Sylvia Marr

Britain did not, has not, and is not contemplating abolishing slavery. When a few individuals took it upon themselves to compel the satanic British government to stop the inhuman act, they withdrew from public glare, and continued stealthily.

As I'm typing, the predatory Britain is still using the barbaric semi Arabs called Fulani that they found in Sahara Desert to execute their satanic, sadistic, tyrannical, and genocidal act of enslavement against Biafrans in the fraud and graveyard they created called Nigeria.

Why do you think that Britain can be assiduously pursuing #BREXIT, while vehemently opposed to #BIAFREXIT? Are you aware that Britain murdered over six million (6,000,000) Biafrans between 1967 and 1970, in the Biafra genocide that Britain has been striving to conceal, under the cover of Nigeria Civil War, just to confiscate Biafra's oil and gas, which has been sustaining Britain ever since, up to this moment?

Glyn Downing, I can only say that you are ridiculing yourself and publicizing your ignorance when you say that you taught us how to read and write.

Before you further disgrace yourself by putting your vacuity on display, take a walk down to the British museum. When you return, tell the world how those artefacts that you stole from my place came there.

If not for the cruelty of Britain, who, in their attempt to erase every record about the fact that they copied their civilization from us, destroyed all the records that they carted away from our place, I would have told you to go to the British archives to find out from where you got the alphabets (which is 20 percent incomplete), that you call English alphabets. Those alphabets came from NSIBIDI, the form of writing of Biafrans. (Take any word of your choice in your English language, transcribe it phonetically, and whatever you get is the spelling of that word in Igbo, my language, from where you copied the English alphabets, which in any case, are incomplete).

I may also have told you to ask your parents who taught you what to do to the tails you are usually born with. You may need to find out what King Leopold of Belgium and the British PM told the colonial advance party (called missionaries), as they were deployed to Africa.

You may also need to ask your parents which industrialization (technology) that they revolutionized.
It was our technology that they modernized in what was called industrial revolution). If you are through with these findings, I will tell you some other important things to find out. Stop making a mockery of yourself, thereby exhibiting the level to which you are an ignoramus.

Meanwhile, if Britain possesses all these attributes, why are they panicky about the restoration of Biafra? Why should Britain go to import and impose a foreigner on the evil forest they created called Nigeria, at the death of their terrorist appointee, called Mohammadu Buhari, and you, a Briton, can still garner audacity and temerity to be defending the demons that could do this, instead of being ashamed to be associated with them?

Does it not tell you in simple terms, that you are more barbaric than your fathers, who massacred millions of innocent people with impunity, just to confiscate their assets and lands, as you did in Australia, and currently doing in Biafra (through Nigeria)?

But be informed, that as Israel cannot be obliterated, so can Biafra not be. Whatever tricks or agency Britain applies or employs, it is all in vain. We may suffer human losses, as we have been doing, (as Israel also did), but be sure that Biafra will certainly. be restored, and that soon.

Biafra has come!


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: Lagos State Media

Edited by:
Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Lagos State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media

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