By Nwabunwanne David (Abia writers)
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe
The latest weapon of terrorism the Fulani cabal are using against Biafrans is fire. This is economic strangulation and plan by the Fulani led, Nigerian government to render Biafrans homeless. The spate of fire outbreaks in Biafraland and places where Biafrans do their business is unprecedented. 

The fire outbreak in Onitsha Anambra State was a calculated attempt to kill our people and send many to the land of the unknown before their time and season. It was agonizing to see a woman with a sucking Child burnt to Ashes, what a terrible World. May those that lost their loved ones find the fortitude to bear the loss and those that lost properties the courage to pick up again. It was a sad day, a reminder of Ozubulu killings that is still fresh in our hearts. The government gave speeches, made videos, and there were debates upon debates, but until today, nothing has happened. A panel of enquiry was set up but no report nor recommendations.

In Delta state, There was Fulani kidnapping and exchange of gun battle with the police in Azagba on the 26th of October 2019. Suspected Herdsmen attacked Isselle Azagba Secondary School Oshimili-South LGA of Delta State, and high tension took over Azagba Secondary School Oshimili as suspected Fulani herdsmen unleashed terror on the school. The murderous Herdsmen kidnapped students and teachers. Delta State Police Azagba were alerted of the terror attack, and they swung into action immediately to rescue the kidnapped students and teachers. 

There was a massive gun battle with the Herdsmen that lasted more than an hour. It was a warning to show that South-South is not left out in Fulani plans of actions. They want to destroy the strong race that can challenge them, and then they will easily take the rest. Until our people start showing their anger to the politicians by egging and hassling them in public gatherings, they will not wake up to their responsibility of protecting the people they swore to defend.

The Fulanis are in full war mode: they unleash their foot soldiers the Fulani Herdsmen to maim and kill Biafrans. Now they are using fire to kill us, render us homeless and economically strangulate us. They are burning houses in Aba Abia State and have turned Ebonyi state to a killing field. The herdsmen are continuous killing innocent Biafrans in Ebonyi, and a few days ago, security agents joined in killing the people they are supposed to protect. 

I hope the World will not keep quiet and allow another Biafran genocide. The amnesty reports are there to speak for itself about the atrocities of Nigerian security agents in Biafraland. Look at what they are doing to us all round, it is pathetic! 
1. They came with their cows, destroying our Farms, and Killing the Farmers, to cause famine, food shortage in our land, but their plans didn't work.
2. They closed Land border, banned importation and exportation. To dislodge our businessmen and women. 
3. They went to countries where Biafrans are doing their businesses, told the governments to deport Biafrans and incited xenophobic attacks against us in foreign lands.

4. They have now resorted to set our markets on fire, burning our goods to pauperize our people the more.

The Bad News I have for them is that, in vain, the wicked plot! Biafrans are seeds planted by the Most High beside the streams that yield fruits both in and out of seasons whose leaves do not wither. Whatever we do prosper, whatever we touch turns to gold. Biafra must take its rightful place among the comity of Civilized Nations.

Biafra where are you? Oh, my Nation! Biafra, pls come quick and save our souls, we are dying day by day for no reason. It is certain that after great dealing with South-Eastern regions, they will swallow the coastal Biafraland which they call South-South in three days, but it is you alone Oh Land Of The Rising Sun that will save us. 
All hail Biafra.
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