By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)
Edited by Solomon Nwabunwanne Eughaiwe
The presence of members of the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra, (IPOB) in over 88 countries of the world, will make corrupt Nigerian politicians uncomfortable travelling abroad for whatever reason. They go there to enjoy what their counterparts have laboured to put in place, such as excellent medical treatment, good education, recreational facilities, 24 hours power supply, good roads, running water etc. Why can't they bring those things they see and enjoy in those places home? Very soon, they won't be able to travel again as they will be forced to remain at home and reap what they have sowed.

Senator Ike Ekwerenmadu, former deputy Senate President of Nigeria, was humiliated and disgraced by family members of IPOB in Nuremberg, Germany on 17 August 2019 when he went there to celebrate new yam festival. Why won't they? He was going to Germany to celebrate the new yam festival, what happened to his Home town in Enugu state? His concern was to celebrate the new yam festival in a foreign land and not at home where there is continuous raping, killing and kidnapping by Fulani herdsmen in the same Enugu state his home state. 

How many times has he openly condemned all the atrocities going on in the country, where he is a Senator? He is not unaware of the multiple illegal military checkpoints on Nigerian roads, especially in the South East and the dangers involved in them. For instance, the military checkpoint at Owerrinta bridge. The colonial masters built the bridge in 1960 with a life span of 50 years and from all indications, that bridge can collapse at any time because it has exceeded its life span. The Nigerian Military stop loaded tankers and articulated Trucks on top of that bridge for more than 30 minutes in the name of checking them. One day, those heavily loaded vehicles will go down with the bridge, and many people will lose their lives. 

The same Ike Ekwerenmadu diverted the fund meant for the construction of Enugu- Port Harcourt expressway during the administration of Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan as Nigerian President into his private pocket, not minding the untold hardship it will bring to his people. This festival, in Igbo land, is highly prestigious and well respected, he abused it by going to a foreign country to celebrate the traditional festival, and it is unacceptable.

Other corrupt Nigerian politicians should learn from what happened to Ike Ekwerenmadu otherwise the revolution that has started abroad will not end there but will soon come to Nigeria and any country that goes through a revolution, never remains the same again.
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