By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writer)
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe
It is crystal clear that Nigeria was designed and militarily structured to weaken, terminate and uproot journalism. A lot of respected and fearless journalists have been killed, tortured, threatened and many of them ran to exile. The Nigeria military juntas both in the past and currently have inscribed and stamped that they must intimidate journalists. They want the importance and good works the journalists do by exposing and eradicating evil, dictatorship and all manners of corruption to come to an end. 

Let's link into the case of one of Nigeria's best and finest journalists Dele Giwa. He was an influential, truthful, bold and formidable journalist, the editor and co-founder of news watch magazine in Nigeria in the 70s and 80s. As a decent journalist in Nigeria, they gruesomely murdered him with a letter bomb in his house in Lagos state on 19th October 1986. The assassination occurred a few days after the state security services (SSS) officials interviewed him. They killed him because he fought impunity during former military president Babangida. 

The legacy of torturing, frustrating, threatening and permanently silencing journalists in Nigeria, didn't start today, it is as old as an old song, and as the contraption called Nigeria. Dele Giwa's case was closed prematurely, and no one was bold enough to challenge it in the court. The killer is as free as the air, and the Nigerian government address him as an elder statesman. Journalism in Nigeria has suffered a lot of setbacks in the hands of dictators. Many journalists were illegally detained and tortured for discharging their duties, and an uncountable number of them are in exile till date.

Both the first and the second regime of Buhari and even the recent tenure of Jubril, the same ugly story is still happening. This serving Apc government illegally jailed Bayelsa based journalist, Mr Jones Abiri who was arrested by the DSS in 2016. Several court rulings have granted him bail and also ordered DSS and APC administration to pay him compensation, all the legal pronouncements fail on deaf ears of Buhari till today. Recently Africa independent television (AIT) reporter and presenter of a popular program known as kakaa Mr Ohimai Amaize flee Nigeria over the threat of illegal arrest. Omoyele Sowore's case is the most current, and it is not different from the handiwork of these dictators. Nigeria has recorded the highest number of mass exodus of journalists on exile to a foreign land.

Finally, the wind of journalists intimidation, molestation, threatening and unlawful detention and torture has reached Biafra land. It is the only development Igbo Governors could copy and paste. Impunity and violent threatening of journalists have become their latest fashion and also a way of life in Igbo land more especially in Abia state where Governor Okezie Ikpeazu dishes out threats anyhow he likes. 

There is a leaked phone call of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, that is trending and has gone viral on the social media. The Governor of Abia State was boldly threatening to molest, torment and even promised to kidnap a journalist if he continues to write about his State flop and bad governance. During the phone call, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu told the journalist the number of journalists he successfully kidnapped and silenced permanently. It's not a new story; all the Igbo Governors have secretly kidnapped, tortured, threatened, intimidated and even killed journalists, including peaceful protesters. 

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu also kidnapped Mrs Rose Agbauta, who led the women protest a few weeks ago. Many outspoken people like Journalist, protest leaders, Barristers and IPOB members have been declared missing in Abia state. Igbo Governors have legalized abduction in various States. The leaked audio call has publicly shown that the governor of Abia state is directly or indirectly responsible for the kidnapping of Journalists, protesters, Barristers, IPOB members and other oppositions figures. 

The world should take note that Igbo Political Class and Ohanaeze Ndigbo are responsible for 70% abduction of journalists, freedom fighters and outspoke individuals in Biafraland. Igbo Governors have successfully threatened and silenced the voices of many notable Journalists at list Okezie Ikpeazu is a proof and the epitome of violence and direct threat to Journalists.
In Biafra, we trust!

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