill off, the same Nigeria they said is overpopulated they want to take 10 million from Nigeria same Nigeria become first in West Africa to try out 5G new technology powered by MTN, bring it to BIAFRA Nah mad dead people, am not talking too much go to Igweocha and lay your pipe you will see what will happen to it, we don't need it, we need second Niger Bridge, we need our schools built, we need roads, not all this stupid technology for gossiping online that is how they hold us hostage, Tinubu and Erufia for 2025 is that what you need it for? Seriously speaking am asking them what do you need 5G for in Nigeria? Mad people, you want to come and irradiate people.

Ordinary Ogoni you have not cleaned, have you cleaned Ogoni the answer is no, is it when we start to fall sick from irradiation that you are going to save us? Are you going to come to our rescue? Sweden said no to 5G network for now and am with them, no 5G for now.

If you say you are very strong, lay the cable let me see if you will use zoo Janjaweed any way if they occupied the rope and bring the Janjaweed army killing people in Warri to go and guide it at least that thing will fry  all of them to start with after a while they will die off mad people everywhere.

You become the first country in Africa to try out 5G, and Even the people advertising it do they ask you if you know what 5G means? Do you know why the world is bringing in 5G technology? Are you aware of the implication? Do you know what is there for? Oh because others are bringing 5G to let us also bring 5G in a place where there is no electricity, no ordinary water, food to eat you don't have, you want 5G umu Okoko ndi Ara.

I want the whole of IPOB all over the world and giving what Facebook is doing IPOB all over the world must be Twitter, I am asking every coordinator I will not say coordinator but from the highest leadership in IPOB which is the DOS, to the last person everybody must be on Twitter we are going to shock the zoo, everybody must be on Twitter, and then I will tell you what we are doing do. You will see what will happen in Abuja, everybody must be on Twitter as long as they have not come out to apologise to the world this their deception everybody must be on Twitter, they want to be disgraced we will disgrace them, comprehensively we shall shame them for the world to know.

When I speak, they will say I insult people. Still, those of them that parade themselves as our leaders they are busy giving money to a directionless Fulani Government to provide food to our people in the east, the payment has been diverted to the North and been spent on only Alamagiri how stupid can these people be, Innoson that I use to respect gave the zoo one billion Naira today he is on the newspaper asking for 3billion to build expiration and am thinking to myself why don't you hold on to your 1billion then ask for 2billion? You gave them one billion to be an excellent Nigerian now is asking for 3billion, Andy Ubah, Emeka for and all the rest of them they are not bordered about saving Ora Ifite peoples lives where Emeka Ofor came from. Where he wanted to kill Barrister Ejiofor, he called his friends from the zoo police and the Army to go and kill IPOB family members that went for burial he has given the money he said is 12billion to feed Alamagiri in the North. Still, he will come to Ora Ifite and be doing big man, people are dying of hunger, and you are doing big man while as you are feeding Alamagiri in the North, this is the people that some of you call your leaders very very shameful indeed.

Have you seen the video of custom people Selling a bag of rice At presidential road in Enugu? They seize bag of rice from Igbo traders they oh you imported it I don't think is quality rice that's customs oh, there is no seaport in Enugu. Still, customs are there, they seize your rice they now go and call Alamagiri people, and they will be selling the rice to them at #7,000 is happening the video is there, when I speak they say you hate Nigeria, you insult them, I hate Nigeria because of what they are doing to my people, and I will keep hating Nigeria until BIAFRA comes and beyond I can't stand the place they are terrible evil people.

And the killings continue Boko Haram killing everywhere and who is the same Fulani Janjaweed in power, they are one, and the same people are chasing away Boko Haram from Chad. Still, in the zoo, Boko Haram is waxing very very strong everyday nobody have said because of Boko Haram no Fulani man or no Northerners should be the president no.

I ask where is all the money they claim they recover from Abacha loot can anybody tell us where it is? All the money they claim it comes from Abacha loot nobody can see it, but they gave you Boko Haram.

Please listen to this on the issue of 5G, for now, no 5G my candy advise to MTN and AIRTEL is to suspend all propose 5G network cabling until the safety of this technology can be ascertained please, I am warning MTN not to lay any single cable in Igweocha or Calabar for the time being or Enugu for that matter until the safety evaluation has been carried out on this very new technology and what it does to people, as I said before far more organized and advanced societies are saying no to 5G for now.

Now let me come to the cross of our program this evening, Abba Kyari was dying from Coronavirus, Yemi Osibanjo was incapacitated from Coronavirus listen very carefully, Yemi Osibanjo is very sick, Abba Kyari when they were packaging him to take him out he said oh bring me Jubril they gave him Jubril, and he said to bring his things they brought his fåce mask, they forgot the one that will cover the whole of his body so when the heat was on, after my program the Imam of peace destroy the zoo on Twitter and ambassador John Campbell wrote his piece.

They said we must do a broadcast they forgot they did not bring the mask that would have covered his neck, they brought the one they practice with, the one he was wearing there is the practised mask because it takes a long time to put it on, I posted a video clip to demonstrate how hard it is to put on this special mask that they have, do you know what happened? In their hurry, Abba Kyari is now on life support machine receiving oxygen through the mouth.

Nobody to tell them what to do and Fami Adesina was in Abuja telling them oh please hurry up time is going we need it they hurryed dressed up Jubril the idiot that dress up Jubril forgot that the hole on the neck not covered, do you see how they messed themselves up? He was talking he doesn't want to look forward, the camera did not move to the right or to the left it was just there in front of him from afar.

The only time that he raised his head that was over for them you can see the hole, the hole is from the mask what he is wearing is the neck one the shoulder bid was missing they forgot it in Abuja, that is how Jubril was exposed. The neck is open this night am asking CNN all the Yoruba correspondent for CNN, for CMBC, for ABC, for AP, for the zoo papers and Chanel television only one question I don't want too many questions is it Buhari? Is it not Buhari no only one  I want anywhere you see Alamagiri on Facebook ask him that question what is that hole doing on the neck of your so-called? What is the hole doing on his neck is it where they are feeding him from? That hole on the neck what is that? And on that hole, the zoo collapsed.

I am warning every coordinator everywhere in the world I know we are hiding and running for Coronavirus you must all open a Twitter account, during my next broadcast on Wednesday not minding that the world is going through Coronavirus when they finish they will see it, we are going to bombard the whole world with the picture of Jubril wearing the mask of Buhari. All over the world, the zoo is finished, I know from starting that Buhari can never come back Buhari is in a grave in Saudi Arabia can never come back forever and ever.

Nigeria has no president, Nigeria has no vice president my prayer is that Osibanjo is alive because they infected him willfully, Osibanjo was infected by force in Aso Rock they will be shocked how I know this, Yoruba ask after your son they don't want to ask because they know that the game is up the zoo is finished, no president, no vice president,  the zoo has fallen, and the zoo has collapsed. We do not pity them; we are not going to pity them.

With that, we bring our program to a close this very evening. As always you will keep saving wherever you are, BIAFRA is our religion here on radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim in heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe Nile is our God from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 
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