A tiny Island with virtually no natural resources is bigger than that of the African continent as a whole. No need to mention that of the USA and others.

At a time, they were dying of starvation and had to do something really fast! Around that time, they had mastered how to use gun powder to kill people. The same gun powder the Chinese had used for medicinal and spiritual purposes for years was converted into a killing tool by the British who were so desperate to look for natural resources!

Armed with this deadly advantage, Britain fanned out all over the world in a mission that literally meant armed robbery. The criminality that gave them an advantageous head-start. They killed people and took whatever they could from them.

In Australia, a whole race of people minding their business and troubling no one were massacred with a measure of sickening brutality. Their lands were taken and resources carted away to their tiny Island in Europe. Exact same atrocity was going on all over the world!

Before long, they discovered the enormous natural resources in Africa and noticed how physically strong Africans were. Still armed with this advantage, Africa was subdued. Her resources stolen, her people stolen to work in their farms oversees. Their erstwhile adversaries in Europe were invited for the feast and agreed on how to peacefully share a whole continent amongst themselves. When this brigandry died down, they instituted several laws to make Africa a natural resource base to feed their hungry mouths in Europe!

A whole continent was then sentenced to life imprisonment, if not death by Britain and her Friends! How would someone not understand why the British economy is bigger than that of Africa? Let alone the USA economy. Do you think the UN, WTO and all others are there to free your ass from prison?

Gaddafi took a bold step to free Africa, these folks marshalled a combination of banditry, illegalities, legalities, connivance to silence him! A step that would have recovered the stolen wealth of Africa was blocked!

To cover up their crimes and criminality against Africans, so many reasons and propagandas have been given why Africa is under developed, like including the reason for this post which is hinged on a nonsensical publication that Africans have lower IQ compared to the others. Nwobodo Ifeanyi believed this nonsense. It is one thing to be a prisoner and another thing not to realize that one is a prisoner! Go to a real prison and ask an innocent man behind bars why he is not progressing like others in the free world.

An armed man who invaded your house while you were having dinner with your wives and kid and took over your food and your house and start living big on your own resources while still pointing the gun on your head, would you say he is smarter than you just because you are starving while he is not? If you make any move to recover your food and home, he would blow up your head just like Gaddafi was killed. According to Nwobodo Ifeanyi,  he is smarter than you!

If China, or any part of this world had the natural resources and physically strong people like the African continent, they would have been the prime victims of this world of piss and shit. We would not have been the ones in prison. We would have been left alone and the Chinese people would have been the underdeveloped ones!

This explains the well-known concept, albeit ill-defined known as the RESOURCE CURSE! They all know this fact, but interpreted it upside down in their books to hide their shame and blamed Africans for it rather than the real resource thieves!

I am not that foolish and gullible!

Written by:
Ahamba Ahamefula
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Mazi Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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