April 14 2020 | The Biafra Telegraph

There are things that men ought not to pray for. But because men are naturally selfish, they end up realizing in disappointment that God does not get regulated by mere wishes of men.  Nigeria is seriously depleting before the eyes of those who ones believed in the “indivisibility” of Nigeria. Analysts do agree that the horror here isn’t the divisibility of Nigeria, rather the very choice and channel of her ending.  Today, there is a splendid delinking from the name “Nigeria” by those who supposedly ought to have been called “citizens.

From public opinion sampling not on Biafrans frontline, but from Northern Nigeria frontline, there are serious dissatisfactions and fed up to Nigeria and the current notorious Government. I took my weeks and months to extract from those forks who were shouting “Sai Baba” few months on how they are enjoying Nigeria and the current kleptomaniacs who are occupying Aso Rock. The opinions are indeed horrible and full of deep regrets.

I think those who are on seat of power know this very fact better, no wonder they are recalcitrant and are religiously and tenaciously avoiding the western world. They understand that their Government is delegitimized and thus the only choice left for them is to embrace any country that will blindly support them against internal uprising and external checkmating. And thus, China is the ideal one for the job! But going by realities and evidences of History, one will make fool of himself to think that such political choice of the present Government will lead them to sustainable lifeline. Never! Really un-historical and irrational to think that Nigeria and her current regime will scale through the storm. Psychologists will agree with me here that the flirting of the “presidency” with china is only propelled by fear for survival. So, if “fear” is the propeller of their policy choice, it could only lead to their waterloo.


China today is an emerging power in the scheme of international playground. One will be economical with truth and fact not to recognize China’s curiosity and doggedness in re-writing history. Such efforts to demolish the racial barricade or say an arrogant barricade from the so-called “develop economics” on “developing economics” must be commended. China has proven a point that the economic divides between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are un-static, flexible and has nothing to do with divine placement.

One needs not to ask why China is too confronting in her foreign behaviour as the answers abound.  To the western countries, there is this mentality of “consolidations”. They think through their age long foreign engagements, they have not just made loyalists, but by extension have solidified and consolidated on those fronts. But to the Chinese, the global friends and resources are too few in number that she must see everything from the eyes of struggle and war. Either by economic war which involve intellectual properties stealing, fraudulent currency manipulations, counterfeit products, secrecy in her relations and other acts of war mechanism imported in her relationship with the rest of the world. The world felt earlier that china’s irregular behaviours should be overlook since her population much be fed to sustain peace and security in Asian region.

Contrary, china like the proverbial snake which was fed into python size through western investments in China is now going on rampage and picking up fight to anyone around. Having grown to a python, she cannot be killed by a single man. There must be neighbourhoods and friends’ contribution for the python to go down! That is exactly where the chess begins…

Americans and her friends would have had that done in Djibouti, but the geo-strategy of Djibouti makes her unsafe to commence any kind of skirmishes there. The west understands that if they engage china in Djibouti, the international commerce will be ruined and thereby foolishly plunging the world economy into halt as Djibouti proximity to Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean is too important to international trade. Regrettably, what they west feared in Djibouti is brought to them by China through the agent of Coronavirus. The world economy is ruined today. No thanks to COVID-19.

But all is pointing to the very fact that the opportunity United States and her allies couldn’t find in Djibouti, they are likely to get it in Nigeria soil. China is getting deeply involved in Nigeria. It is true that the Chinese never wished to get that deep involvement earlier as they understand how important Nigeria is to Britain. The consistent plea for their involvement by the current Nigerian government regardless of Britain, made china to accept the offer not minding any longer if Britain was to get haywire. On Nigerian Government part, they think that there is need to get china involve not basically on repositioning of infrastructural deficits, but for the fact that Britain and other western fronts look not interested in helping Nigeria nix Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. In one occasion, the current minister of information accused France of financing IPOB while Britain was accused of housing the popular Radio Biafra London.  Aso Rock believes that there is no way Britain who is housing Radio Biafra in London will deny not working towards Nigerian disintegration.

