By Solomon Nwabunwanne Eughaiwe(ABIA WRITERS) 
Ike Ekweremadu was the deputy senate president to the just-concluded 8the senate and the sitting member of the current session representing Enugu West senatorial district in Enugu State of the old eastern Nigeria. He was treated fairly at the venue of the new yam festival organized by some gullible Igbo people living in (Nuremberg) Germany. The prestigious new yam festival is a tradition meant to be performed in the ancestral home/land of the Igbos and not in any foreign land. It is a yearly festival to thank the gods for a successful yam harvest and flags off yam consumption. Traditional Igbos, especially titled men don't start eating yam until they celebrate this festival. The traditional ruler and chief priest of the clan performing the rite officiate in the ceremony.
The treatment gotten by Ike Ekweremadu from the Igbos living in Germany was fair. It is justified because he contributes to the suffering and enslavement of the Indigenous People in the Eastern part of the Country. Let's take instances like; 
1. the agglomeration of Military Checkpoints around the old eastern part of the Country (Biafra) in which innocent people are being molested and killed daily on no known provocation. The atrocious crimes committed by these Nigerian Soldiers at the checkpoints also include the molestation of innocent motorists who refuse to give them money and the raping of Women after intimidating them. The recent killing of one, Chimaobi Nworgu, in Aba on August 2019 was clear evidence to substantiate the claim of atrocities committed by Soldiers at various checkpoints around the region (Biafra).

2. The recent killings in Enugu state by Fulani Herdsmen like the killing of Rev. Fr. Friday Offu who was murdered by the Fulani herdsmen, the raping and murder of Women in the farmlands by the dreaded Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu State, the home state of the former deputy senate president of the fraudulent federation of Nigeria. The farmers who farm the yam he went to eat in Germany no longer go to the farm in Enugu state because of fear of the Fulani herdsmen.

3. The former deputy senate president perfected the proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra, I.P.O.B, by the Southeast governors. This happened after the governors sent him to lure Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to drop the agitation for the restoration of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu refused the money he offered and told him that money is not more important than the freedom of his people. Angered by this refusal, he went on to approve the commencement of the Military Operation code-named Operation Python Dance 2. The operation was to go and kill Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra. When the military went to the home of Nnamdi Kanu, they killed twenty-eight people. 

In all these crimes mentioned above against the people, the former deputy senate president never raised his voice neither did he give a press statement in condemnation of these crimes committed by the Fulani and the Nigeria government against his people. This silence makes it clear that he knew all about the crimes and is in tacit support just for his political ambition.

The former deputy senate president is neither a traditional ruler nor a chief priest, and I ask why was he in Germany for the festival if not to mock the people? After the killings of innocent Indigenous People at home, he has the guts to attend the illegal new year festival in Nuremberg, Germany. The prolific writer, Chinua Achebe wrote in 1995, "He who travels to eat his ancestral yam in a foreign country should be ready for the wrath of Dike, the warrior of the seven seas and seven mountains". Ike Ekweremadu went to eat his ancestral yam in a foreign country and got the wrath of his people.

The most annoying part was that Senator Ekweremadu dressed in a cloth decorated with the colours of Nigeria, the killers of his people neglecting the traditional dress of Ndigbo. He was also to grace the occasion with the Nigerian Ambassador to Germany who happened to be from the government that is killing innocent people back home. All these angered the Indigenous people; they unleashed their anger on the former deputy senate president. For me, they were very kind to him by only throwing eggs. It will also be a deterrent to other politicians that are killing innocent people and sabotaging the effort of the Indigenous people of Biafra to restore Biafra through peaceful conduct of a referendum.

The people, governments and lovers of freedom around the world should advise the Nigerian government to allow the Indigenous people to go by the use of the democratic tenet, which is a referendum. Another advice goes to the politicians and governors of Biafran extraction to desist from sabotaging the struggle for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra as they will surely pay for the sabotage when Biafra is restored.
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