Life is supposed to be lived on the dictates of " Live and let live". I have watched with keen interests the tyrannic manner in which the contraption called Nigeria is run lawlessly everywhere. Unprofessionalism in every sphere, unorganized armed forces, untactical policing that feasts on innocent victims without caution. Criminalising citizens without investigation. This is where we (Biafrans) have found ourselves.

Like every other day, the Indigenes of KomKom community, Obigbo in Rivers State woke up yesterday and embarked on their daily business routines not knowing that they were about to appear on headlines of various tabloids for the wrong news. One may ask to know what led to this bloody clash between the NIGERIA Civil Defense and youths of KomKom community?

Reports from an eye witness have it that Some youths were drinking in a Bar at Kom-kom area of Obigbo when men of the Nigerian Civil Defense came and started interrogating them. They all introduced themselves but seeing that they found nothing implicating on them, they started arresting the young men. In the midst of this unwarranted attack, some resisted arrest while some fled. This angered the men in uniform and they took to mass arrest of innocent victims who were either returning from work or on their way to various destinations.

How can this cause mass arrests of innocent and law-abiding citizens? People's homes and offices were broken down in search of any young man. So many vehicles packed by the roads were grossly damaged. So many people were severely injured not by the said Youths but by Officers and men of Civil Defense Force of Nigeria.

For how long shall we continue in this pain and agonies? What a tragedy. Why is it that any time there is a little civil disobedience within Biafra land the Nigerian Armed Forces will use it as an opportunity to unleash mayhem on our innocent populace?

It is so pathetic that asides the mass arrest of innocent victims, the Nigeria Civil Defense force threatened to return today's evening to continue arrest after more than forty-two persons have been arrested. We live in an unacceptable citizenry devoid of inclusions and respect for human dignity. We don't have a say in an entity tagged "One Nigeria".

It is a proven fact that every facets of the security apparatus of this contraption is instituted and targeted towards obliterating the Biafran race to extinction.

It is embarrassing to know that the mayhem unleashed on both citizens and their properties were not done by hoodlums but by men of the Nigerian civil defence, how ironic it sounds when the dog who was given a bone to keep safe is now the one eating the bone. Those who were paid to protect us are now the ones killing us.

Only Biafra can save us.

Written by:
Mazi Emmanuel Igbeagu
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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