China is ready to walk and work her way towards securing a military base in West Africa which those Dollar Currency lovers in Aso Rock would gladly grant. USA knows she cannot stop that as she couldn’t achieve that in Djibouti when pressed Djibouti Government for military base, but the next strategy left for USA is to balkanise Nigeria in pieces and piecemeal, thereby stopping China laying hold of a large country in Africa. A liberal USA cannot play stooge to the Fulani cabals in Aso Rock as such will lead to outrage in United States thereby putting the moral and human right stand of such United States government overseas into question. And the Fulani cabals in Aso Rock are not fixable to western kind of democracy United States exports. They would gladly love to be given the opportunity to reconfigure Nigeria into communist party system of china. But will this be a light pie for USA to accept from the cabals? Never! That is why the permutations are all ripe for bellicosity.

China would love to give mental and logistical support to Nigeria ahead of what is to come from United States as we see currently covert move of her military experts and instructors under the guise of “Covid-19 doctors”.  That is a smart move aimed at helping mentally bereft kleptomaniacs of Aso Rock. On the other hand, USA and allies are in serious repositioning things within Sahel and Sub-Sahara regions ahead of what is to come. Nigeria military is relegated to the dustbin and Chad is meant to believe by the United States and Israel that she can be the hegemonic power within the region if only she works for the end of her emergence obstacle (Nigeria).  To Idris Derby, getting rid of the obstacle which is Nigeria is a task that must be done! And that he is achieving politically and media wise, he has taking it upon himself to rubbish Nigeria on many international media platforms like New York Times and Aljazeera. Chadian leader is reminding the world of the need to invest and trust on Chad for Sahel and West Africa Peace and Security, thereby letting the world to see and understand how useless Nigeria is for the regions. Till date, Chad is occupying portions of Nigeria lands and is giving ones a “giant of Africa” deadline to reoccupy. You can see that Nigeria is gone!

When a country loses her influence, such is no longer a country. Technically speaking, apart from Government, sovereignty, population and boundaries that makes a geographical defined part a country, another thing which is major though unrecognized is influence. What is a country without influence! When influence eludes a country, that country technically dies away. That is exactly the current state of Nigeria. Some persons are waiting for total collapse without knowing that her major collapsed has taking course. Her glory is gone! She is echabonized and the rest of the world and African countries have moved on without Nigeria. They have adjusted to the fact that Nigeria is no longer futuristic.

The most disturbing part to those in Abuja is that United States and allies might not struggle to look for a channel to collapse Nigeria, they think IPOB defiant position is too sad a story to Abuja.  The further sad news here is that it appears IPOB within the periods she survived state clampdown, have developed an internal absolver to be hard. Abuja feels regrettable that she contributed in making IPOB more sophisticated, hardened and dangerous through the state bullying.  Like I was told by an agent of the Federal Government, “we have intels of how there is mass influx of people on IPOB side. Some don’t want to be seen as members, but they are on ideological tandem with IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, including some politicians are now falling on IPOB part. This is dangerous to this regime”.  If Government thinks this way of a movement, then there lie dangers ahead.

What most people don’t understand is that IPOB rough take off and consistencies have won her trust. Today, there exist two forms of information and control in Nigeria (APC and IPOB), shockingly, the people tend to believe more of the later than the formal led government. IPOB have strategically positioned herself in a unique way that she is an active actor that one can only overlooked at his own peril. It is this resource that the likes of United States want to harness and work with. Such an existing structure when armed in absence of diplomacy can wreck down Nigeria within a week. Anyway, Abuja knows that!  It is unbelievable that where the government is failing the people, IPOB is smartly fixing in on those grounds. The ongoing distribution of foods and other items is a soft tool that is going to finally sink the irresponsible government.

What no one took into consideration was the much focus on centralized figure (Nnamdi Kanu) while IPOB was decentralizing down the grassroots. The fibble Abuja Government concentrated her efforts on Nnamdi Kanu and such got trapped into a heavy distraction while IPOB went grass-rooting which makes it too impossible to nix. Such a movement is positioned as a right contact for future history of Nigeria.

Whatever be the case, IPOB is ripe and strategically positioned for Nigeria demise.

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

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