A week ago, on 27th October, 2019 the Nigeria combined security team opened fire on the unarmed peaceful IPOB family members in Ebonyi state during the inauguration of Ebonyi LGA.

Five persons were shot, six persons abducted including Barrister Orogwu Cyril and his wife Precious Orogwu who had bleeding in the police detention at Abakaliki prison due to torture and molestation meted on them by the brutal Nigeria police and team of the Nigeria security.

All the food cooked for item 7 (refreshment) was taken away by the security team alongside the drinks, the sound system and other valuables worth hundreds of thousands of naira belonging to IPOB family members which attended the inauguration.

The reasons for all these attacks and atrocities against the innocent people of Biafra in their land is because they asked for self-determination and freedom which is enshrined in the United nations charter on the rights of the Indigenous People all over the world, Nigeria is a member signatory to the charter yet ignore it thereby deploying their security forces to kill and unleash mayhem on the people of Biafra who have committed no crime.

Despite the efforts put in place by the Nigeria government and her Ebonyi state counterpart to stop IPOB, the people have continued to increase more than before in establishing of new families across the state.

The family of IPOB in Ebonyi state have within the past few days after the attack on them established and inaugurated over twenty family units across the state.

The general family meeting of Ebonyi North Senatorial district of the Ebonyi Local Government Area inauguration where the incident took place was attended in a mass by the members in the jurisdiction on Sunday 3rd November, 2019 which was held at Izzi LGA.

The coordinator of Ebonyi north senatorial district Mazi Ezike Wisdom N. expressed his displeasure on the attack by the Nigeria team of security on Ebonyi IPOB family in his jurisdiction on 27th October 2019, he noted that nothing shall stop Biafra restoration; in his speech during the general meeting he urged his people especially coordinators and principal officers in Ebonyi north and Abakaliki Province entirely to remain resolute and committed to the service of Biafra freedom.

The people prayed for the speedy recovery of the wounded and for the release of the captives who are still in the police detention in Abakaliki prison.

The resolve and the determination of the people ascertained from their mood portrayed forward ever Backward never! No Retreat No Surrender till Biafra is restored.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri & Nkwegwu Henry
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media

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