By Onumajuru Onyekachi MacSantos (Abia Writers)
Edited by Solomon Elughaiwe
An official police slogan says, "police are your friends, and they protect lives and properties", but in Nigeria, the above slogan is practically wrong and unworkable, especially in Abia state, Aba to be specific. The real translation of above Nigeria police slang is, "police are your enemies, and they destroy lives and properties". 

The barbaric, uncivilized, untrained and uncultured actions of the police and their collaboration with motor park hoodlums have proved IPOB and the supreme leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu right. Police actions have shown that IPOB and their leader are candidates of truth, transparency, sincerity and honesty with every degree of boldness. The ugly and violent activities of Nigeria police publicly vindicated IPOB that Nigerian security agents have been feeding international communities and the world with lies, false information and made-up news.

Amnesty International has officially exposed Nigeria inspector general of police Mohammed Adamu and Abia state commissioner of police Ene Okon on the unspeakable callous activities on poor innocent citizens of Aba in Abia State. Such actions are regular in Biafra land, but Nigeria government and state Governors always bribe media platforms to cover the news or even tag them clash. The report of Amnesty International will resurrect a lot of secrets because Nigerian police have killed, illegally detained and frustrated uncountable innocent, lawful Biafrans that committed no crime. 

According to the report of amnesty international, on Thursday 26th September 2019," a police officer attached to the Cameroun Barracks (Ndiegoro) police station and a civilian driver were killed by assailants at the police checkpoint in Ama Nmononwu area of Aba. Police officers visited the scene and returned to Ndiegoro Police Station. In the evening they mobilized to the area and arrested over 50 residents, including children, without a warrant. The indiscriminate arrest continued till Tuesday, October 2019 when police returned with about 12 Hilux vehicles and randomly set at least nine buildings and shops on fire. The director of Amnesty in Nigeria Osai Ojigho confirmed the incident from eyewitnesses.

From this report, the world will understand that the Nigerian government, in collaboration with Abia state Governor, are fully responsible for the ongoing genocide in Biafra land and other isolated callous devilish acts. The Abia state commissioner of police prepared his lies even before an investigation to exonerate his men, which shows that top officials approved this wicked act. 

The government of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has remanded those innocent Citizens including the Children and Infants in prison and charged with treasonable felony and terrorist acts etc. Up till now, those people are still held captive by Okezie's government. At the location of this ungodly act, properties, goods and buildings worth over two hundred million were destroyed. 

Abia state government and the Nigeria Chief conspirator have rendered innocent, hard-working Biafrans homeless, jobless and inflicted infinite pains and non-delectable agonies on them. Some old landlords who depend on their buildings as the only source of income for survival are heartbroken. One of them has died, while many are hospitalized as I write because many important documents and school credentials were set ablaze by policemen that don't value lives and properties. They are still arresting innocent passerby by 7 pm up till now every day. 

Amnesty international should back their report with action because many innocent souls in Biafra land have passed through this atrocities and shenanigans without getting justice. Instead, the government roped them in as if they committed a crime, and intentionally and illegally lock them up for a crime they didn't commit. After losing the lives of their close confidant and properties, they still will bail themselves from police custody with a huge amount of money. Biafrans are a moneymaking machine for Okezie Ikpeazu. Right now, Biafran lands are under siege because Nigeria and Abia state government under Okezie Ikpeazu are generally making lives unbearable and painful for the masses.
Another assassin platform known as operation Python dance (iv) is on the ground where Biafran able young men are missing or murder by the Nigerian military daily. Every Biafran is on Nigeria government hotlist.
In Biafra, we stand.

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