By Onumajuru Onyekaci MacSantos (Abia Writers)
EDITED BY Solomon Eughaiwe
Unpredictable, Surprise and powerful protest took place in Aba, Abia state on 8th September 2019 by hundreds of Aba women. Aba women marched on the streets of Aba singing and sounding warning to Abia state governor Okezie Ikpeazu on lousy governance and generally lamented on the bad roads, the unpaid salaries of government workers, intimidation by security agents and the menace of Fulani herdsmen in Abia State. The women gave the governor one hundred days ultimatum to start fixing the roads, or they will shut down the state with massive and mega protest.

This is how it all started on November 1929, from peaceful protest it metamorphosed to full-blown riot where Biafran women from various locations like Ibibio, Opodo, Owerri, Calabar etc. assembled at Aba. The unarmed Biafran women confronted the British troops, many died on the spot, and the British Army severely injured an uncountable number of them. They are the same blood of Biafran women in 1929 Aba women riot that reincarnated to the current gallant and fearless women with similar demands. Abia state governor should consult his history books and learn that women protest never go back until they achieve noticeable results. After 1929 protest, Biafran women succeeded in exempting women from paying tax and the current Biafran women can still achieve more, so no man born of a woman or government can underestimate the power or strength of women.

Biafran women in Aba have registered their displeasure before the world that they are facing hell in Abia state including homes and shops set ablaze by Nigerian joint security forces under the leadership of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. The lousy governance has rendered their husbands and children homeless and jobless as well. The current government has caused more harm than good to its citizens. It is the height of callousness that can lead to violence and anarchy in the state because the government has subjected its citizens to inescapable hardship and untimely death. The government also tortures her citizens for doing nothing; the only crime they committed is that they stood under the hot sun to vote in the man that is making life unbearable for them. Let it be on record that on 8th September 2019 that the Biafran women made their predicaments and long-sufferings under Okezie Ikpeazu known to the world.
In Biafra, we stand!
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