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■ 23, December 2019

IPOB intelligent Report
Security Alert!
On 20th December 2019, a group of selected Fulani killing squad arrived at Aminu Kano international airport, by 2am Nigeria local time.
These selected war machineries were selected from Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Timbuktu in Mali and some few from Congo Brazzaville especially those Fulanis chased away from the Central Africa Republic.
These team of Fulani war machineries were given a warm welcome by the Nigerian Inspector general of police Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, after a short briefing in Fulfulde language, these killers were taken way, handed over Nigeria police uniform, equipped with police riffles, knives and daggers and presently they have all being shipped to South East within 48hrs of their arrival into Nigeria

These killers are numbering up to 2,000 men, most of them shall be in civilian dresses while the majority are posted in all the police and military checkpoints in Abia state especially Enugu / Igweocha (Port Harcourt) expressways.
It is pure deception if you believe that Nigeria police will remove their checkpoints in the south-east as claimed by the IG of police, instead, they have doubled their checkpoints along the expressways claiming that IPOB have resolved to attack them along this expressways so as to pave way for the arrival of their leader and other top IPOB high profile officers for the burial of their leader’s parents.

These are the police station where these Fulani killers were dumped in Abia state;
1. Nigeria Police Divisional Headquarters in Aba, Abia state
2. Eziukwu Police station Aba, Abia state.
3. Central Police Station Umuahia Command ,along Ohafia, road. Abia state
4.Federal police zone 9, Umuahia Abia state .

These Fulani killers came for war, a couple of days ago the Nigeria police force just warned motorists, not to video any checkpoints for the fear people will expose these strange Fulani men in those police and military checkpoints.
The mission of these men is to kill the Biafrans youths especially anyone found associated with the Biafra ideology, most of them have being spotted in Aba already with Tinted vehicles some written “NAF” on the vehicles , patrolling and monitoring every junction in Aba.

We urge all Biafrans to avoid night movement or hanging out late in the night around beer parlours or night clubs, these guys are full-time Fulani Muslim janjaweed they have come to kill and the Inspector general of police promised to relocate them to another state if they are public identify them on their deadly mission.

Our people should be vigilant, everyone can recognize these strange faces, our people have travelled wide and far we can identify these foreigners who claim to be Nigerian police either in uniform or in civilian attire, if stopped at any police or army checkpoint in Biafran land especially in Aba, be vigilant and be quick in your observation, times are bad, alert the public if people are taking you away by force for any issue.

people around the vicinity should make sure they identify the car they used in kidnapping you if possible take pictures by any means.

These Fulani Nigerian government are asking their Fulani brothers chased away in the Central African Republic to come to Nigeria even those Fulanis who have lost some states to Ambazonias in southern Cameroon are asked to move into Nigeria to go and occupy Biafra land.

In as much we are at alert, Biafraland shall swallow all of them, they should ask the white who came to colonize Biafraland why they failed to overrun us, they should also ask their grandfathers who came with Othman Dan Fodio the faith that befalls them
They never went back alive.

Biafrans be your brother's, keepers, times are bad , the enemies have come for war .

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